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Ahh, the magical land of Equestria. A place of peace and tranquility, ruled by Princess Celestia from the shining beacon of Canterlot. The ponies, of course, are the namesake of this place, and the primary sentient species of this place. They are a peaceful people who do stuff like have parties and sing all the time and a lot of other stuff, but something... otherworldly is coming, something from OUR world.

No, not humans. What if plants and animals from our world, extinct and alive alike, get sucked into the magical world of Equestria, so what happens then, you may ask.

Well, we know that an introduced species can cause an imbalance to the ecosystem. But, here's the catcher. While a normal ecosystem is self-sufficient and can rebuild itself naturally, Equestria is entirely dependent on the primary inhabitants to fix it themselves.

Unfortunately for them, Mother Nature's cooking their meals tonight.

So yeah, this is a reboot to a story called "Invasion of the Ecosystem". Dead story, dead author, dead everything. Kinda sad to see it go, it had a lot of potential in it. I was planning on making this story a collaboration effort with the help of this guy right here, but he/she has been off since May 30th. So, for the forseeable future, this is a one-man effort.

The story starts at the end of the episode "School Daze (Part Two)", and I'm planning on depicting the invading flora and fauna as accurately and precise as I can, but with some flair for the extinct club.

Anywho, enjoy.

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Comments ( 76 )

Alright, I'm first.

Cool read, similar to my animals-displaced story, but bigger...

The insect kingdom is probably the most brutal. Sure, all animals fight to survive every day. But they at least get the occasional period of peace. Insects? Not so much. Nice depiction of the army ants. They were probably the easiest to start out with.

Well, what do you mean?

What next?

Okay this does have potential. I vaguely remember reading the original years and years ago. I’ll give a upvote and will track this to see what you do with this.

Oh and I would recommend Formosan termites next. Give applejack or fluttershy a run for their money next.

And maybe some friends from the Cambrian and Carboniferous periods.

Comment posted by Mr cold ghost deleted Jun 16th, 2018


There is a species of extinct ant that scientists call the king of ants just because of its sheer size. I forget the name of it, but it is a prehistoric ant. They were pretty similar to the army ants in ‘mentality’, just a lot bigger. But you already did ants. Maybe...a species of spider? Or maybe an herbivore. It is hard, since Earth has many choices to choose from, both extinct and still living.

I'm wondering what I should do, but hey, someone said termites might be a good idea.

This looks very promising. Btw, I wonder if you already decided how this story is going to develop and end.

Though, the school day is already in the middle. It's just a lunch break.

Hmmm, since ponies have already met hippogryphs, then Seaqestria (place where fishy hippogryphs live) is cannon. This means, you can write about Megalodon ("Carcharodon megalodon" in Latin) or some other aggressive fish.

Meaning it's a story I'm willing to read...

Pity the students in the School of Friendship. The ants first appeared midday and they were already at lunch break. So, I've been planning on another chapter for the arthropods before I move on to something else.

Could anyone help me with my writer's block?

Perhaps a way to go is that perhaps fluttershy arrives at the ant colony and is simply unable to communicate with the ants even when she uses the stare. Meanwhile at the school the young six are studying or having lunch when they are attacked by Africanized honeybees or just your regular wasp and are forced along with the rest of the school to go inside and barricade the school. Meanwhile a colony of formasan termites are transported near applejacks orchard and begin to use the termite technique of girdling. This kills off a number of the orchards trees and they also attack the barn and house as it is dead wood and prime food for them. This is just a suggestion but that’s the way how I would write the next few chapters if I had the skill to write them. It is entirely up to you.

Hey guys, back with the second chapter.


Oh good. Thanks for the update!

New chapter on the road, come and get it.

Thanks for the ideas.

Your welcome. One last suggestion perhaps a few chapters as shown from the POV of applejack or maybe a pony sailor (as you have now transported that prehistoric predator to equestria’s sea) as they encounter and deal with the new animals. I kinda of want to hear applejacks thoughts of how the years harvest goes from normal to catastrophic.

Noone died((( Still, this is pretty good.

So, any ideas from you? I wanted to grow bigger.

Thanks for the feedback, hope you can feed more.

Third chapter's here.

Unique plot, color me intrigued.

Very good so far.

Equestria has never heard of predators

Really, what are all those monsters that lived in the Everfree Forest? Other than that, I enjoying this story. I have some suggestions if you are interested.
1. Hatzegopteryx attacking Cloudsdale and trying to catch young Pegasi.

2. A herd of Woolly Mammoths showing up in Yakyakistan.

Personally, I'm not going to do the mammoths yet, but I am currently planning on raptors and some other animals coming into Ponyville. Though, I do admit, the Hatzegopteryx attacking Cloudsdale is an excellent idea.

Also, I wonder how Twilight and friends will react when they find out about what happened in the sea.

Really loving this. About suggestions:
I can't imagine any ecosystem without diseases, bacteria and viruses, so you could start spreading bubonic plague or make someone have leprosy. Parasites are also a thing. You can make mosquitoes spread malaria. You also can write about some venomous snakes like black mamba. (Btw, there is a venomous spider named Phoneutria (Brazilian wandering spider). Their venom will make you have a really painful boner fore some time and after that you die. I'm not actually suggesting this guy, but I just wanted to mention him here).
You should also mention actual horses. That would be really funny.

The proper spelling for the most infamous mosquito virus is, Malaria...

Anybody wonder how Twilight and her friends would react to the news of the Cambrian Chaos incident. I strongly bet they'd freak to see that the Invasion has went that far away in a short time. You?

Do you have any ideas you can suggest? I'm in all ears.

Maybe have a herd of migrating sauropod dinosaurs walk through Ponyville, using it as a kind of rest stop for their intended destination in whatever direction you chose. This also presents an opportunity to have some carnivorous animals (not necessarily dinosaurs) trailing the sauropods, eager to pick off any of the weak, sick, old, young, or injured members.

What happens after is really open for interpretation, like...
Could they visit annually?
Would other herbivorous animals follow them?
Would they attract larger, more dangerous carnivores?
Would the sauropods encourage the carnivores to 'set up shop' in Ponyville, waiting for them to return for obvious reasons?
Would said sauropods treat Ponyville as a nesting site?

And many more...I'm sure you're aware of...

Fourth chapter's up and ready to roll.

So, what do you think of it?

I thought it was great, it was very well written and very descriptive.

What was, in all honesty, your favorite part?

The part where the raptors attack the Kubanochoerus.

So, any ideas on the next chapter?

Outside of some Ice Age Mammals running a muck in the Crystal Empire, I got nothing.

Perhaps pterodactyl or Argentavis magnificens end up in Griffenstone, Mammoths or wholly rhinoceros in the Crystal empire,
megalodons or Tylosaurus in Seaquestria, some Arthropleuras meet up with Twilight, or maybe and my personal 2 favorite a T rex in the dragon lands or a Titanoboa in the water near Canterlot.

i'm guessing that the story is dead.

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