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Ideas spread like wildfire. Unlike a fire, though, they can be neither seen nor extinguished. When faced with the power of an idea, all of Equestria may be brought to its knees by the roguish script of a dead illusionist's last memoir. Some things should remain hidden, especially old magic.

~Credit for the new cover image goes to the fabulous Lusewing!
~Here's the old one that I drew: The old cover.

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Very interesting, I look forward to seeing where Rarity's 'thread' goes from here.


It's definitely set for much higher goals than a simple dress.

You Know Me - Dawnbringer

The Devil - Dawnbringer


Yeah... It's really rough, I know. EDIT: New cover that I didn't draw!


You certainly live up to your username.

Ooh, Trixie's sowing seeds of discord. I like where this is going! Write more please! :twilightsmile:

“I had never thought of things that way... And yet, the book was so right!

“I had never thought of things that way... and yet, the book was so right!

If an ellipse is used in the middle of a thought, then it is not capitalized. The only time you capitalize after an ellipse is if that thought is in the beginning of a new sentence, which is extremely rare because in most cases a period is used.

The more you know...

Oof. Some of your paragraphs are enormous.

I'll track this and see how you go along.


Fixed, along with other ellipse troubles. Truth be told, that really is a somewhat obscure rule.

Hey, new chapter! Will read soon.

Rarity went to bed after a hard party without taking a shower first?

What a dirty, dirty mare...

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