• Published 3rd Jul 2018
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The Humble Prince - Lighting Ace

A man wakes up to find he's inhabiting the body of cartoon horse who wasn't exactly Mister Popular judging from how shocked they are when he says things like 'please' and 'thank you'.

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A Blue Sunset (YB)

The princess of the night stretched and ruffled her wings while she made her way to her balcony to raise the moon. Once there, she looked to her sister’s tower, easily spotting Celestia looking back at her. Sharing a nod, the two sisters shifted their attention to the sky as, lifting their forehooves and making their horns shine, they commenced their daily ritual once more. The day was coming to a close as the moon announced its start and the sky turned orange, then dark, until it ended with the night sky. Stars slowly started becoming visible in the sky, eventually forming the usual constellations for everyone on the planet to see.

With the ritual complete, Luna dropped back on all four hooves and gave a final glance to her sister who smiled at her and then returned to her chambers. Luna followed suit, knowing that she will see her soon enough in the dining room.

Shutting the balcony door, she gathered and donned her regalia. Her pet possum, Tiberius, was beginning to stir to wakefulness in his own bed. He gave a yawn and stretch of his own, making the monarch smile.

"Good morning, Tiberius," Luna cooed while she pet him. “I hope you slept well,” The possum licked her hoof in reply.

A knock at the door soon caught the attention of the blue alicorn. "Princess Luna? Do you have a moment?" A stallion’s voice called out from the other side.

"Of course, just a moment," The princess replied before putting some food on Tiberius’s plate and moving to the door. She unlocked and opened the door to reveal a familiar stallion holding a folder in his hoof.

"Doctor Caliber, how may I help you?" Luna asked confused.

"Just a precaution. I don't want you to scare my patient until he faints, like your sister did," He explains, mumbling the last part under his breath.

However, the princess’s sharp hearing was still able to hear the muffled speech. So she pressed on. "What do you mean ‘Like my sister did’? Doctor Caliber, what are you talking about?" She asked, even more confused.

The doctor passed the princess a folder. "Here, you should take a look at this."

She did so and started to inspect its contents, her eyes quickly darting over the pages contained within. "I'm sorry, I don't follow. This seems like an ordinary medical report. Everything seems fine here."

"Exactly!” Caliber responded, retrieving the folder again. "This is every single physical test I gave the prince this morning. And it's like you said, Blueblood is in peak condition."

Luna understood what was happening and sighed in frustration, "You too, doctor? Did my sister put you up to this?" She then smiled and cast her gaze around. "Is this some kind of practical joke?"

"I can assure you, your highness, this is no joke. In fact, this is something extremely serious and delicate." His serious tone denied any chance of a joke. The Doctor stepped away from the door. "Please, come with me."

Luna looked at him with a raised eyebrow, but decided to humor the stallion and let the doctor guide her through the hallways.

"The details of how it happened continue to elude me, but the results are more than clear, princess. Your nephew has a very severe type of amnesia. He barely knows how to do basic tasks." He looked back at her. "His condition seems stable enough at the moment, and he has shown some remarkable signs of improvement."

"Or, he is giving us the best act ever performed." Luna fired back.

Caliber could only sigh and shake his head. "Your sister thought the same and, as annoying as it is, I can't really blame either of you. This truly is something that needs to be seen to believe it."

Luna nodded in agreement.

"Then all I can ask is that you try not not scare him too much. He really does have amnesia," He informed. Caliber pulled a loose leaf of paper and passed it on to her. "Please take this, Princess."

"More medical charts?"

"No, just some questions I would like you to ask. I had thought that, as the princess of dreams, you could find more clues on how all this happened while he sleeps. Just be careful in there and do not try to force any memories back."

"Doctor Caliber, are you seriously telling me, the mare that wrote all that is known about dream magic, to be careful while stepping into somepony’s dreams?"

"My apologies, your Highness. Just consider it my concern for the well-being of the royal family running ahead of my common sense," He explained. "And do please inform me of any findings you make while in his head. This type of amnesia is something that I truly haven't seen before, and I would rather not let it become an unsolved mystery."

"I will keep it in mind, Doctor Caliber," Luna responded with a nod before taking the instructions with her. "Now go home, Doctor Caliber. It is late and I’m sure your family is surely waiting for you."

The doctor smiled and gave her a nod in reply. "Thank you, your highness. Have a nice evening."

"You too, doctor." After the exchange of goodbyes, the two parted and left in different directions. Luna soon found her way to the dining room where, indeed, her sister was waiting for her with a plate of salad placed on a long wooden table in which the princess was currently occupying one end of it.

"Good evening sister,” Celestia offered her a smile. "I hope you slept well."

"Indeed I did, sister." Luna replied as she sat on the other side of the table. "Now that I'm well rested, I would like to address the subject of Blueblood as he appears.” She looked at Celestia with a raised eyebrow as a maid-- Mist, if she remembers correctly --approached the princess of the night and placed her breakfast in front of her. "Are you still clinging to the idea of our nephew’s change of heart? Or did you finally spot his lying act?”

Much to Luna’s displeasure, Celestia shook her head with a demure smile. "It is like I told you Luna, our prayers have indeed been answered and I can only consider it a miracle. Our nephew has changed for the better. He is once again the stallion I wanted you to meet."

"Tia, please! Listen to yourself!" Luna nearly shouted. "A case of amnesia, and he’s suddenly being so friendly without any external force or potion? Doctor Caliber informed me of all of this, but none of it adds up. Yes, I believe that ponies can change, but for one such as him to change so quickly? This is what I find so ridiculous."

Celestia bowed her head slightly at what her sister said, acknowledging her argument and letting her vent. She knew full well that if their positions were reversed, she would be doing the same. "I suppose this is something you just need to see to believe, isn't it, sister?"

"I'm afraid so, Tia. It seems that you’re either getting rusty in your judgment of one's character, or our nephew has found your weak spot and managed to exploit it so subtly that you are not seeing things clearly.”

"We will see, dear Lulu," Celestia responded to the accusation with a knowing smirk on her face.

"Yes, that we will," Luna shot back flatly, accepting her unspoken challenge.

"Oh, Cadence and Shining Armor are here, too. They came for a surprise visit and will be staying a couple of days here at the castle," Celestia informed, changing the subject. “They wanted to discuss some sort of plan involving my school.”

"Well, now that is certainly more heartening news," Luna replied in between bites of her meal. "It's always nice when our niece and her husband come for a visit, for as short as it might be."

Soon, the door of the dining room opened to reveal the royal couple walking in. "Auntie Luna!" Cadence called out with a smile and rushed toward her aunt, giving her a big hug. Flurry Heart, not wanting to be left out, flew towards her as well to give her muzzle a hug.

"Dearest niece and grandniece, it's always a pleasure to see you," Luna cooed warmly, enveloping them both in a hug and nuzzling their cheeks together with her own. "Celly told me that you’ll be staying at the castle for a couple of days?"

"That is right! There is some business that we would like to take care of, and we wanted to make sure that we stopped by to say ‘hi’."

"You know that all of you are always welcome here." The hug finally ended as the family took their seats and were served. Cadence didn't waste time and tried to feed Flurry, but unlike everyone else, she refused to eat.

"What is it, dear?" Cadence asked her daughter with some worry.

"I believe Flurry wishes to wait for everypony to be present before we eat," Celestia brought up.

"Is that true, Flurry? You want to wait for Blueblood?" She asked Flurry, who nodded rapidly in response.

This confused Luna. "Blueblood will be joining us?"

"It’s crazy right?" Shining answered her, "We met him this afternoon in the garden. It really took us by surprise how much he changed in one day."

"Oh no, Shining, not you too," Luna pleaded with worry. "His amnesia is nothing but an act! Can you not see he is playing you both?"

"I'm not so sure, auntie," Cadence responded to her concern. "Like you, I tried to break through that mask of his, but it was solid. He didn't budge an inch. I'm sure that he’s hiding something... but the part about him not remembering anything seems to be true," Cadence mentioned.

"I tried to tell you, Luna," Celestia snarked to her sister as she took a sip of her sweet raspberry tea.

Luna looked to Celestia and their niece in complete surprise and started to worry. This is becoming most troublesome. Cadence has known Blueblood even before she had earned her wings. They’ve practically grown up together. Other than Celestia, she may be the only one that may truly know how he thinks. If he really has managed to fool her, there is a chance that strong magic may be involved. I must remain vigilant.

Nopony had anything else to add, and the room soon fell into silence while they waited for Blueblood. The tension in the room was slowly increasing and making everyone present very uncomfortable. It wasn't until they heard the sound of hooves approaching that they focused on the door once more in anticipation for the final guest to arrive.

The doors finally opened and beyond, the most recently hired butler, a unicorn colt with a joyous expression, gray fur, and short white mane and tail, entered quietly before moving aside, allowing Prince Blueblood to enter. He looked to everyone in the room, embarrassment clearly showing on his face "I am so sorry, everyone. Clean Breeze told me where to go but I got sidetracked by some beautiful mosaic windows and ended up losing myself," Blueblood explained as he trotted in. "Luckily, Silver Treat found me and he was kind enough to guide me…" Blueblood looked to everyone and read the room as being confused and worried.

"…I’m sorry, is this a bad time?"

"Not at all, nephew. Please, join us." Celestia offered him a seat next to her, which he promptly accepted. Silver Treat bowed and took his leave, closing the door behind him. A maid approached Blueblood and offered him a salad plate and a glass of sweet tea. Blueblood smiled and thanked the maid as she left, surprising her for a moment before she resumed her duties. All the while, Luna and Cadence never stopped eying him with suspicion.

Blueblood was about to take a bite of his salad when he noticed the mare on the other side of the table staring at him. He was a bit unnerved, but he shook his head and smiled at her. "Hello miss, I don't think we’ve met before."

Luna just raised an eyebrow, not believing a word. "So it would seem."

Celestia looked at the two, slightly worried, and decided to cut in before anything untoward could occur. "Blue blood?"

"Yes, mom?... I-I mean, auntie?" Blueblood quickly corrected himself with a shake of his head. "I need to get that clear in my head," Blueblood mumbled mostly to himself, completely oblivious that his words really touched Celestia, even if they were by accident.

She recovered quickly though and continued. "I would like for you to meet your other aunt," Celestia gestured to her sister, "Princess Luna."

"Greetings nephew," She called out in a cold voice, which confused Blueblood. Celestia shot a glare at her before using her magic to give her a little shove to her shoulder as a warning.

Luna understood the message and decided to play along. She skillfully cast a quick charm on her own head to block any type of mental manipulation or hypnosis before continuing. "I was informed that you were struck by a mysterious and severe case of amnesia, is that right, nephew?"

Blueblood nodded in reply. "Yes, so I've been told."

Luna’s eyes remained focused on him, studying his every move as if he were a bug under a magnifying lens.

"It truly must have been a horrible ordeal,” Luna mentioned, pausing her glare to look at her food, stabbing her fork into her salad before staring back at him as she chewed.

"Oh yeah, terrifying, but luckily I'm not so scared now."

"Oh, really?" Luna continued to appraise him with an eyebrow quirked as she continued to eat. "And why might that be?"

"Sister..." Celestia warned, trying to stop her, but Luna continued.

"Did you, by chance, recover a piece of your memory? Perhaps you remember something you wish to ask? Hmm?"

"Well..." Blueblood started to think long and hard about it until something popped into his head. "Actually, yeah, there is something."

"And what that would it be?"

Blueblood looked at her, then at Celestia with some curiosity. "What’s up with your mane and tail?"

"Ah-ha! I knew you were... Wait, what?" Luna jumped up and pointed a hoof at him before stopping herself and getting confused as her nephew just extended his own hoof and tried to catch some of Celestia's hair, making her giggle at the touch.

"Blueblood, that tickles!" Celestia laughed out with a smile before looking sideways and shooting a knowing glance and smirk toward her sister.

"Ah, sorry." He retracted his hoof and looked at her.

"That is it?" Luna asked in disbelief. "That is all you wanted to know?"

"Well, I was also kind of wondering why all mares in my family apparently have wings," He confessed as the princesses unconsciously look at said appendages. "I was hoping it was a family thing and I’d get my own pretty soon." He danced around in excitement. "I mean, could you imagine? We could all migrate to the south in winter and have a family vacation!"

Shining can't help but laugh at that. "Oh, that is…" He gasped between laughs. "Ha…That is rich!"

"Blueblood, that’s not exactly how these things work," Cadence explained. Her brow then furrows in anger, slightly offended by the implication. "And we are not birds either!”

"Sorry cousin, I didn't mean to offend you. Honestly I was just wondering how you got them," He responded in alarm as he raised his hooves.

"And it's a legitimate question, dear nephew." Celestia nodded. "Unfortunately, becoming an alicorn is not the easiest thing to achieve."

"Mist explained some of it to me. Flurry Heart has been the first naturally born Alicorn since you and Princess Luna. Princess Cadence mastered the magic of love, and Princess Twilight mastered the magic of friendship. Those two have been the only ponies able to ascend," He stated, some sadness in his voice, before smiling again. "But hey, something so rare only makes obtaining alicorn ascension all the more satisfactory, right? Work hard to obtain it and receive a pair of wings and a horn as proof of your dedication."

"Ah, Mist told you my story?" Cadence asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh yes, she did! How you, despite being from a poor family, managed to unite an entire nation in love and harmony. Cousin, that is really incredible!"

"Oh… well, thanks,” Cadence replied with a nervous smile. On one hoof, she appreciated the compliment… yet on the other, said compliment came from the most unexpected of sources. "So, you say you wish to become an alicorn?"

“Not so much, but it’s a nice thought. I would at least like to try and earn it. To prove myself worthy of ascension, like you did."

Luna’s brain was going into overdrive and starting to short circuit at what she was hearing. She slowly gathered up a cup of coffee to clear her nerves and organize her thoughts. “It takes a lifetime of hard work and focused dedication to ascend to become an alicorn. Are you sure you are up for such a task, Blueblood?” Luna then took an unsteady sip of her drink.

"Yes, are you absolutely sure you want to walk that path nephew?" Celestia inquired with no small amount of worry creeping into her voice. "I will tell you, the task you wish for is an unforgiving and difficult one. Ascension is exceedingly rare. It’s why there are only five alicorns in existence."

"I understand, aunt Celestia. There is nothing to worry about. I swear I will be careful and not jump right into anything head first." With a labored motion, Blueblood carefully took a fork in his hoof and gingerly picked at a cherry tomato on his plate. "The first thing I want to do is understand this world, see who I really am, and then try to correct some of the mistakes I’ve made." His voice was melancholy as he turned his gaze to the princesses, then the rest of the family. "I was a real jerk back then, wasn’t I?"

Nopony knew what to say, so they just kept their eyes stuck to their plates. All except for Luna, who just stared at Blueblood in complete shock, her mug of liquid caffeine shaking unsteadily in her magic.

"Let the past be past, dear nephew,” Celestia spoke to him in a soothing voice before she pulled him closer to her with a wing and nuzzles his cheek. "It’s true that in the past you may have been a bit… difficult to love, but I can assure you, Luna and I will never stop loving you. If you really wish to make the effort to change and become a better pony, know that you have our complete support." She offered.

Blueblood returned the nuzzle mostly out of instinct. "Thank you, auntie. I swear I will work as hard as I can to become the pony you deserve. I'll try to make you all proud."

"You already have, sweetie," Celestia whispered as a single tear fell from her eye.

"You can count on our support too, Blueblood." Shining Armor beamed. "It’ll be great having another stallion around to talk about stuff. No offense to any of you, but sometimes guys just need to talk guy stuff."

“Ugh, stallions..." Cadence sighed with a roll of her eyes. "But you can count with my help too, Bluey. These might be confusing times, but I really would like to get to know this new cousin of mine."

"Thanks, Cadance," Blueblood responded, moved by her words.

Everyone soon turned to Luna, who has grown quiet.

"Dear sister? Isn't there something you would like to say?" Celestia asked.

Their answer came swift as the Princess of the Night’s eyes rolled backwards until all everyone could see was white, and she slumped to the side and fainted on the spot.

"Luna!" Celestia yelled in alarm as everyone sprung to their hooves and rushed to her.

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