• Published 30th Jul 2012
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The Electric Defender - Unlucky1

A human is sucked into the pony world by Princess Luna on accident and has to gain thier trust.

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Logan charged electricity in his hands and vocal cords, wanting to try something else. He turned into and alley and caught his breath, it might be his last after those zombies turn into the alley. The moment seemed to be closing in quickly with the calling anouncement of the zombies rage and anger, Like a train before impact, Logan thought. As the first zombie came into the alley Logan took in a deep breath, and yelled, "Fus Ro Dah!" The electricity in his vocal cords fused with the outward sound and spread out. The vocalized electricity only reached three of the zombies knocking them off ballance "Aw Skyrim!" Logan yelled, "Why you no tell truth!"

The zombies all pause to investigate their three fallen friends giving Logan time to get closer to them. As the three zombies all got to their feet Logan put his hands together and spread them outward as he thrust his hands forward and released electricity. The result was an moving circle of electricity about six feet high and six feet wide. It covered ground quickly and reached the zombies giving better results. The zombies were sent flying backwards some gaining ten feet of air and some started to use their wings to fly.

"Oh not good," Logan said to himself, "I helped them learn magic and flying, I am such a moron." At that moment a flying zombie pegasus dove at Logan who barely dogded it. The zombie slammed into the wall head first with such impact that the head burst and the brain lay barely connected to the stuggling body, but Logan noticed something strange on the brain. The entire brain was a light pink, but on the front was a lone gray chunk that was throbbing. Logan took a wild guess at what it was, he brought out his bowie knife and stabbed it into the gray chunk and immediately the zombie stopped moving.

He was glad that he had found the heart so to speak, but there were about one hundred more zombies to put out of their misery, if they had any emotion besides anger. Logan looked at the zombies each had an angry scowl on its face, nope just anger. Logan ran out the alley and back towards the weapons shop, but stopped when he saw Twilight and her friends gallop out onto the street.

"There you are," Twilight said stopping in front of Logan, "Rainbow Dash said you needed..." the zombies ran out the alley and gave a unison blood curdling screech, "...Help!" They all took off in one direction following Logan, Twilight caught up to him but Logan needed no questions.

"Their life support system is all on a disease on the front of their brains." Logan said.

"Maybe they're actually friendly," Twilight said hopefully.

"Nope!" Called Pinkie who was galloping backwards with a pink cannon in her forehoves.

"Pinkie ah don't think yer party cannon is gunna..." Applejack's sentence was cut off by Logan.

"What's it loaded with?" Logan asked.

"Nails!" Pinkie replied excitedl

"Don't fire yet," Logan said, he ran back to Pinkie and put his hand on the cannon. He put E4 on each nail he could find. and Pinkie fired. The result was devastating, half the zombies were dead and others were slowly moving because the nails ripped limbs off. The zombies that live went to their fallwn friends and began devouring them starting at the head, wrong choice. BEEEEWWWWWMMMM the E4 attached to the nails exploded blowing the feasting zombies to bits. Not a single zombie was left.

The six mares jumped with joy, Logan guessed that was probably what they did every time they accomplished something. Their celebration stopped when from the zombies' pieces started forming into black smoke, Logan and the other mares looked to Twilight, but she too had a confused face.

"Now that we're no longer in danger of becoming zombie chow," Logan continued, "I would like to bring up a few questions. Where is Celestia? How are we going to clear the entire city? And where is Luna?"

"We'll clear it like we did last time," Fluttershy said, "That is if the Elements of Harmony don't work."

"As fer Luna," Apple Jack cut in, "She can handle Crysalis."

"But where's Princess Celestia?" Pinkie asked. The other ponys put their heads down, some in thought others in defeat.

Logan broke the silence, "Well, if you need enemy info, just interrogate them."

"But how are we supposed to get changelings?" Fluttershy asked.

"Got it covered," Logan said bringing crackling electricity to his hands. He looked to the sky and stopped for a moment. They sky was dark not only because it was still night time but the sky was filled with changelings, making the ground below even darker. "Okay maybe I don't," Logan said, realizing he didn't have the time to figure out how his electricity was going to reach that high.

"I got some! I got some! I got some!" Pinkie chanted as she bounced around a pile of five limp changelings.

"Where'd you get those?!" Logan blurted out.

"It's Pinkie," Rainbow Dash cut in, "You don't question the laws of Pinkie Pie." Logan saw she had a point, plus for a pony who laughs while being chased by zombies it was believable. Logan pulled one unconscious changeling over each shoulder, then turned to Twilight.

"Are there any interrogation chambers in this place?" Logan asked. Twilight shook her head, "Are there any places with chairs, ropes, and piss poor lighting?"

"Plenty if you just look," Twilight said walking into an alley. She looked around along the walls until her eyes rested on a dumpster which became surrounded by Twilights purple magic. She moved the dumpster to the side revealing a metal door with a sliding box for one to peak through. There was a click then a turn of gears and the door swung open. Twilight went in and the rest followed, Logan felt his way down realizing he was on stairs. Three stairs down Logan felt something on the wall, he felt it and moved something. The stairs were illuminated, a pleasant mood was in the air until the rest of the stairs were visible with no bottom in sight.

"This might be real torture," Logan said exhausted at the thought of going down such a tremendous number of stairs. His mood change after he saw a smooth dumpster lid, he grabbed it and put it on the stairs then jumped on. Logan slid down the stairs bumping into the six ponys who landed on the lid with Logan.

"WHEEEEE!" cried Pinkie, Logan couldn't agree more,but there was a problem. After a few minutes they sitll hadn't reached the bottom. Logan looked back and saw the door was right behind them. They weren't moving the stairs were. Logan looked at the ponies who also seemed to notice the same thing, Applejack in the back reached up and twisted the door handle. As soon as she did the stairs went flat and turned into a floor so they stopped moving. Applejack went halfway through the door and then waved her hoof to signal it was safe.

The six ponies went in then Logan, but they were not outside they were in a large room which seemed to be a barn guessing from the hay that lay everywhere. The room was mostly dark, lit in small places only be the dimness of a small light. The room had an uneasy feeling to it like something was always there with you just out of sight. A musty dank smell filled the air makeing it a little harder to breathe. Here and there were chairs some completely broken most in a good enough condition to use and could still take a beating.

Fluttershy grabbed five chairs and Applejack took out some rope. Twilight used her magic to tie up the changelings in chairs in a line.

"Who's going to interrogate them?" Rarity asked aloud. Everypony looked to Logan.

"What are you looking at me for?" Logan asked already knowing the answer.

"You're the only intemidating thing here plus you have knives," Fluttershy said.

"What if you ponies tried?" Logan brought up.

Rainbow Dash answered in a tired tone, "Rarity would woosy out, Fluttershy would pet them, Applejack would try to heard them, I would do nothing, Twilight wouldn't be good at it, and Pinkie would give them cupcakes. Any more questions smart ass?"

Logan and the ponies were shocked at Rainbow's tone but she was right, Logan was the only one who could do it.

"You'd better leave," Logan said, "It's going to get prety ugly once they wake up," Twilight nooded and led the six of them out leaving Logan to wait for the changelings to wake up. Logan walk to a dark corner and sat down staring at the unconscious changelings. Logan knew he had to get information out of the changelings as fast as possible, and the best medod would be to scare the hell out of them. Then Logan got an evil idea, looking on the walls and ceiling he saw there were large nails close together.

Immediately Logan's thoughts went to climbing on the wall. Negative charged and positive charged electricity could hold him, and as he learned from movies, nothing likes the sight of something not giving a damn about gravity in an unnatural position. Logan sent out negative charged electricity to the nails then brought positive charged electricity to his hands and feet. Testing it, he put his hand on the nail and it worked, it was heavily magnetized. He brought his other hand then feet and began to climb taking away the positive charge momentarily to move his hand or foot. He got to the ceiling and heard a noise, the changelings were waking up.

One shook its head as it looked around, "Hey wake up guys," it said until all the other changelings were awake, "What happened?" One said, "Where are we?" another said.

One of the changeling under Logan slowly looked up and saw him. Logan looked back staying still for a few seconds. Then he slowly opened his mouth and began to shake his head. The changeling started to utter small quiet sceams then Logan stopped moving. The changelings stayed silent fearing what would happen next. Logan tilted his head and slowly cracked his neck then uttered two words in a demonic tone, "Feeding time,"

The changelings erupted into mass panic screaming as they watched Logan quickly climb down from the ceiling to the wall and onto the floor where he stood up and walked over to the terrified changelings. Logan took out his bowie knife and put it up to one of the changeling's throat making them all fall into silence. He looked from changeling to changeling as if inspecting them then said, "This isn't a very good meal," Logan took the knife away from the changeling's throat then went on, "Tell you what, you want to live right," Logan waited as each changeling slowly nodded, "So if you can tell me where to get a better meal, I'll let you go."

"How about the six ponies that use the elements of harmony?" one said.

"No, I have to work to kill them and I need a meal all in one pony." Logan said.

"I know a pony that will make a meal fit for a god." another said

"Oh really!" Logan said pretending to be suprised.

"Princess Celestia, she's trapped in the ceiling of the main hall in the palace."

Logan had the information he needed so he went over to the changeling and punched it with the brass knuckle part on the handle knocking it out.

"You said you'd let us go," one protested.

"I did, and I am." Logan cut the ropes of the unconscious changeling, "This one will untie you after he wakes up." and with that Logan walked into the shadows and out the door.