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I make crossover stories about Movies, Games, and TV shows that I enjoy.

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'Dragan' Is not a spelling error, I gave that to Spike as a last name.

'Dragan' = 'Dragon' Get it?

Oh, you just know a story is going to be good when the author is already defending themselves in the description.

Interested to see where this goes. Keep it up!

It's better to be poor and alive than rich and dead, right?

Good advise

Very interesting to say the least. I wonder what Spike will do from here on out. I think his first reaction wont be to go to Celestia and Luna. Instead it will be chance will be to go home and try to think. He might go there after that. now Celestia and Luna might feel 'bad' (eye roll) about making him get involved but in honestly will use this to bring him under their employment. I think it would be best if Spike doesn't hook up with ALL the girls in this. I think honestly one, just one being the one he is involved with would work the best. Really show a deep connection with the one girl. I think Twilight would be the best. I mean just think he is brought in, fall for Celestia's right hand mare, someone blindly loyal to her and would never do anything against her. While Spike himself start to become more and more conflicted with the life he finds himself having now because of them.

This is interesting for sure. They will KNOW Spike's heart isn't in this. He isn't doing this because he believes in them, or even likes them hell best chance he wont since from their actions his life is now wreaked. They will know he is doing this to live. And that is a fascinating area to play with. I mean they of course wont trust him with anything serious, since they plainly wont trust him at all but I can see them finding something SUPER bottom of the barrel work for him to do right now.

Oh my god! 😹😹😹
I love it.... just for that you get a follow

Like Spike said, his choices would end with him staring down the barrel of a gun. Weather Sombra finds and kills him or somepony else kills him while working with The Sisters. He chose this option because there may be a chance that he lives longer than the former

Hey man when is the first clop part

This isn't a full fledged clop story, it's supposed to be an action thriller

This is getting pretty interesting. Excited for some more action, dude.

This is pretty good. This story is an amazing idea in and of itself, but I do have to say that the chapters are relatively short. Needless to say, I'd be extremely disappointed if this story were to end prematurely and left unfinished, especially due to the length of the chapters :unsuresweetie:. I'm enjoying the dialogue, regardless of any typos, and although character introductions aren't too heavy on information, they get their points across. Excited to see how Mr. Dragan and AJ handle themselves just in case they end up meeting Bon Bon, Lyra, and their trusty Tommy gun. :trollestia:

Now Spike is now a "Made Man"

Dear TwinSwords79.
I just wanna say this is the awesome story I've read so far. I give it two thumbs up, three brohoofs /) /) /), and a like, a favorite, and a follow. Keep up the good work, and take your time in writing, and relax to let the creative juices fill. :twilightsmile:

"Hey, it's 98 degrees outside

I hope you mean in Farenheit, because even then that would be just above the 5th hottest temperature ever recorded. If you mean 98 degrees in Celsius, then you're mad

I just wonder if Spike would have some "fun time" with his new family.

then it would be over -100 celsius with conversions lol

May Spike have peace, at least for now.

Good idea but this story is going nowhere.

The griffin put his right hand on Spike's shoulder. "Sorry, Spy, but that's business for ya...trust me, I would love to give you a 'friendship discount' but that’s business for ya..:"

Missed a bit lol

Lol could always add in thorax changes to a Griffin randomly

Well this will complicate things. I wonder if blood will be shed next chapter.

Blood did get shed. Remember the Sombra flashback?

Overkill but you got on that.

I was not expecting thorax of all creatures to be working for the Maria but it does make sense he can shapshift

Be late than ever. I really love how Spike tries so hard destroying the car from the inside.

I can't wait for the next chapter.

"What's this?" Spike asked, as he took the envelope from AJ's hand.

Me afi like

Is it weird to think Twilight might be giving off a little tsundere vibe to Spike?

I feel something bad is going to happen to Spike.

I have a feeling that hooded pony Spike saw in the end was Sombra.

"Me being nice would get all of us killed...now if you don't want that...I suggest you suck it up and grow some balls you pansy..." The alicorn sneered, walking away with Luna to Celestia, leaving Spike to just sigh and get ready for his first race.

It’s official, I hate Twilight’s guts.

Spike smiled brightly as he got off the pedestal and was met with 4 mares coming his way and hugging him (Celestia, Luna, Rainbow, and Applejack). He looked forward and saw Twilight looking at him with her arms crossed, but then she gave a small smile and gave the dragon a thumbs up.

Eh, better than nothing, I guess.

It's fic has to have clop. HUAHUA:pinkiehappy:

Is Rainbow Dash dressed?:pinkiegasp:

Of course she is

Lol, what you think she’s walking around outside naked?

Looks like our boy is about to get some!:moustache:

No, more wear more informal or sporting clothes or female suit and not dress.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

"Hey bite me."

The rainbow pegasus put her mouth near his arm. "Nyom nyom." She then giggled as Spike laughed with her.

Omg, Rainbow being all cutesy like. :heart: :rainbowkiss: :heart:

Good fir a first attempt decent pacing and for ther personality makes sense things would go fast but the I love you bits are to soon for a budding relationship if it's more a casual theme and not serious then I'd keep it casual until it becomes serious when it comes to the sex

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