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Beautiful, just beautiful. I swear when Spitfire first asked Soarin' his fantasies It would have been so freaking romantic if he said "My life with you" it something along those lines.

Anyways this was good. :raritywink:

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You know, I tend to shy away from clopfics. More often than not, they're just horribly written smut that gives this fandom a bad name. But then I saw that mighty, facial-hair-creating word count of manliness, and thought "Oh shit, it's one of those well-written ones that the author poured their love into!"

Not disappoint. I can't hold all of these stars, take five.

I saw 12,000 words and jizzed.

Yeah? So what?

... Before i read the story


had a boner before I even knew what this story was about

That was sweet. The sex was secondary, which made it better, in my opinion.
Very well written.
Uhh... that's all I have to say.

Read it long ago at the clopsite. Awesome, cute, romantic story. Awkward Soaren is awkward, Spitfire is very cute. D'aaawww

...did I actually chance reading a clopfic?

...did I actually enjoy this?

I don't think I'm ever going to be able to get enough Spitfire/Soarin', thanks to this fantastic story.

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This is the best hetero ship fic I've seen in a long long time

First impression: 12,000+ word story? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

After: Brilliant! Love the story! Despite the length, it honestly wouldn't work as anything other than a one-shot. Well put-together, enchanting, heartwarming, and just all-around adorable.

Despite the sex being a major factor, it feels natural and flows with the story in a way that works surprisingly well and doesn't feel forced in the slightest.

I hope to see more stories like this from you in the future.

Watched, fav'd, 5 stars.

Hmm... Guess I have to play some CoD after reading this.

I can really identify with Soarin about secretly loving trashy romance stories.

this one time i decided to go on fimfiction and i spotted this then i started crying in laughter

this shit = the best with dominion soundtrack

gg no re

I first read this of FF.net. I'm glad you posted this here.

You, my friend, are an excellent writer.


A GUEST WITH SOMETHING NICE TO SAY?!?!?!?! :twilightoops:

WHAT IS THIS MADNESS??????? :pinkiegasp:

Quite a pretty story, even if sexual. Can't wait until i can finally come to the romance parts of my own story.

Im reading a clopfic....:rainbowkiss:

And i am cloppin to it.:scootangel:

Read only a part of it so far, but it's late and i'll finish tomorrow. Seems really good and is pretty humorous :D

Anyone who knows me knows the level of hate that I have for clopfics. To this minute I have no idea why exactly I began to read this. All I have to say is, this is how you write a story. No matter how much I detest the content, it was dam good.

Mature or not mature, one of the best stories I've read. It definetely deserves it's spot on the featured list. 5 stars.

loved it!

59063 Madness? THIS IS FIMFIC!!! *Bucks you into a pit full of rainbows and gummy bears*

D'awwwwwww! An adorable story, with great meeting of the characters.

Good work!


But I mean, most of the guests here are haters. :applejackunsure:

59543 Eh, guests are guests. Haters can have profiles too, ya know... I'm just saying that I haven't seen that many guest hating on anything in the comments. :derpytongue2:

The most romantic clopfic I have ever read! :heart:

I agree with what everyone else said. This was one of the best stories I've read, one of the most romantic, and I could just feel the love and effort put into it.

Cute, but I like Rainbow Dash x Soarin better

"Don't stop believin'!"

I tend to stay away from clopfics, but this one I couldn't stop reading. Very well written; good job.

After hearing good things from my internet friends about this story i went for it... SO GLAD I DID:rainbowwild:

The back plot when soran and spitfire first meet is well thought through. This is the first well done clopfic I've read i userly just start to read them,realise thers no real plot and jam back to last page till the computer freases:trollestia: but not this one. job well done bronie:twilightsmile::twilightblush:

This wasn't horrible... Yay! :yay:

This story(It is more than a clopfic) is amazing. I would love to read a followup, although like one person said, this probably best as a one shot..

I usually avoid fics like this, clopfics just seem a little weird to me. But I saw the rating and wordcount and decided to give it a go. It was quite a good story, and I enjoyed it. The sex seemed secondary but added to the story. Well done.

that was amazing. the revalation about Soarin was so awesome.:twilightsmile:

Read this on fanfiction.net and am really glad to see it here. It's quite a beautiful story.

I am here with a message from The Herd.
We are horrified at how you wright! You have taken us into a shunned catagory and helped us enjoy it! Welcome to The Herd, chairpony Proteus-92! You have done us bronies proud!
I, the humble messenger for The Herd am now at your beck and call, and you have your own button to the Orbital Friendship Cannon! May you help us convert the haters chairpony Proteus!
Even if I try to stay away from clopfics, it was really good, the plot I mean...wait, no no! I mean the story's plot! Godamn Internet slang...oh well.

And now, I sign off!
Godspeed you magnificent bastard-BlazingShadowBrony

60371 Ack! Sorry! That's supposed to read *horrified by how you write!*
And I'm supposed to be an author? Feh!

Huh! I can actually legitly say I read this story for the plot.
Not that kind of plot. The plot-plot. xD
Excellently written =D

Also, I must say, there was so much awkward radiating from Soarin', I could probably have used a saw to cut out a block of it, then proceeded to beat someone to death with it.
In other words, it felt a little bit like my first time. Though, it seems porn at least lets you have a fair grip on what's supposed to happen.

Will there be a sequel? I'd love to read more about this pair ^^ Doesn't have to be a clopfic though xD


It's because this story is so Wunderbare that you can't complain about it. :pinkiecrazy:

i would actually love to see a sequel to this. clopfic or not.

the backstories made the emotion that much stronger for this couple. i now have a new favourite shipping because of you.

damn good story! well done! :pinkiehappy:

this was the best every time something happened i was always on the edge of my chair i love how it is a long story this story was VERY good i give it a 55 out of 5

My heart and my genitals are at war right now.

Ahhh, THIS fic. I'm glad to see it here; I read it awhile back on, uhm....... the clopfic website..... and I thought it was incredible. Still is. Anyway, yeah this is the perfect combination of steamy, hawt, sexy pony love, and a beautiful romantic story. I enjoyed this immensely.... in a few different ways...

I was never one for Soarin x Spitfire before now... Excellent work, mate! 5 and a fave!

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