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Hi, I'm TAW. I write terrible erotic my little pony fan fiction about cartoon horses having sex with each other, or vaguely defined human audience-inserts, for fun. Because... uh. I have no shame?

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Speedclop, Have it your way

What happend with the Sexty Minute staff?

Quickfire Horse Sex has an oddly nice ring to it.


997267 They went nuts about a story that indicated reluctance and such
They called it blatant rape for the wrong reasons


Pretty much: Screw them. Too many people who can't tell fantasy from reality, and you know what? It's not the people writing the fantasy! It's the people telling them that they're wrong. A drawn picture or a written story, no matter how misunderstood or even if it was violent and dirty and all sorts of things, is not ACTUALLY going to rape someone. It can't, it's a picture, or a story. They can't rape anything.

What it boils down to is people telling you that you can't have your harmless entertainment or share your fetishes with like-minded people who all enjoy their fantasy staying just the way it is - not real and not hurting anyone.

I knew that blogpost meant we had something sticky in store!

That aside. This was hilarious TAW. xD

997322 but anyway, Kits clop follows the same rules
No rape/non-consensual/reluctance, You always need to include a sentence or word that shows that the subject is willing


Fixed it.

As for the authors themselves, that's fine. Their story, their reservations or freedoms as they choose it. My problem's with any site's staff or whatnot who freaks over it and starts throwing out authority or bitch fits.

997366 All that we need now is just for someone to start a clop prompt that accepts anything that has sex in it.
No distinctions, no morals.

But then again, some people like gore and that's something I cannot stomach


Aye. I've a few things I'd rather not see, but I also understand that for everything I don't want to see, there's ten people who do want to. Who am I to say they can't get what they want if I can get what I like? There's an oft-said pearl of maturity that most people completely ignore: "If you don't like it, walk away." Very simple, clean practice. If you don't want to read fiction with something in it you don't agree with, don't read it. No one's forcing them to, you know? Authors should write how they please, not fearful that some reader's going to start trouble for them because they don't personally agree with. It's funnier still that those are the ones who think they're standing on some sort of moral high ground when they're just being massively hypocritical.

Always gotta be someone to cause problems.

997413 But well, if the prompt leader doesn't like rape and such, he/she will not read stories with it so stories like that can't be guaranteed to be non-troll grammatically-correct stories.

But anyway, enough dwelling on this subject. I'm looking forward to the stories from Kits' prompts


Much agreed, my favourite phrase is 'to each their own', and what these mods have to understand is that as a content manager, sometimes you just have to accept that just because you don't like something, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be there.

I do love how, just because one mod chose to focus on the minor issues involving Rainbow Dash in TAW's submission, it somehow completely invalidates how it was actually rejected because of Thunderlane's complete and total lack of consent in any verbal or non-verbal manner in that story.

We're aware that nobody is actually getting hurt in a story about rape, and we don't judge those stories or the people who enjoy them, but we wanted to create an environment where the rape culture didn't rule, where the sexy times were mutually agreed to and enjoyed by all.


There was also a complete lack of resistance or any implication he was unwilling. There was a complete and total lack of /anything/, because he had no real part to play in the story. This argument has been done and done again, shall we not start yet another?

997560 there was plenty a reason to have the story rejected but the manner as in it was dealt with evoked negative responses. I couldn't really care less but still this separated the 'sexty minutes ponies' followers quite a bit


Oh buzz off and get your panties out of a twist.

And there is no 'rape culture'. That's a lie made up by feminism because they no longer fight for equality and want more.

But I digress, I always enjoy your stuff TAW, especially TwiDash. Keep up the great work.


"We", taking over for "they", eh? Who are you to decide what should and shouldn't be, I wonder? I'm sure you have your own fetishes. You'd love to see more content on it, hm? Of course, you certainly wouldn't call for a cutback on it because it was 'getting too big' or somesuch. I'd also like to point out there's no way to properly measure these things, and no one qualified to say when there is too much. I know a control freak when I see one, even if they don't realize it themselves yet.

"but we wanted to create an environment where the rape culture didn't rule, where the sexy times were mutually agreed to and enjoyed by all."

Didn't rule. I'm sorry, was there a competition to see which sub-genre collected the most people to beat their meat to fantasy horse porn?

Mutually agreed. Mutually agreed upon by whom? Did you ask this so-called 'ruling rape culture'?

Enjoyed by all. Except by aforementioned rape culture you slapped a label on in order to alienate. Who empowered you to speak for the 'all', anyway?

What I see is someone who wants their skewed sense of morality plastered all across the places they frequent and wants everyone else forced to comply, creating their own little comfort zone. It's people like that who are running the real world's issues into the ground for personal profit, and yet we still have to deal with you lot in our choice of harmless pornography? I may not personally have a strong fetish for rape/NC, but I'll be damned if I sit here and listen to someone who believes authors need to be told what they can and can't write about, and that denying the readerbase is a good thing. Bunch of stuck-up pretentious bullshit, that is. No one wants YOUR morals, we've got our own. If you can't understand that, you don't belong in any social setting.

End of discussion.


I applaud your writing talent dear lady, but I'm tempted to ask you a personal question and and actually a second one too
Is your avatar a ponyfied version of yourself ? If yes then why is your hair red and green ?
Not that this matters by any means for this message has been written by a 20 year-old baldie who doesn't give a damn about unusual hairstyles :p, but I'm simply curious.

poor cadence
gets a two pump chump for a husband
ah well
good story
nice little tidbit to get my own creative juices flowing
keep em coming


She's a ponified version of me drawn by somebody who's never seen me. My own hair is, unfortunately, not a lovely red and green mane.

that was silly and i liked it

Well that was different, Twi is real damn powerful if she can rip reality and then change her and Dash's anatomy...Good Story!

Rainbow Dash x Wild Fire?
Yesplz. :rainbowwild:

I liked it. Goes well with that image. I just hope i can make mine fun!

Not quite.
Not rape. There is a huge difference between "no rape" (my stuff) and "consent forms must be signed in triplicate" (SMP). As for no rape: I'm running the event and don't like rape fics. It's the same reason my rare main6 shipfic contest has to be happy ending. As for SMP, they went off the deep end, told conflicting stories about why some fics were rejected, and then advocated the literary sin of telling (instead of showing) that it's wasn't rape. Alli in a speedfic event. There is a reason we make jokes about filling out forms.

I hear ya. I think it's hilarious to watch them spin their wheels. They should just officially join the tumblr justice squad and let everyone see their true colors. "Rape culture" my ass.


Oh well If you really like it, go ahead and do it :pinkiehappy:


I can't grow it long enough, and even if I could I don't have the wings for it to rest against. I think that particular hairstyle is best left on my little pony.

There is a reason we make jokes about filling out forms.

The reason being that it's far easier to build up a strawman that says something we never said and then tear it down than it is to actually confront us directly and honestly.

Didn't manage to figure out what the "bell curve" was, but ah well. (btw, haven't gotten around to check out the reply yet*, but won't get into any rants/complaints here hehe, or at least try my best to. Though got quite close after the introduction, but will keep it short. And will check it after this) Lets see. The whole "doing it everywhere was rather amusing. And I get most was partially jury rigged, but concept wise fond it quite amusing Twi wanted to do Cadance and Dash wanted to do Twi's brother hehe. Though, can see you went the regular way with it all, though it could be accurate, so can't say much about it.Ah, think I get the curve thing now, will wait till Cadance before saying anything though. (not sure how "IC" Twilight is though, then again, she seems to want to exaggerate) Hm, yeah, much explained male parts, little on the female. And hum, Shining must have not gotten off in like.. ages if that was supposedly "accurate". But neat to see the execution of the act wasn't like I expected, though much else were. The ending was quite strange in a way, yet fun. And technically left open for a "payback" or exploration.

998524 I think I got it
you accept stories without consent as long as the subject shows willingness or isn't trying to escape
SMP wants authors to actually acknowledge his/her willingness, by thought or spoken.


We've done that. Repeatedly. The multiple moderators a few of us have talked to failed to produce anything even resembling a sane defence of their position, never mind one that could actually be fairly argued against, and instead ended up being insulting on both a personal and artistic level. The entire experience dealing with your team was highly unprofessional and, again, insulting. We make light of it because, well, some things are funny. It's not about getting out of the discussion so we don't have to actually have one, it's that we've already had the discussion time and time again. It is absurd. I do not want to go over it again. Please stop bringing your absurd social vigilante justice bullshit into the comments of a story that has nothing to do with you or your project, it is not appreciated.

997810 ...Shit. Now that's a rant.

Kinda sucks how I never hear about things like this :V.

I'll be saving this story for later on.

Also, I suppose I'm to assume Krizak is one of the mods/project members for SMP?

Words for him...um. Hmm, what do you say?


Though we may not like to admit it, rape is something that's part of the entire 'porno' demographic. It's denying an entire field of writing for authors who would want to explore something a little more spicy.

This sort of thing also provides an emotional impact for readers. A character can really be defined as 'villain' in this situation; taking control over another character, forcing them into places and doing things that they don't want to, all to further some dire plot for the end of ponykind or something.

Wasn't the project originally supposed to be something fun? So why not let people just write what they want, then review it?

You really shouldn't deny possibly stelar writing just because it doesn't have spoken, or thought, consent in it. You risk alienating an author who could be incredibly good, while allowing others in who may be...well, less than good, just because they suited your rules.

Deny over quality of the writing, not because it doesn't suit a moral. THIS is what a true literary team should do. And even then, compile the stories that get dropped, simply because there ARE people out there who enjoy it.

If you want to keep the rule, then I'd at least suggest softening up. There is a difference between 'fun rape' and 'rape that destroys the mind'. I'd point to 'Taming of the Screw' for 'rape that destroys the mind', and a PROPER showing of how rape can literally be bad.

...Yeah...guess that's it. If you wanna argue, I invite you to. A good discussion over PMs is always enjoyable.


I like the way Kits does things, here. She has clearly-stated personal preferences, which are both reasonable and understandable. Kits and TAW are both reasonable, sound people. Arguing with either of them, especially continuing against TAW, is an utterly immature course of action for anyone who wishes to do so.


1. That description made me laugh. Mmmm, donuts.
2. This whole rape/no rape thing. One word for all of it: blaharglargWORDSlargbarg. Just let it die. Everyone just enjoy what you enjoy and let the bile in your throat sink and the fire in your bellies simmer down. And that is the first and last thing I will say on the subject.

Cheers, and have a nice, sunny day with friends, family and fun.

I'd like to point out that I had dropped the issue and decided to let bygones by bygones... that is, until somebody decided to bring it up again in the description of their new short story collection, necessitating a response. If this story's description didn't say anything about Sexty Minute Ponies, I wouldn't feel the need to talk about it here, now would I?


While you are free to censor your own blog, you are not free to censor mine. This story's existence is justified only by the unpleasantness and I felt it important to explain that. If your moderation team was in as tight communication as you claim you would no there is nothing to be gained in further argument with me, so please, save yourself the trouble and embarrassment.

Yes. We make a "consent form" joke about it. While it's their right to reject whatever they want, I didn't appreciate the personal insults for denying that something w/o confirmation wither way was non-consensual. I guess I default assume it's not rape and it has to be shown otherwise. The owner of the popular pony porn blog agreed. Many of his friends (and mine) did too. Hence, I'm now doing what I swore off last year: running a damned fic prompt group.

I had enough of life for one day. What time is it.. yeah it's about time. *I shoot myself but miss.

I like how an entire argument busts out in the comments section of a clopfic. Got a laugh from me.

Anyhow, TAW, love your stuff. Keep it up.

It's always interesting to watch a debate wage on in the comments, especially when someone starts beating on another's ass, kinda like a Presidential Election. Also why the hell do people want to argue about something that merits no response? It's easy enough just to drop it and ignore it (granted, I don't practice what I preach, so the value of my wisdom is hypocrisy, at best), rather than start another misunderstanding and launching the ICBM's at each other. I may be a grade-A apocalypse survival, but for the sake of the non-prepared, don't push the red button.

If you need me, I'll be camping with a LMG in a corner like usual...

Okay, guys (and/or girls (actually, just "and girls", TAW is a lady, right?)):
I just stopped reading a clopfic by one of my favorite fic writers in general to say this...
"Ponies and Parties"; Get on it, brony community.

(I mean, if someone starts it now, we could have an amazing game to play to kill time between Seasons 3 and 4!)

What this guy said.


Uh, actually, with TAW's permission, it could exist very soon. I've been working on an RPG system for a year now and its still unnamed. It's being tested now.

So, how about it TAW? :heart:

Listen 999720, to be completely honest, you are in the wrong here. This is from an outside perspective, and is unbiased. 999736 knows what she's talking about.

And on a reviewers note, amazing job TAW, especially considering you only had 60 minutes. While I did spot one or two grammatical goofs (completely justified, considering it's a speed writing) I didn't notice any other problems. I was actually entranced by the sub-plot of "What sex act could they possibly perform next?" so much that finding out was something I was genuinely looking forward to...and you sure didn't disappoint!

You get a thumbs up from me! :rainbowkiss:

I'd say something like "I hope to see more fantastic art from you" but I don't even have to. I've been following you for a while, and I've always loved all of your work. Especially the cute ones (Like "A Warm Summer's Evening) and the bondage/toys ones (Like Trifurcate).

P.S. I hope my writing will one day be as popular as yours. Let it be known that you are an inspiration to this writer!

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