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If there’s any problems with the story I would be glad to know so I can fix it

The Dragons. The dragons are one of the oldest races to live on Equis. Their tails go so far back that even the history books have enough room.

XD ain't we solo authors just the best at noticing the details!!!

Na were not... (Still laughing)

Thank you my friend

Nope continue saying everyone ^^

Also There are some mistakes but I don't want to put the story in the comments xD

I will work on it whenever I get the chance. I just got what you said 😂

He gonna be very judged.

I'm such a bit pick at this now but names are capitalized such as Green Flame, Russia, Canterlot, Princesses, Princess Celestia/Luna.

Some of those are not in the chapter but I thought I should mention it.


Ten likes to five dislikes on a story that looks like it had every rule of the English language gang-raped out of it.

The second coming of Christ couldn’t come fast enough.

I don’t know if that’s an insult or a complement

8994907 1. Protip: If you want to reply to someone, click the double-arrow button to the right of the comment and then type what you want to say to them.

2. I’m saying that your grasp on the English language is hardly existent at best and the fact that more people like the story in spite of this than not is frankly embarrassing.

The earth dragons are very prideful creatures. they may not be able to shoot fire or water at you but their skills are 10 times stronger than diamonds.


OMNI:Two things...
1.First you are correct there are many mistakes that need to be fixed and I mean A LOT.
2.Hey at least its better than what I would wright.
OMNI:Other than that the story is pretty good.

1. You don’t need to tell him this, I already did.
2. Yeah, that’s not exactly a proper benchmark for determining the quality of a story.
3. Yeah sure, I guess if you discount all the laughable, cringeworthy misspellings, capitalizations and punctuation errors, the edgy, uninspired plot, and painful formatting, yeah, sure I guess you can say the story is decently written.

OMNI:Ok...I'll give you those three things...BUT...
POWER:*slaps*No.Its to early for this shit.

Thank you all for letting me know my mistakes 😅. To be honest I’ve made this really quickly and didn’t think anyone would actually like it, but I see that I am almost at 90 views. I was shocked to get 50. And since A lot of you like it I will be doing my best to fix everything for the next week. The next part will come on Monday.

Nice chapter !


POWER:*slaps*No.Its to early for this shit.

How do you expect to be taken seriously when you do something like this.

OMNI:Who said I wanted to be taken seriously?We have no shame here,we fear not being Right or wrong,we couldn't care less if you take us seriously or not...Why????

OMNI:No this is just how I am...I'm a sad person.

Do you Know how to reply like I did or not? Took me awhile to figure it out on my own ^^

Yep ^^ It took me two months to figure that out xD

Thanks for the help again. Since you seem to be the one that’s mostly engaged and giving me feedback on the story. I want to know exactly what you like and dislike about my story so I can make better ones in the future.

Everything isn't to detailed, your character is getting his "Powers" not to fast but not to slow, it's got a good pace, your not giving him a huge enemy right at the start, you actually made the fight last multiple days, you didn't constantly mention the slavery fact about Diamond Dogs, your writing makes sense and is easy to follow. The way it's written is so inmersive that Even the reads barely notice the mistakes throughout the writing. Ponys aren't constantly racist to his species's and his army.

All in all it's just a really good story 👌😝

Now what I dislike...

Twilight was a little fast to accept Green Flame(?) In a positive light I mean the, changlings invaded, locked her up, and almost ruined her friendship with the main 6 not to mention "Cadence" there is bound to be distrust from her to Green Flame(?), Did he know before how to use the bow and sword and still does? It was never within the story it's self, from what twilight thought of our main man I expected a little distrust between her and them, will they ever consider the fact that he has an army in there territory without knowing what they are there for?

Can't think of anything else 😜

I got a long week. And thank you for everything has really brighten my day.

No problem I got nothing else to do 😜

I just figured out you were the creator of the lost one. That is one of my favourite books of all of these!

Yes! sure it was very long. But I remember the book made me laugh a lot. The book also inspired me to publish this. I actually had this book for very long time. I was just too scared to Publish it thinking of what people think of me. This whole book is thanks to you.

:D I don't think I can explain how happy I feel right now like seriously (unlike many of my books that aren't seriousness) it just brightened my day to read that :')

You deserve all the credit.

Na I wrote a book, You made this one 😆

I see a great friendship

XD I did as well but didn't want to rush anything yet...

I don’t know what time it is a your part of the world but for me it’s actually really late. I hope we speak again my friend.

10:35 and hope we speak again as well Night :)

The knights where is the most honourable and smartest add of them all.

Noticed that as I read through also I can see the difference and it felt like you didn't change anything nice work 😝

Fixed and thanks for the complement

It's true. *Shrugs*

I was relaxing until I noticed a book after my right. I look at it and I really felt like I wanted to read it.

I got the book and the title is called “The Lost One”.

When I began reading it I conclude that it was.. umm…. Alternate universe of this universe that’s it! I continued reading the book and having a hilarious laugh… until I got to the final chapter. The book was in complete but it look like it was being developed as I was reading it. But as I read the last chapter of the book so far I just close the book, set it down and decide to read another time.

XD This was a complete surprise!

Also it's spelt Mane :P

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