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While at the beach the students of CHS encounter Screwball, a young genius with a few loose screws, who has come to test out an experimental perfume she invented to bring out the Wild Side of those who smell it, and when Timber Spruce is accidentally over exposed to the perfume, the girls all go Wild for him in a very Bad way, so now Timber's only hope of surviving this crazy situation is with Screwball's help, yeah he's toast.

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Comments ( 12 )

Curse you Screwball?

Well what do you expect from such a Chaotic Character.

Call me heartless...wait I am heartless that's what Timber gets.
I know I'm evil.

I don't think you're Evil, I just think you have a Chaotic sense of Humor like Discord & Screwball.

Dude, Screwball Totally Trolled Timber, serves him right, about time someone knoked him down a few pegs, Great Story.

Oh, man! This was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: I kind of feel bad for laughing because this was SO unfortunate, and I honestly wouldn't wish something this humiliating on anybody, but at the same time, I REALLY don't like Timber Spruce. :applejackunsure:

One major criticism though, the way this story is organized feels like a mix between an actual story and the script for a short cartoon, and that's not a good thing. :unsuresweetie: I mean, I love the concept behind this story. It's just that the writing is pretty disorganized. It feels like something that should be animated and watched rather than written down and read.

Glad you liked it.

Also, that's kind of what I was going for, I wanted to try and somehow explain the story in a way that would capture the readers imagination, allowing them to envision these details in their heads so that they can somehow get the feeling that this was meant to be like a cartoon short, or at least something similar to the script for an animated short film, and believe me That is Not a very easy thing to do, but in the end I feel that it may be worth the trouble if it can entertain at least one or more people, and judging from your reaction to it, I'd say that was a success, but still I appreciate your constructive criticism.

And Honestly, I too would never wish something like That on Anyone in the Real World, however, I also don't like Timber Spruce, not because he's Sci-Twi Boyfriend(or any of that "Waifu Stealer" garbage), but because the guy has a terrible personality & overall character, seriously he's like a watered-down version of Prince Blueblood, with an ego almost as big as Trixie's(but with none of her redeeming likeabilities), and we have yet to see an Equestrian version of him, for all we know his counterpart might not even be a pony, he could very well be like a donkey, a cow, a deer, a mule, or some other creature that I might not even Want to know exists in Equestria, and I think that even Sci-Twi is starting to get fed up with, especially since he's willing to use her as a Human Shield(something that Blueblood has Already done with Rarity may I remind everyone), I'd say that it was high time someone knocked Timber down a few pegs, and who better for the job than Screwball.

Where did you get the inspiration to come up with this story, and how did you determain which girl should be acting like which animal based on what exactly?

I'll post That in the Author's Notes Later, it just feels better to explain it There instead of in the Comments Section.

So, yeah, I'm rereading this story because I recently wrote a story where Timber acts like a bit of a jerk, and a few of my readers thought that I went a little too far with that. I think you went leagues farther than I did. :rainbowlaugh: Yeah, I kinda needed a laugh at Timber's expense.

Well at least I didn't go so far as to have him Killed or anything permanent like That.

Besides This is no less than what Timber deserves for being a Less-Good Version of Flash Sentry, seriously Sci-Twi deserves better than some cowardly dude who would use her as a Human-Shield!

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