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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)


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An interesting take on the Guard/Celestia motif. It almost makes me wonder if Luna is behind it all, because of course she would be.

Now wouldn't that be a twist? I'll reveal nothing!

Either that, or Celestia isn’t actually sleeping.

The fact that Molestia and Daybreaker could be aspects of Celestia’s personality scares me.

More, or we RIOT!
There is never enough Celestia smut ^^

Holy shit! This is...hot!

Please for the love of God, more.

And here I thought I wouldn’t add any more porn to my bookshelf. *clicks tracking instantly*

W-what about the female guards?

*She asks, holding a royal guard application*

A fun read overall, but I'm sure Luna knows. On her end, I doubt the opportunities to sex something as exotic as thestrals could ever be ignored.

This story. I like it.

i had a feeling it would end something like the way it did with her knowingly doing it.

...more please...

Hey, what about Squire?

We'll see how many people want a sequel first, eh?

Of course. Just feel a little unfair for him

The lie we all tell ourselves constantly

Very interesting, more please. :pinkiehappy:

I am actually liked it more becauseshe was actually awake. :twilightsheepish:

Naughtylestia at her best. :trollestia:

I kinda wish Celestia had really been asleep (I imagined her dreaming about having ice cream or something), but this was still good, liked!

I freaking knew it. I knew she was faking it.:trollestia:

Part of me is entirely hoping for an extra chapter of Luna finding out. Her totally complaining that SHE can't sleepwalk and do that kind of thing during the day would be priceless!

You didn’t get a chapter... you did however get a sequel. Damn psychic.


She knows exactly what she's doing. Calling it now.

This is a very interesting story. XD

Hello, I'd like to sign up the the Royal Guard. By the way, do you have any night shifts available? Just askin'.

was sat in

did you mean "sitting?"

I'd rather not a one way trip to the moon.

Missing something [probably a "get"]

difficult to for him to


and oined another


I cant help but wonder, what other Scenarios can be done with the Concept of celestia sleepwalking.
Like, princess celestia, the largest and most powerful of all ponies starts to sleepwalk, but the guards TRY to stop her, or at least Redirect her. Like, remember, when big mac drank that love Poison and ended up dragging an entire house behind him? Basically that, only instead of just a couple of fillies, its the entirety of the guard, trying to Prevent her from Walking through walls etc.

Plot twist: what if she's only pretending to be asleep?

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