• Published 3rd Jul 2018
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The Humble Prince - Lighting Ace

A man wakes up to find he's inhabiting the body of cartoon horse who wasn't exactly Mister Popular judging from how shocked they are when he says things like 'please' and 'thank you'.

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A Spoon Of Love (Edited)

"He lost all of his memories?" Cadence asked in surprise as she alongside with Shining Armor talked to Mist, who asked them for a moment of their time while the prince went play with Flurry not too far from them. The baby in question was opposed to the idea but it only took a couple seconds of baby talk and some tickling from the prince to win over the filly.

"Shhh, not so loud!" Mist harshly whisper to them in alarm before looking back at the prince who was helping Flurry pet a group of bunnies that have gathered around them. "And yes, that is what happened. We don't know why or how it happened, Dr. Caliber gave him every single test that he could think of, but couldn't find a single thing that would have provoked the amnesia. His mind just, started over from scratch, right now he is like a kid seeing the world for the first time."

She looked back at them. "And unless we want the insufferable brat of a prince back, we must be careful not to trigger any of his memories, not until this new prince persona settles in permanently" Mist warned them.

"Isn't that morally questionable?" Shining ask with a raised eyebrow, "it’s almost like we’re brainwashing him."

"Prince Shining Armor, do you really want the old Blueblood back?" The memories of Mist’s standard work day caused her to shudder.

"Of course not!" He quickly interjects, "for some reason, he just keeps telling me and all the other guards 'Clank' every time he needs something."

"And he calls every maid in the castle 'Dulcy'." Mist tells him before calming down. "Look, I know this could be a bit wrong but I say it’s a gift from the heavens, the only thing we need to do is welcome this new Blueblood into our lives and all of our nightmares will be gone."

The couple keep staring at her, hearing her proposal in their heads and then look back at the prince who was happily playing with their daughter. Shining eventually smiles and nod while Cadence remains unsure.

"He looks so happy now, I don't think I have ever seen him smile like that, having a smirk or a smug face on him? Oh sure that was like his default face, but honestly happy? I think this is the first time I have ever see him like that." Cadence tells them.

"It will be too cruel to strip him of that," Shining comments as he looks to Mist. "You’re right Mist, maybe this is for the best"

"Thank you for understanding your highnesses," Mist tells them before giving a quick bow.

Cadence just looks at her with some worry before looking at Blueblood again. She adopted a determined look and walked toward him, "I need to confirm it for myself." She mumbles aloud

"Princess please, be careful you could…"

"Please miss, I understand your feelings but I had to live with him for far too long. I really need to confirm that this is for real, I just have too." She explained to them with determination.

Shining and Mist looked at one another a bit unsure but comply and let her go to her cousin as he was lifting Flurry up and down while making airplane sounds. She, in turn, had her wings extend, and was making a hero pose as he moves her around.

Closing her eyes and taking a depth breath the princess put on her best facade and approach them with her calmest smile.

"I see you two are having fun," Cadence says gaining the attention of the prince and the baby, the latter reaching up for her.

"Oh, sorry miss," Blueblood tells with some embarrassment as he let go of Flurry so she flies over to her mother. "I didn't mean to bother you," He apologizes, which just keeps confusing Cadence. "Don't worry, it’s no bother" She says keeping the mask on.

"So I just talked with your maid Blueblood, I'm really sorry for your loss," She says with some degree of concern. "Must have been pretty scary waking up one day only to realized that you don't recall anything whatsoever"

"Yeah it is," Blueblood tells her as he looks down "Not even knowing how to walk was something that really scared me. In fact, I'm trying not to think what else is gone, I could die of embarrassment right here right now, if it turns out that I can't even well…answer the call of nature." He tells with a small blush.

Cadence just raise an eyebrow, "Funny, you don't seem all to scared"

To the surprise of everyone the prince just chuckles and then looks back at her. "Miss, how would panic help me right now? In any kind of emergency, the first step one must always do is keep calm. Right now, I have no one to turn, nowhere to feel safe, or even have a reason to believe anything you are saying to me. I'm afraid Miss, and that is making me extremely paranoid. Yet I know that if I give into what my emotions are telling me now. I will not have any answers and these fears will just keep getting worse and worse."

Cadence’s mask almost cracks with a gasp when she sees him starting to tear up. "I need to believe that I can trust you, and the only way I can do so, is to swallow my fears, stand up, and stand on guard. While at the same time listen to what you have to say until I can really trust what you tell me." He explains as he breathed in minor rage.

Even though he didn't show it, Cadence could feel it. Her cousin wasn't lying, he was scared to the point of being shaken. And even so, the prince just kept smiling at her and trying his best to be friendly. Needless to say, the image itself was surreal and confusing for the Princess of Love, and as much as she wanted to feel sorry for him and try to help him, she just couldn't fully trust him. Blueblood was a schemer and a deceiver. He knew every single tactic of the book of manipulation and how the politic games work inside and out. He could be pulling her strings right now and the princess wouldn't suspect a thing.

Emotions and thoughts were running rampant on the princesses head at the moment as she was at an impasse on what to do next. In the end, there was nothing else to do other than keep up the facade and continue to prove the issue, in search of any flaws on his acting or cracks in his mask.

"That is a really mature and logical way to treat your problem Blueblood, something that is more than worth praising."

"Nah miss, there is nothing to praise about. I'm just a humble pony , trying to keep calm and find a solution to his current problem."

It was brief but Cadence noticed it, some small change of tune in his speech. Just now Blueblood changes a world mid pronunciation like he almost says something that he wanted to keep it a secret. The crack of his acting, now she knew and all her doubts were gone. Her cousin was still there, and he was using her. Why and how was he making such an incredible good act, was something she still didn't know but, it was clear to her. He was pretending.

Got you

Cadence internally smirk, thinking she found his scheme. There were still pieces missing but his cousin indeed was hiding something.

"You are giving yourself too little credit Bluey," Cadence tells using a particular nickname that she knew for sure Blueblood hated it. Kind of a trigger word that without fail, always, always resulted on him screaming and throwing a tantrum. "You always knew how to make a convincing act" Cadence smirks and closes her eyes waiting for the slip of her cousin act, fully confident that the nickname was enough to break his mask like weak glass.

Yet, that answer never came, and instead, the words of Blueblood throw her off guard completely.

"Bluey?" Blueblood asks in honest confusion and when Cadence looks back, she saw him staring at her with a raised eyebrow and intrigued face. "Ah excuse me, do we know each other?" He asks with the same expression, leaving the poor princess tongue-tied.

How is this happening? That nickname was his biggest weakness, no matter how much he tried, or what tricks he used, even when he hypnotized himself, he couldn't escape it. That word should have made him cut the act. Cadence thinks as she starts to panic and her own mask is the one that starts to crack.

"Well, I…"

"She is your cousin your highness." It was Mist that came to the rescue of her accompanied by her husband. "Prince Blueblood, allow me to introduce you, Prince Shining Armor, and your cousin Princess Mi Amo…" Cadence cover her muzzle with her hoof. "Just Cadence is fine Mist," She says with a nervous smile as Blueblood eyes widen in realization.

"Cousin?! Then that means…" He turns to Flurry who look back at him "Am I your cousin?" He asks her and Flurry just giggle and say something in baby talk.

"Wow, I just didn't expect that!" His surprise soon changes into a smile. "No wonder you were calling me Bluey." He tells Cadence while giving her a hug "Oh Cady, you probably were just so concerned for me, and I not only couldn't recognize you, I basically told you that right now I found it hard for trust you without knowing I hurt your feelings, I'm terribly sorry."

"I…Its ok Blueblood." Cadence says with a nervous voice as she slowly hugs him back, her facade pretty much destroyed at this point.

Ok its official, now this is awkward

A guard soon approached the group and saluted, "Your highnesses?"

"Yeah?" Shining turn to him

"Princess Celestia just became available and would like to receive both of you"

"Hey great" Blueblood let go of Cadence "I could go with you and apologize for the confusion back in the infirmary" He was about to leave but Mist approached him. "I would advise you against it prince Blueblood, at least for now, doctors orders," She tells him

"What? Why?" He asks in confusion

"After the scare that resulted in your collapse, Dr. Caliber determine that your head needs to adjust a bit more before you 'confront' the source of stress once more. To prevent any relapses."

"I see. Well if the doctor says so I suppose I can see her later right?"

Mist nod and take her hoof "Come with me your highness there is still a lot of the castle for me to show you. You can talk with the princess at dinner." She tells with a smile.

"Ok," Blueblood and her start to leave but he then turns to the royal couple and then waved at both of them "Hope I see you there, tell my aunt that I say ‘hi’ ok?"

"Will do Blueblood" Shining says, as he and Flurry wave back. Cadence is still frozen by the hug and now was acting mostly on autopilot.

Once they are gone Shining turns to his wife. "Cady? Are you ok?"

"I… I don't get it" Cadence finally says

"What are you not getting, sweetie?"

"He is both acting and telling the truth at the same time." She snapbacks at him.

"What?" Shining asks with a raised eyebrow

"I mean, Mist was completely right. He doesn't recall one single thing of his past, nothing. Yet the way he is handling things, how he keeps calm, even how he keeps looking at everything with awe and curiosity yet he seems wise and mature at the same time. It doesn't make sense."

"Cadence, he has amnesia. Of course, he would be acting like that."

"You don't understand Shining." She looks back at where Blueblood left. "While we were talking I saw for the briefest of moments, some kind of panic. And not the type of panic of somepony that doesn't know where he is. It was a panic of somepony about to say a secret"

"So you think there is one thing he remembers?"

"Exactly, I think Blueblood mind is not totally gone, but what he does recall, he doesn't want to tell for some reason."

"Well that is unexpected, why would you think he doesn't want to tell any pony?

"I don't know Shining, I simply don't know."

The guard clears his throat and the couple looks back at him, "Your highnesses? The princess?"

"Oh right, right, lead the way." The royals follow the guard how guided them back into the castle. Cadence looking back for a moment

I don't know what are you hiding Blueblood, but I'm going to find out. And I swear if you are planning something bad, I will stop you.

In the throne room

Celestia waits patiently to the end of her final request of the day as a pegasus with white fur and blue mane and tail with an eye on top of a target for a cutie mark finish his proposition.

"Thank you for your offering Lord Sharp Shot" Celestia stop him by lifting one of her hoofs "But I will have to decline it, right now there is no need for to have an advisor. But rest assure. I always take the suggestion of my subjects into consideration and appreciated the offer" She tells with a practiced smile as the pegasus bow to her.

"As your wish princess Celestia, know that my door will always be open in case you change your mind."

"I will remember it," She tells him and dismisses the stallion who turns around and start to leave right when Cadence and Shining Armor enter the room

"Ah! Cadence, such a pleasure to see you" Celestia tells with a cheery voice as both royals go for a hug but then Celestia detect something different about her niece actions.

"Cadence? Is something wrong?"

"Oh is nothing Aunt Celestia is just…I ran into Blueblood not too long ago"

The moment Sharp Shot hears that his interest is piqued and making a mad dash, hides behind a pillar while trying to hear their conversation.

"Oh, so I gather you know what happened right?"

"It was so unexpected, to say the least"

Oh what are we have here? Sharp Shot thinks with some interest.

"I mean, seeing him act so nice and polite, was something I would gladly welcome and will not deny, wish for, but seeing actually happening really throw me off guard. This is the first time I heard that amnesia could do that to a pony."

The prince has amnesia? Sharp Shot eyes wide in surprise, only to get scared when he feels someone breathing on his neck and the moment he turns around, sees a guard glaring right at him.

"Apologies I will take my leave now."

"Let me escort you" The guard pretends to offer as he glues himself to the noble as they both leave the palace.

"Not to wanting to break the moment or anything but…" Shining tells the royals before addressing his wife "Honey, wasn't another thing you wanted to tell to the princess?"

"Oh right! Thank you so much dear" Cadence mentions as her excitement returns and give her husband a kiss in thanks before looking at Celestia.

"Aunt, you would like to hear that following your example, Shining and I made our own school of magic for gifted crystal ponies!" Cadence tells with a cheer.

"You did?" Celestia tells in excitement "Cadence that is wonderful, I'm so happy for you"

"It's not exactly like yours princess" Shining address "This one is more focusing on the nature in the magic of the crystal ponies and the study of emotions and how it could affect one body" He explains. "The results are actually pretty interesting. We found out that seven spectra of emotions link to the magic of our subjects could be influenced by different spells. We are discovering new magic each day."

"That is incredible, for how long have you had this school open?" Celestia asks with intrigue.

"A couple of months before Twily got hers," Shining tells with a chuckle.

"Wow, that long?"

Cadence nod with a giggle "And that is not the only reason we came to visit" She points out "Tell me, aunt Celestia, how would you like to introduce a new exchange student program into your own school?" She asks her making Celestia gasp


The couple nod "We will be an honor to have some of your students for a while and give ours a chance to expand their horizons in magic" Shining tells with a bow.

"Well, of course, I accept" Celestia cheers in happiness bring the couple for a group hug "You know I always love the exploration of new ways of magic as well as discovering more about pony kind"

Cadence chuckle toward her reaction "We thought you would, so we brought the paperwork so we could make it official."

"You did?" Celestia asks as she ends the hug.

Cadence nods with a smile "Indeed we did, we are going to stay for a couple of days so not to interrupt your day court and take advantage for us to catch up with you and aunt Luna"

"By the way, does she knows?" Shining asked.

"Well, I tried to tell her but, well it’s Blueblood who we are talking about. Can you blame her for not believing it without evidence?"

"Not really, even I had to confront him, to make sure and there are still things missing."

"Cady maybe it's for the best, Blueblood is still sorting his thoughts and will tell us when he thinks he is ready."

"Tell us what?" Celestia gets confused by her niece's claims.

"I'm not sure yet," Cadence tells with a shake of her head before addressing her aunt with a serious expression "But something is telling me that Blueblood didn't lose all of his memories." She mentions as she walks to the side and approaches a nearby window where they see the prince and Mist talking as they keep exploring the castle " There is one thing he still remembers aunty, and yet for some reason, he is keeping it hidden."

"I think you are overreacting Cady," Shining tells him, "He told us that he is, mostly afraid."

"Shining is right, even Blueblood remembers something, he is changing for the better. I say that he earned the benefit of the doubt," Celestia mentions.

"Maybe but still, there is something bothering about all of this, and until I can figure it out what it is, I’ll keep a close eye on him."

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