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The Abyss

Thanks for all the memories.

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Me before reading this fic:

Me after reading this fic:

Pretty amazing stuff! I imagine the cleanup might take a while, though :twilightblush:

Love seeing this up finally! :twilightsmile:

Description should read "the town bicycle", 'cause everybody's had a ride hehe

Enjoyed the story!

Firstly a confession; I did come here on the back of the blog, but I understand the importance of comments and the necessity of feedback. Today something small happened with one of my stories but has had a big impact on the rest of my day.

All I can say is that I admire your work, I’d miss it if you stopped and you inspire me as an author of some of my favorite stories such as ‘A Very Unexpected Situation’ and ‘From Lost to Loved.’

What I’d also say is you need to do what is right for you. If you are starting to get fed up, then it’s time for a break, maybe even a change. But I digress.

I enjoyed this! I liked the back and forth between the characters and the eagerness between the pair of them.

What I would like (as a greedy Celestia-damned reader) is a little knowledge as to how Twi met Crimson and what made her decide to try out a session (or a few) with the mare to make her so comfortable with her now. (I’m assuming that hasn’ been previously addressed in a different story available to read here.)

Liked it, it was well written, nice job.

Interesting! Bigger fan of your romance prior to the event...then the crash bang... but this is very interesting!

Came back from a small break, and I get the pleasure of reading another of your wonderful stories. I'll admit, I didn't know what a 'sybian' was until I read this -- and subsequently looked it up.

The writing was quite pleasant, hardly any mistakes (at least that I found). I do remember stopping twice, the first time being me reading wrong, while the second was from the lack of a word.

abused clitoris a break, but orgasm had whisked away all of her strength.

I'm fairly certain that something should be placed directly before orgasm there.

Anyway, reading about all these different toys has been fun. I'd like to see Crimson more; and many, many more toys.

Finally, I feel silly asking, but what happened to Spike? He wasn't mentioned (at least I don't remember him being mentioned), and he does live with Twilight... unless that changed in one of the newer episodes. Well, until the next story...

I may not end up reading this one, simply because F/F isn't really all that stimulating to me. I'm sure if I checked in, it would be written very well, as your work always is. Well, some of the ones you cancelled seem to be a bit.. off, but still.

Not bad. Short and sweet. Though for me this sort of content would have been better to watch rather than read about. In spite of that, the detail put into it was very good. But it just feels like it could have been a scene in a larger story arc. Without any context, I don't know this OC character, or why I should care that they are doing what they are doing (aside from sex = good, duh).

She’d sent a letter to her friend-with-benefits, a pegasus who had a knack for making her squirt harder than when she played with herself.

Maybe its enough for most people to have a simple little setup to a clopfic. But I generally need more substance where the sex serves the story.

Again, it is by no means bad.
It's like an exquisitely-made appetizer; Pleasing, but leaves me wanting more.

I quite agree with your comments here. I'd like to know more about how Twilight and Crimson got together, too. I'll bet that would be as sultry a story as this one!

I had accidentally turned off my filter last night and didn't see this story until reading your blog post.
The story is very good and quite intense. I enjoyed their teasing role play and how they enjoyed each other, emotionally and physically.
All in all, it was s great read and quite stirring!

she might have gone a bit overboard, for Crimson wasn’t able to walk straight for three days.

PFFT! Leave it to Twilight to go above and beyond! :trollestia:

Crimson is lucky though! What I wouldn’t give for the possibility of being in her place! Twilight’s been my favorite Mane 6 for a while!

That was awesome. Very hot.

Also this whole different side of twilight is almost terrifying xD

Thanks, Olden, it seems like several people are saying the same thing.
Abyss; The quality of your work has not let up, it’s just the substance we desire. :raritywink:

“Well, until the next story...”
Yes indeed. crosses fingers

So freaking hot

it was alright but i think i would appreciate something more.... sensual,
than just right to the smut
maybe im just in the wrong mood

A very good story, I didn't notice any errors, but I rarely do in your stories. Overall I would like to see this story continued upon or maybe see the other mane 6(or 7) with their own friends with benefits. Good Job, yet again, The Abyss.

Who made the cover art?

Woah, Twiley likes saddles~

She’d sent a letter to her friend-with-benefits, a pegasus who had a knack for making her squirt harder than when she played with herself. Crimson Wing would always bring over a new toy that the two would share until neither could walk straight, and tonight would be no different.

:moustache:: "Yeah, and I won't get to sleep from all the moaning. Again!"

She let loose a loud, high-pitched moan as she made the mistake of leaning forward, making the toy’s nubs graze against her clitoris.

Why would you call that an mistake?

“I bet you love eating me out, you naughty girl. You’re just a common slut who can’t get enough of my pussy,”

:twilightsmile:: "Just as it should be!"

That part didn’t matter, though, for she had absolutely no intentions of getting up for any reason whatsoever.
Not until she came buckets, of course.

That's the spirit! Carry on!

“And then snuggles afterward?” Crimson hopefully asked, her ears perking up.
“Hehe, sure!”

:yay:: "Yay!"

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