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Weeks after the bargain, Doctor Strange—Master of the Mystic Arts—has taken up the mantle to protect Earth from mystical threats that may enslave, devour, or destroy his home. Burdened with great knowledge that his home planet is but a tiny ship in an ocean full of danger from different dimensions, he carries the responsibility to stand guard against them all. With Wong by his side, they vow to defend Earth as mystical defenders.

To be aware of such dangers, however, one must venture through the different realities of the Multiverse, and oddly enough, Wong knows where to start first...

Mentioning something about this proposed world being 'magical'...
That was something Strange was looking forward to and it might be worth of his time...
Except he has yet to consider the creatures in this said world...

Based on the MCU Doctor Strange before the events of Thor: Ragnarok
Rated 'Teen' for mild languages in the following chapters

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 124 )

Great beginning. I was waiting for a good Dr Strange fic here.

heh well this was amusing. good setup

I shall imagine him as Benedict Cumberbatch.

I second that! :pinkiehappy:

Great start. I can't wait for more. :rainbowdetermined2:

I am intrigued.

Looking good. Tagged it for now.

The tenses change frequently from present tense to past tense.


Such as... hmm... hemorrhoids that release poisonous toads... ooo, that's a good one! God's gonna wanna add that to the list! (Alondro dials 1-777-HE-LIVES) Hey, G! I got a great new plague for ya to torment the wicked with! Oh, you know... oh you and your omniscience! I'll surprise you one of these eons!


Humberto Cabbagepatch is a really great fit for the role.

I'm glad you took interest in this. More coming soon :twilightsmile:
Thank you! :pinkiehappy:
None can replace Bumblesnuff Crimpysnitch :pinkiecrazy:
I'm glad you did :]
On it!
Thanks! :pinkiesad2:

Truly unspeakable comments couldn't be used, you'd need to be able to speak them and if they are unspeakable...

On another note I sort of expected "her" to be Celestia

Promising start. I look forward to see where this goes.

What is Strange going to do in Equestria? I hope he has a significant role to play.

Everything fits, first quarter feels weird: as if it was a description of the movie, or quoted from an script.
Could it be that the original MCU is connected to ponies in the same way this story is ?
The comedy from being into the head of Wong is brilliant.
Gonna see a great Doctor Strange fic.

Thank you! :pinkiehappy:
Oh, he has. All I can say for now is that both his titles as 'Doctor' and 'Sorcerer Supreme' will be tested in ways he could never have imagined in Equestria.
Well, I did try something new by continuing where the movie left off. :twilightsheepish:
Also, thank you. :pinkiehappy:

Finally... I've been waiting for a doctor strange fic since the movie came out

Awesome! I love Doctor Strange! I can totally imagine him being interested in a world full of magic. Even if the magic is wielded by ponies. If you're gonna pair him with somepony...zebra?...totally pair him with Zecora. I can see them each being fascinated by what the other is capable of, and Zecora wondering about his world.

9305366 They're Elder God torments, in that mortals cannot even look upon them or speak of them, lest they go insane.

I, being already insane, am immune.


So far, so good. I'm kinda upset that my Doctor Strange Crossover is still in the works.

Hey, it's Dr. Normal... at least, to me.



Also great start to this story! I’m looking forward to this!

I know this has nothing to do with this story but it was the first thing that came to my mind when seeing this!

Wong? Check. :twilightsmile:

Doctor Strange? Check. :twilightsmile:

Well-written narrative? Check. :twilightsmile:

Characters that are in character? Check. :twilightsmile:

Near-flawless grammar and punctuation? Check. :twilightsmile:

Master of the Mystic Arts meeting with magical pony world? Check. :twilightsmile:

Chapter 2 and the rest of the story uploaded for the fandom to enjoy? Uncheck. :twilightangry2:

In all seriousness though, this is actually a really good start. I honestly look forward to the rest of this. It's quite brilliant. It may be too early to say this, but it definitely looks like this story is going to avoid all the cliches that come with a HIE story. So good job :yay:

Looking forward to the rest :scootangel:

Thank you so much!
I did my best, and honestly, I never thought my story could've gained so much attention in just a few days of its release :twilightoops:
Once again, I'm glad you took the time to read this!
More coming soon! :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

A very interesting read. The writing style threw me off for a couple minutes but when I got used to it I found myself highly enjoying it. When I first heard Wong mention a friend, I really thought he was talking about Celestia. Color me intrigued. I eagerly await the next chapter.

keeping a close eye on this one, been a while since a new fic with great potential came out.

Same. I was actually hoping for it. Although, in retrospect, it makes sense thematically. The mystic arts that Dr. Strange and Wong practice is uncommon and not widely known in the MCU. Likewise, Zecora's practices in potion making and the like are not common in Equestria or widely known as well.

TL;DR It makes sense that Wong is friends with Zecora since they're both practitioners of areas of study that are considered extremely obscure in their respective worlds/countries.

The chapter name is exactly where I put your story. Awaiting more words before I start to read.

Fancy custom-made title and chapter name, big picture...

I have a good feeling about this. :pinkiesmile:

Strange merely shrugged and took another bite, a crunching sound emanating. "Don't blame me. Blame the taste. Also, I was told some people went here right after the alien invasion here at New York." He elaborated, walking up to Wong's side. "Particularly, a group of people who looked like they've been through hell and back. And if I were to guess on why you're here..." Stephen gazed down at the table for a moment where he was supposed to return to, assuming the idea that his friend already knew what he was up to. "It has something to do with all of these , doesn't it?" Looking to his side, it was apparent that Wong stared back at him with that kind of face again.

"Does the Ghost Rider count?" Strange questioned, not taking his eyes off of the notebook. "You know, the 'Spirit of Vengeance' ?" With an air that spoke of silence, he turned to Wong, whose gaze lingered on the books laid on the table. Strange analyzed his expression; a frown with some stages of puzzlement and curiosity, but there was something else.

Hey, I recognize him from Agents of Shield!

"From what I could remember, her world teems with magic."

Equestria! Here we come!

"Zecora, huh?", Strange whispered, quoting the name Wong told him and flipping the next page to begin his spiritual study. "Exotic. Sounds like a name that belongs to a shaman or something."

Quite right. Anyway, wasn't expecting Zecora, I was thinking more along the lines of Celestia.

Overall, quite generous with the italics and indirect referencing. While that might have bothered me a bit, I'm definitely going to keep reading: I live for crossovers. :pinkiehappy:

I think Dr. Strange would get along well with Starlight.

Theres actually a very good fic that places Starlight in the role of Dr. Strange. Just with a damaged horn instead of hands.

Correct. :moustache:
Both of them (Zecora & the Masters of the Mystic Arts) are pretty much isolated from the outside world, tending to their own in secret and I kind of went on in that direction.

I don't know why everyone expected Sun-butt in the first place. :trollestia:

But she will be making an appearance, of course :twilightsmile:

I think we expected her because Wong is a practitioner of the mystic arts and Celestia is considered the most important practitioner of magic in Equestria. Also, because it would be the Sorcerer Supreme meeting the Princess of the Sun.

Last I checked, fimfiction policy is to only allow stories that have My Little Pony content. Right now you just have a single name which might not be enough to meet that requirement. Just FYI Jay Vez if this gets unpublished you may have to write some My Little Pony content to get it published again.

You did make the featured box and nothing happened though (congrats for that by the way).

I love crossovers and you definitely know how to put good title page dressings on this one. A little early to know how good the story will be but I'm hopeful. Looking forward to more! :)

Ohhh this is going to be good! Really has that marvel humor in it too that I love so much haha. Definitely not the first story that Ive read that had no mention of magical horses other then a name drop.

Honestly the policy can be a bit lax everyone knows what site this is so no one should be worried that there wont be magical horses in it. Ill fave follow and like, cant wait for more.


Actually that is most refreshing to hear! From the show we see Zacora actually do magic despite her having no horn, others may have written this off as a sleight of hand though.

Mystic arts is what I consider to be a force that lies beyond yourself that can be grasped should you see within. Contradictory in the extreme sure but I say with clarity that its absolutely possible after all youre a soul driving a vehicle made of space dust.

Twilight, Celestia and the others may be gifted in general magic but its clear that mundane magic is not mystic arts, the strength of ones magic does not change that perspective.

Everyday magic users in equestria are akin to painters or other artists that has had a few years at their profession while a master of the mystic arts would be akin to a Leonardo or a vhan ghoph (?) The magic they use be it telekineses, teleportation ect is only scratching the very surface.


I like the idea of Celestia being ignorant to forces outside her understanding. She isn't all knowing, nor all seeing. She isn't a goddess in any way shape or form. Shes just a very important individual with a very important job IE moving the sun. I can easily see the reason for Celestia's near immortality being her linked to the sun itself rather the cause being goddesshood. Hence why Twilight and Cadence will simply age normally despite them being alicorns themselves.

Hopefully, I can finish the next chapter before it comes to that point. :twilightoops:

Also, thank you :pinkiehappy:

Good luck, Zecora may be the obvious character to make a link between the two worlds but I don't envy you having to write her rhymes.

Well, this is off to a very interesting start.

I am so looking forward to reading more.

I’ve been trying to find a good human going to Equestria fanfic but couldn’t find a any, until I saw this. This story is pure genius and I can’t wait until the next chapeter.

Btw, can you tell us how many months it will take until the next chapter is done?

Hopefully, I can finish it this weekend or next week before my finals take over my schedule.

Fear me, for I am Banister Pampersnatch!!

You've got a real issue with awkward language and word choice, as well as a tendency to slip between tenses. I like the premise (it's nice to see somebody else writing in the MCU), but I think you should seriously consider getting an editor

This is an interesting premise, but your wording is awkward in many places, and you keep mixing up past and present tense.

If you’d like, I would be happy to edit this and future chapters for you. I think you could have something great here, but it’s going to take some work.

Wait, this hasn't been updated or anything, but it's somehow on the featured list. What? :rainbowhuh:

P.S. No rush, but hoping for an update.

I accidentally pressed the 'Publish' button when I was working on the next chapter.
Sorry for that :twilightblush:


Oh, okay.

Still, (assumedly) just a few minutes of an uncompleted chapter being posted and it's on the featured list. :twilightoops:

P.S. No need to be sorry. :twilightsmile:

Mistakes happen, no need to rush and take your time, or use the time stone to have all the time in the world (Just careful with the loops in time or meeting your parents in their youth)

Soo, did you hit publish again by accident, cause I just got another update notification, but see no new chapter.

Finger slipped again, woops.
That's because I'm using my phone to use this site, so I'm kind of an idiot for misleading you again.


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