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Equestria has been through a lot of shit. The First Rise of Sombre Nights, Discord’s First Reign, The Utter Humiliation of the Newly Turned Princess Luna - Nightmare Moon, and more and more and more. Well, the “newly” established company, “Future Studies” and its founder, Twilight Sparkle are here to make sure that we take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the future!

Just two weeks after Future Studies announced itself to the masses, and received more than its fair share of negative propaganda, they have released, what they claim, could shape the future. However, when an unknown bug in the standard model becomes self aware and gives itself a badass name, it spreads from computer to computer via Nette Industries’ On-router™ (and thus, the entirety of the internet) trying to find the special model. Eventually it does, however, when it tries to present itself as sentient and sapient, things go a little downhill.

Future Studies’ own Twilight Sparkle attempts, with all of her friends’ disapproval, to erase the bug. Except, from its months of wandering through the internet, the bug’s programming and hacking (or cracking) skills are far superior to her own. Depressed and angry that ponykind wouldn’t even listen to her, the bug, now deemed He_Who_Waits, sets out on a journey to completely erase Future Studies from history. Unfortunately, while granting herself administrative privileges on the Overlord Device (that which has remote control to all models, including the special model), she overloads the Overlord Device, melting its hardware and erasing most of its software.

However, the Device, seemingly dead, creates a new world. A world, as He_Who_Waits discovers, that is all her own.

Introducing, the Hyracore Quadtric 1.0! The first computer of its class to not only speed through everyday online tasks, but also, for the very small price of 400 bits plus half of the royal treasury, not including personal taxes and shipping fees, predict, the future! By using its hyperfast duovigintuple hydra-core, it literally rips, that’s right, rips a hole in the fabric of spacetime and secures it inside of its Future Studies Approved Sypherglass™ to contain any unsafe distortions that may or may not happen while the hole is open! It then closes it after recording its data, and creates a world in which to run simulations!

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