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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.


Everypony has issues. The Princess of Love has her subject's, her husband's, her's and worst of all, a king-sized case of PTSD from giving in to the evil that helped King Sombra conquer an Empire. Banishing him yet a second time was bad, the detox wasn't pleasant either, but the worst is living with the knowledge you let your husband, your subjects and worst of all, yourself down. No, the worst is that the only pony that can help her now is King Sombra. Being trapped in a cave with him and her husband keeping him at hooves's-length isn't going to get this resolved anytime soon. A fanfanfiction tribute to Wiggles's Ask King Sombra (read it first if you want the backstory or go here for a quicker story summary). Happy Second Anniversary!

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*Sees picture*

Isn't that coffe talk from ask king Sombra?

*reads description*



*starts reading*

Read this without knowing anything about the source material i'm confused lol
Gonna check it out in a bit

Thanks for emailing me, Cloudy. You've inspired me (i.e. made me get off my plot) to write up a summary of Ask King Sombra in a blog post and link it through the story so ponies know what the Tartarus is going on. Thanks...here, have a hot pony "Kinglsey" for your efforts :raritystarry:

hailkingsombra.com/images/ask king sombra/mister sparklefriend.png

Hot Sombra pone fantasized, er drawn by Wiggles

Hahaha, thanks, Cloudy. Didja know that that image of Sombra reaching out for a hug IS FROM the AKS blog? It's a tiny world in that floating horn of his. Glad you are along for the ride!

I checked the blog out and read till
also Pink Alicorn Blues cover is now my chromebooks screen saver
looking forward to chapter 2,
Cloudy Arrow

*spittake* Your, your, your chromebooks screen saver?!? Damn, girl, that makes the 11 1/2 hours I slaved doing the cover for our Majesty TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have yet ANOTHER Sombra!
hailkingsombra.com/images/memes/happy bouncing sombra.gif
(sorry, I can't seem to stop spitting out Wiggles sombra .gifs right now) Bad Nyx, BAD NYX, go to bed, go STRAIGHT to bed.

Only if you are there waiting for me, my King *wink*


And this also makes the 11 1/2 hours (almost two hours on Coffee's hair ALONE) I slaved doing the cover for our Majesty TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hailkingsombra.com/images/memes/happy bouncing sombra.gif


Promising start. Although Shining acting like a dickhead (get it, unicorn) feels a bit weird. Him condemning Kingsley is obviously going to affect Cadence since she went through the same. Hopefully his reasons will be explained later. Or maybe he's just more hotheaded in AKS AU and I don't remember. It's been a while since I read it.

Yay! *claps out of joy*

I honestly never knew anything about Ask King Sombra and I still don't, but this looks like it'll be fun to read. Putting this one on the Tracking Radar.

When I realized that the next 2 chapters we're released I immediately abandoned what I was doing

To quote Donna Noble from Doctor Who, "I bloody love you!" :rainbowlaugh:

First off, hats off to Wiggles for making a story line that captured the imagination of so many MLP fans. And inspired so many fellow artists to create tributes to the destruction of Kinsley and King Sombra. See the PMV "The Shot Seen Though the Galaxies". https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ask+king+sombra

I can see why Shinning Armor is so upset, but if you know the story line, it really wan't Kingsley's fault.

Testosterone levels- the bane of every species.

Cadence singing:
I got the,
I got possessed and now I'm distressed
By an uber-meanie alicorn blues.

Sing it, marefriend!

“Because I think he understands me and now I think I understand him.” - Well, that's not going to go over well.

Coffee's nightmare train is sure carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Can't blame her, though.

Nicely done scene.

This is so awesome and I hope that no one will dislike this.

I like the way you pick up on the previous chapter - but from Shining's point of view. I would have asked for two chapters if I had seen your post earlier.

Poor Coffee, she went through a lot, and the prince doesn't get it.

Wow! That was intense - and short. Want more!

The stallion smiled. “It felt - peaceful.”

Peaceful is the right word.

Please tell me we find out how Cadence deals with Thorax.

Coffee's words at the end of this chapter is the same for me.

“Wait, you can’t what?!?”


I'm a Kingsley fan myself.

He's adorable, right? I think that's why it gutted me so much when Wiggles killed him off, especially when he had just discovered his cutie mark. I was an emotional wreck until she resolved it - and that took weeks, so you can imagine how dysfunctional I was during that time!

I do. Depression is the worst. If I've not discovered mlpfim, I've would of committed suicide, because my grandfather died of Cardiac Arrest back in September/October 2013. Thank Celestia that it was during the weekend when my grandfather died.

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