After overworking herself with friendship problems and teaching and running an animal sanctuary, Fluttershy was near exhaustion. Thankfully, Rarity had a solution: vacation in Manehatten, with Coco offering to keep her company. Things don't turn out quite as Fluttershy expected, but then again, who can predict how one's feelings can change for another?

A shamelessly fluffy and sweet CocoShy fic.

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Love comes in many ways, in many forms, and many flavours.

And this love? Is one to cherish, to savor, and enjoy. With a hint of sugar, for taste.

Fantastic, gentle, fluffy, and warm. I adored it this story, and it was one of the rare cases of a short story being exactly as long as it needed to be. I actually really like how we don't see much of Fluttershy's interactions with Coco, and yet they are the connecting undertone of the entire story. It feels like snatches of thought, caught in the quiet moments.

A cute history indeed.

I love it!

This story was perfectly cute. I liked the style, no dialogue, but enough information for us to sorta think of what they’d say on our own. Cute, sweet and not too short. I do however feel like there could have been more to this story. It was such a good construct and the ideas were so good that i would read chapter after chapter of this story. But what’s done is done. Keep up the good work! I hope to see your stories in the future!

This was goddamn adorable.

Very cute minimalist style; comfy. Those descriptions of the days of the week are too real, though. #banmondays

Fluttershy is my favorite pony, and I adore Coco Pommel as well. This was such a cute and sweet story. The style was beautiful. The poetic food metaphors for days of the week were fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

I'm tearing up on the train from this, and it's not even my first read through. I absolutely adore the style. The lack of dialogue is a masterful choice, and it makes the whole story feel more intimate. Fluttershy's anxiety comes through so viscerally I almost felt like I was a little yellow Pegasus for a bit. And the ending... Even knowing what was coming didn't diminish how happy it made me.

Thank you for sharing with us.

It's comments like these that keep me writing. Thank you for your thoughtful words!

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