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I am a chill guy, and i love getting comments on my stories, i am 13, and i am gay. My discord server! https://discord.gg/AWME9Za


This is my second story in this series, first story in this series is: Rainbow Dash, return to foalhood:
After about a day of being a foal, twilight had been taken to Canterlot, too be raised by Celestia.

(Warning diaper usage, wetting, soiling, cuteness, you have been warned)

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if i my sudjest why not Twilights own mother?

Someone already pointed out the massive plot hole here, but I'll ask anyway.

Why not have Twilight be raised by her actual family? Like she's supposed to be?

Comment posted by Reverse Scratch deleted Jun 30th, 2018

i know but I think it is still important to ask

Just trust me when I say that it will come up soon, I already have the next few chapters written, im just waiting to unload then (so I can edit them)

Actually I'll just upload the second chapter tomorrow

Anyone have a name yet, if you don't want me to put your username in the author notes, I wont

And why not : The story of Somlestia ?

Comment posted by Sunshine656 deleted Jul 4th, 2018

Yeah. But no. This is the same lame excuse everyone uses when this happens. Only thing that's changed is the fact that Twilight is smart enough to talk here.

Usually she can't.

When people write about Twilight age regressing into a filly after she becomes an alicorn, Celestia always basically kidnaps her and tells her rightful parents they have no ability to raise her as she is now.

More or less. Only difference here is that Twilight is actually agreeing to it.

It so easy to understand. Why do you remember something about magic surge and what can happen when they hit? Remember when twilight sparkle got her cutie mark? She only unicorn, but now she alicorn! Now times that by 10x! What would happen if she use her magic, do you think that can control her magic if when into that State ?

You should link to the previous story. Please respond to this comment.

Well I just think that twilight would want to stay with celestia, because of the fact of reasons

I'm not saying Celestia shouldn't help, because Twilight will need it now more than ever, but removing her from her family at that age, and basically all but claiming her as her own daughter.

Has never felt right.

That's not very helpful.

Technically she not that age her body is not her mind!


"Okay fine, but only if she comes to our house on weekends." twilight violet said

"Can it be ever other weekend?" celestia asked

Twilight would be seeing her parents every other weekend

Hey , how about you read story little more closely and please wait for him do come out with more chapters!
Because this just being so please give him time to explain in story more!

Comment posted by Reverse Scratch deleted Jul 8th, 2018

Will this complete different then I could imagine!

I have a lot happening next cheaper, it will make up for this chapter:twilightsmile:

But you did give me the idea to turn trixie into a foal

And you gave me the idea for Daisy softcloud (every detail was from him)

So when is Celestia adopting Flurry Heart? Because obviously she's the only one capable of raising an alicorn foal....

No, she's going adopt Trixie, why do think I made her a foal?

Yes. Because if Celestia, the sole ruler of Equestria, kidnaps an alicorn foalified Twilight Sparkle when she has parents and there is a completely serviceable spell called "Foal's Forbearance" to counteract her magic...

Then it completely makes sense for her to divide her time further caring for a foal Trixie. After all, Equestria runs itself, amirite?

Already have plans for this fic, if you submit a idea foe this fic, contact me on Discord (my discord username is dxgamer2323#8892)

You forget that cadence is alicorn and she have husband that have experience In deal with alicorn situation.

...You're right! Obviously Flurry Heart getting her name from exploding the Crystal Heart and dooming the Crystal City was just a fever dream! /s

Honestly, that was the biggest gripe I had with that opener. SOMEHOW the Crystal Heart breaking doomed a City, but an unpowered Crystal Heart that was hidden away by a tyrant who thrived on despair SOMEHOW gave Shining Armor and Cadance enough time to get there, after who-know-how-long it took for them to even notice that the Crystal City Was back, and throw up shields to keep ponies from becoming an Icicle.

I don't expect everything about MLP to make sense, but at least be consistent about it.

I don't know what your talking about, but that's not what I have planed, you have to wait and see like everyone else

Ok , who the person just put thumb down on almost every comment?

"Which one, applejack, rarity-" celestia asked

Why would celestia guess those two? ;-) :duck:

I would say maybe there on business trip to the area.

Or maybe it has to do with something else *wink*

Maybe something with the next foal story. *wink* *wink*:pinkiegasp:

good on you flash. getting the books. just don't read the diary...

Comment posted by Reverse Scratch deleted Feb 15th, 2019
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