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Stranger Than Reality - Beholder

Something steps foot in Equestria; a being whose vast knowledge over the Mystic Arts might just prove that he is a sorcerer unlike any other.

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With careful strides accompanying his footsteps, Wong moved through the New York Sanctum with grace. Another day has dawned and as typical mornings would go, this was no different. If anything, his morning routine would go about from having a bite to eat from the streets of Nepal back where Kamar-Taj is, to attending his duties if there is any that might be of importance, then proceeding to the library for reading sessions, or if he'd be willing, he would call him for training. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen at the moment and Wong wondered where the Doctor went off to this morning.

Passing through the Rotunda of Gateways, Wong walked down the long corridor that led to the main foyer straight ahead; the sun's rays beaming through the windows. To see the halls and the rooms in a well-ordered manner once again was an appealing sight; no overturned furniture, no misplaced artifacts (no broken ones, fortunately), and no Zealot corpse lying around. After the Zealots obliterated one of the sanctums, they set their eyes next on New York. Had it not been for him who defended it would they have succeeded and managing to hold out on his own against three was of high esteem.

Truly has he come a long way.

Upon reaching the staircase that led to the bottom floor, he didn't know if it was luck, fate or coincidence that brought him to see a familiar figure heading towards the exit down below. There he was, coming from the room where the three Sanctums connected to the three great cities where each ancient structure stood in ever hopes of shielding Earth.

“Stephen,” Wong greeted his fellow friend—a strange one for that matter—from above, seeing him look his way.

Ever since his arrival to Kamar-Taj that day to seek help from an injury, Wong could still remember that awkward and pitiful attempt to humor him. Months went by and the impression he left on him was shocking, considering how quickly he advanced through his learning in the Mystic Arts in such a short amount of time and proceeding to wear and use the Eye afterward to save Earth.

“Morning, Wong." The man nodded slightly, a thin smile on his lips as he said so.

"Where are you headed, Strange?", Wong asked, eyeing the casual outfit; a plain gray shirt with a long black cardigan over it, a pair of black jeans, and the footwear he wasn't completely aware of as he has seen people wearing them nowadays, but never got to know the merchandise itself...

'Nike' was it? Maybe.

"Outside, where the food is," Strange replied. For a moment, he glanced at the doorway, pursing his lips before he looked back up at Wong and continued. "Say, you ever tried ice cream before? There's a shop nearby that sells some and I heard they just introduced a new flavor. Wanna check it out? My treat."

Oh, it was tempting. Very tempting. Then again, it'd be rude to decline the offer especially when food was involved in the question, and this was a great opportunity to taste something new since the only delicacies he ever tasted were those from Nepal; dumplings, hot noodle soups, rice dishes, and more from what South Asia could offer. Time went on, the tastes grew on him and today was a nice change of pace.

"Of course." Wong nodded in confirmation as he began his steady descent down the stairs to the bottom floor, with Strange slowly approaching him.

"Just so you know, Wong." He heard him say. "You'll be paying for dinner this time."

Wong almost chuckled at that. "Sounds fair." Once on ground level, both of them started walking towards the exit ahead with him on Strange's right. "Slept well?"

"Like most nights, yeah", Strange replied, briefly glancing to his side before setting his attention at front. "Let me guess, last night on the playlist was 'Single Ladies'?" As he continued to walk towards the exit, he didn't notice that Wong ceased in his steps. Strange looked behind to see a frowning librarian glaring at him, pausing in his steps as well. Whenever he brings that up, it always seems to annoy him for some reason. "No? How about 'Irreplaceable'?"




Still nothing.

"Come on, Wong. Lighten up." Strange said, hoping to assure the unamused librarian devoid of emotion. "Honestly, if you like her that much, then there's no shame in hiding that you're a personal fan of hers. It's not like I'm gonna tell the whole Multiverse about it."

"The fact that you keep referring me to her irritates me whenever you bring that subject up," Wong told him bluntly.

Strange mumbled a 'sorry' under his breath, his gaze on the wooden floor. Admittingly, the people he worked with in his past life would do the same thing from time to time and the 'Mister Doctor' from weeks before was one of the many names he heard. That got him riled up as it proved his lack of judgment. The seconds of silence—an awkward one in this case—passed as the two sorcerers stood there, waiting for something to happen. More specifically, someone to speak up.

Little did Strange know, Wong managed a small smile at the apology, knowing that he wouldn't get enough of his antics every now and then. Sure, he may be a pain at times but that made him more of an interesting and yet strange individual.

"Moving on..." He clapped both of his hands, seeing Strange shot up his head to look at him. "I believe you said something earlier about a new flavor." He reminded him, offering a smile with Stephen doing the same before resuming their short walk to the doors. "What is the name of this shop you speak of?"

Opening the door half-way outside where the streets are bustled by cars, where the city buzzed with lively activity and chatter from people, and where the sun shone and gleamed on another beautiful morning, Strange smiled at Wong.

"Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. You're gonna love it, but first things first..." Strange stepped outside, holding the door open for Wong before closing it and beginning their morning stroll on the sidewalk through the city. "Breakfast. You think you can hold that stomach in for dessert later?" From the corner of his eye, a grim expression looked his way, clearly his attempt of humor failed again. Chuckling lightly at that, Strange playfully nudged Wong's side.



Two hours passed by before the doors of the Sanctum opened once again, with a smile of satisfaction on Wong's lips. Two delicious hours of contentment well spent. Out of all the food—an American breakfast of eggs Benedict, sausages, and bacon and a few club sandwiches—the sweet dessert that Strange mentioned before was worth the wait. Once that taste melted in his mouth, the sensation was akin to a monk reaching enlightenment for the first time. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted. But as a master, Wong knows when enough is enough; and having consumed so many only in the morning was enough for his stomach, and he'll want to save some for later.

Reaching down in his pockets, Wong pulled out a crumpled bill, unfolding it as he gazed on the currency at hand. It took a few thoughtful moments to say what lingered in his head, for his mind recounted the sweet events hours earlier.

"I wonder if two hundred rupees would be enough for purchase," Wong said, before folding it and placing it back deep in his pockets.

On the other hand, Stephen told him that he had to go somewhere to acquire an order he bought online this morning. Though he didn't say what it was, Wong agreed to return to the Sanctum alone in case of any potential intrusion. Entering the main foyer, he already decided to head for the library for a reading session this time. In some days, both of them would engage in the routine for many hours to study the mysteries of the Mystic Arts, with Wong mentoring the Doctor. The days they sparred with one another applying the knowledge was just as crucial as keeping the cosmic dangers at bay.

With little effort, Wong pushed the doors that opened to the room where the Eye rested on the podium below the Earth-like model that hovered in the air above. Walking over to the side of the podium, he placed his hands on the surface and slid the two disks in a circular motion. In doing so, the lights flickered to life on the replica, along with a protective barrier that generated around the terrestrial planet. With the London Sanctum under repair, two shields were still intact and until the broken sanctum is restored to its original state, two would suffice for now. After a few moments, he slid the disks once more and the lights, including the shield, died down.

Five steps away from the library, the first thing Wong saw made him stop dead in his tracks; the sight of books sprawled across the table next to the Ancient One's private collection and the lamp that illuminated a proper lighting, along with the incense from the smoke that dissipated in the air caused him to raise his eyebrow in confusion. When he passed through here earlier, he swore that the books were in their respective categories. Approaching the cluster, he glanced down to see a few familiar books lying alongside others—like Cosmicam Visionem, Artium Tenebris (that really surprised him), an Astral Projection volume—that were opened to certain pages, but what drew his attention the most was the book in the center of it all:

=The Book of Cagliostro=

Seeing the ancient book detached from its own place astounded him and somewhat terrified him at the same time, as the last time he saw it out of place was when the curiosity of a certain friend nearly broke the space-time continuum. Ever since he saw the Infinity Stone at work in the hands of Strange, Wong called him out for being a fool at first, tampering the natural flow of time. But he soon came to realize that he was also gifted, born of a unique mind that only a few can attain; an avid reader who spent days and nights learning the mystic ways.

No wonder she chose him out of all the others.

Wong looked ahead to the entrance of the New York Sanctum before setting his attention back down, his eyes set on the notebook this time with a pen resting above it. Without doubt, there was an urge that he had trouble suppressing to take a peek of what the black, leather notebook held inside. Then again, Strange conjured a portal in the library to gain access to books he wasn't permitted to read yet.

Giving in to his unrelenting curiosity, he reluctantly picked up the notebook and opened it. Upon inspection, the first thing he noticed was the handwriting that—not to imply anything rude—looked as if a toddler came inside the library without notice and started scribbling nonsense. Wong knew for certain that it belonged to Strange and he couldn't blame him though; crippled hands like his would cause one to experience great difficulty, not being able to write or grasp something the same way ever again.

But he embraced it nonetheless, and so as embracing the mantle passed onto him.

Regardless of how the letters were written, Wong squinted his eyes and tried to make out the words, or at least, the first word above. Once he was able to decipher the strange writing, his heart skipped a beat. Another one did the moment he lowered his gaze to examine the word below, then further below. Questions began to race through his mind, those that needed answers.

Did it make sense? All the names scrawled on the paper and the books that were specifically chosen out of the many in the library? The Book of Cagliostro was what Wong could definitely understand, assuming that his friend is trying to comprehend the powers of the Eye. But what could possibly compel the Doctor to do something like this?

"Wong." A muffled voice startled him a moment as he looked behind to see Strange walking towards him, clutching in his right hand of what it seems to be a brown paper bag as he chewed a mouthful of something. "Didn't expect you to be here."

"You're quick," Wong remarked, placing the notebook down quickly as he turned to the Doctor.

"Yeah, thanks to this." Strange lifted his left hand to show a ring that rested in his index and middle finger. "Quite handy if you don't wanna walk two blocks just to get to a joint. Don't worry, I used one of the restrooms inside to get back here. Anyways..." Opening the small brown bag, Strange shuffled through its contents for a moment before pulling out a paper wrapper that seems to contain something. "Here."

Wong looked at what was being offered to him before reluctantly accepting it. His friend was being awfully generous today; that or the fact it was not Wong's turn to be the giving one this time. Carefully tearing off the wrapper, he analyzed the item inside...

"Didn't we just had this two days ago?" He asked, showing him a tortilla that was folded in a neatly fashion along with a combination of beef, vegetables, and sauces that decorated its insides.

Strange merely shrugged and took another bite, a crunching sound emanating. "Don't blame me. Blame the taste. Also, I was told some people went here right after the alien invasion here at New York." He elaborated, walking up to Wong's side. "Particularly, a group of people who looked like they've been through hell and back. And if I were to guess on why you're here..." Stephen gazed down at the table for a moment where he was supposed to return to, assuming the idea that his friend already knew what he was up to. "It has something to do with all of these, doesn't it?" Looking to his side, it was apparent that Wong stared back at him with that kind of face again.

A look that Strange undeniably knew all too well, for it meant that it was not the time for pop-star references. If Wong wanted to know the truth, then he deserves to know the truth. Keeping secrets is one of the many rules in the Mystic Arts that is strictly prohibited and it has served a bad history, ever since she was found to be drawing power from a dimension that fueled her immortal days.

But as you well know, sometimes one must break the rules in order to serve the greater good...

Those words echoed through Strange's mind, reminiscing the day of why she did it. She wouldn't have done it if she hadn't had any other choice in the first place. The very day he accused her of hiding the truth made him regret his actions in the latter, as he disregarded the responsibilities she carried on her shoulders and the sacrifices she made to serve for the betterment of humanity. How could he blame her like that? Just for a simple lie? Was he really that selfish, only wanting to go back to the stubborn man he once was, his over-inflated ego being the better of him?

Well, after a few words of wisdom before accepting her fate, Strange was glad to have both a friend and a mentor who opened his eyes to the infinite possibilities of helping people in a mystical way.

"And if I were to ask...", Wong's voice brought him back to the present, looking to the books then to Strange. "Where did you find them exactly?"

Recollecting his thoughts altogether, Strange decided it is now time for the truth to come out. Swallowing of what remained in his mouth, he placed the half-finished shwarma down and with a short inhale of his breath, a short exhale followed. "I found this one on the same bookshelf where the Astral Projection volumes are, on the lower section," Strange said, holding up the book—namely Cosmicam Visionem—in his right hand. "And this one...", He lifted the other book called Artium Tenebris in his left hand. "Right here in this room, along with the Book of Cagliostro."

"May I ask why such books are in your possession?"

Placing both of the books back on the table, Strange stumbled in his thoughts for a moment before finally giving in. "You remember what happened a couple of weeks ago, right?" Glancing at Wong, he saw him ponder for a moment before nodding as he continued. "Then you know that they aren't the only ones out there." Stephen indicated, placing his fingers on his notebook. "Since we are mystical protectors, it is our job to look out for extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings that—


Three blinks of his eyes, a purse of his lips and finally an arch of his brow, Doctor Strange craned his neck slowly to the source of the sound. To his unsurprising observation, it belonged to Wong, who chewed the food given to him in a delicate manner while maintaining his gaze at him.

"What?" Was all that came out of the Wong's mouth, the sides of his cheeks bloated of meat and vegetables.

Clicking his tongue, Strange opened his mouth to say something but he chose to wave his hand dismissively. "You know what? Never mind. What I was saying is that our job is to look out for extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings that may pose a threat to Earth. Days after our issue against the Zealots, I made a list of candidates that fit in the category of 'dangerous'," He explained. "Using my astral form and a little bit of meditation, I was able to travel through some places of the Multiverse and Earth without leaving the Sanctum physically. Because if I did travel on foot, it would just be a pain in the ass."

Wong both chewed lightly and listened intently, hanging on to every word Strange said. Clearly, he was enthralled to hear more of the Doctor's intentions and actions, who kept elaborating further.

"First, I traveled through some realms of the Multiverse, both beyond and below. I said some because going through infinite worlds was like finding needles in an endless haystack. Then, I proceeded to Earth and ventured to places where strange beings of our world reside." Stephen halted in his words before quickly adding: "And I know, horrible joke. I'll let it slip this once." He pointed out. "If you really want to know how I managed to locate those individuals, take a look at Cosmicam Visionem."

"Yes," Wong said, before swallowing his food and deciding to give his bit of information. "I've read how the spell allows one to perceive things well beyond the normal senses of a human being. Through enhanced consciousness and focused meditation, it heightens the senses of an individual to a degree that he or she will be able to see things beneath reality and see things on a universal scale."

Strange nodded his head to the side. "It takes a significant toll on your mind too when used for an extensive period of time, so one would expect a major migraine after." He paused. "But don't worry, I'm getting used to it."

"If you plan to, I suggest you practice meditation every day, so your senses will retain focus in handling the sheer stress of performing such a spell overtime."


"Already on it." Strange confirmed, before shifting his gaze to the notebook that was opened for some reason. "I'm guessing you already saw what I've written down there, haven't you?"

Wong was silent, the munching noise slowly ceasing and only a slight nod following. Part of him felt guilty for poking about on things that aren't even his. Being the librarian of an ancient library meant that his fellow sorcerers would turn to him, asking for certain books to delve into the mystical knowledge; in this case, he should have known better to wait for Strange's consent than to snoop around someone's private things.

Seeing Wong affirm his action, Strange held the notebook and brought it near his face, an appropriate distance for his eyes to see. "Though, I can't imagine how your eyes managed to read through all of this," He muttered, his voice low. Though, it was still loud enough for Wong to hear it, a sympathetic look forming. "There's a few you might recognize, like the Chitauri that invaded New York years ago and let's not forget that Asgardian who brought them here in the first place..."

"Loki," Wong muttered, his tone growing cold at the mention of the name.

"Mhmm. Honestly, Thor really needs to keep a close eye on him next time." Using his index finger, Strange traced the names further below. "What else we got? Beings like Galactus, Mephistopheles, Blackheart, Shuma Garoth..."

Strange went on with his words, all the while Wong focused his attention somewhere else as the voice of the Doctor was merely an echo that went through one ear and out through the other. Few moments after, a voice spoke up but he paid no heed.

"Does the Ghost Rider count?" Strange questioned, not taking his eyes off of the notebook. "You know, the 'Spirit of Vengeance'?" With an air that spoke of silence, he turned to Wong, whose gaze lingered on the books laid on the table. Strange analyzed his expression; a frown with some stages of puzzlement and curiosity, but there was something else.

As if the librarian had seen this in the past.

"Look...", Strange said, but it fell on deaf ears. "If you're worried about the books, I'm sorry I kept this a secret from you for a while now. I don't know why though, but I'll be sure to ask next time when—

"She was just like you before," Wong finally said, cutting Strange off.

Did he hear that right?

"Years before you came to Kamar-Taj..." Wong began, setting his unfinished snack on the table next to the Book of Cagliostro. "The Ancient One would travel beyond the veil of the stars, seeking the mysteries of what lies deep within the infinite Multiverse; worlds beyond our comprehension. The Sorcerer Supremes before her would do the same, even Agamotto himself ventured through the far reaches of the unknown after discovering how to draw dimensional powers. However..." Wong paused momentarily before continuing. "Some dimensions hold a power too dark and dangerous if used and it may bring about destruction, so Agamotto took it upon himself to know which of the many dimensions were safe to channel energy from."

Both of the sorcerers went silent after that. After returning to the Hong Kong Sanctum that night, Wong reunited with his fellow sorcerers along with Strange, who succeeded in saving Earth from being nearly consumed. Not long after, Strange broke down the news of what happened prior, including the loss of the Ancient One. Horrified, shocked, shaken, appalled. None of those words seemed appropriate enough to describe how Wong and the Masters felt as they mourned the death of their mentor.

Even after hearing of her transgressions, it did not matter. They understood the severity of her burden as Strange explained her intentions thereafter. Then, there was news of another sorcerer who left the Mystic Arts for good after being further disillusioned by the liberal actions used by their teacher. The Masters, including Wong, decided it was best to let their delusional colleague go, knowing he made his final choice.

With the growing silence becoming more and more uneasy, Wong continued on with his tale. "Once Agamotto distinguished what kind of magic was safe to use, he so formed the Masters of the Mystic Arts as you already know. In this present time, the Ancient One became the Sorcerer Supreme and she began her journey across uncharted worlds, continuing the responsibilities of those before her. When she had time, she would share some stories of her travels; stories of which were hard to believe at first, but we've come to accept that it is the Multiverse. She would even insist on letting us travel with her at some ti—

"Hold up." Wong ceased, hearing Strange spoke up as he raised his hand; the tone of his voice sounded unconvinced, in which Wong couldn't deny, and he couldn't deny the Doctor's bewildered expression that looked his way. "You've been to other worlds before?"

Wong meekly nodded and continued. "On some occasions, yes. She herself would take us to worlds she had already visited, but we only made limited contact because we want our presence to be a mystery as we do not want to expose the Mystic Arts, even its secrets to just anyone we encounter."

Strange was told about that at one point during his stay at Kamar-Taj; how the Mystic Arts aren't just something to be taught freely. Those who wish to learn must first swear an oath to never share its knowledge to the outside world as much as possible, for it may lead to the desire of such power from people who want to use it for their own ideals and intentions.

"So, you just shake hands, talk and take off? Just like that?"

"Yes, because the last thing we want is another student who will use the Mystic knowledge to become the very threat themselves. The Multiverse itself is already a burden in our part and it would be wise to not add more problems to our own. Like I explained before, our role as guardians of the Earth Plane is to safeguard our planet from mystical threats." Uttering the last two words, he remembered, for how could he not? Craning his neck to stare at the notebook, the memory was plain as day and as dark as that dimension.

"Like Dormammu."

That word; that name made Stephen uncomfortable as he glanced at his shivering palm. After facing the Conquerer for god knows how long, some nights were difficult for him. Time and time again, it plagued his mind with a pain that no one could ever or will ever know and understand, for even a doctor as such as himself couldn't find a cure from such agony. With a heavy sigh and a shake of his head, Strange returned his attention at the subject in hopes of forgetting the dreadful memories.

"So, let me get this straight." Strange raised his shivering hand and placed his fingers on his forehead, trying to digest every information Wong said. "While I was busy tending to a broken spine injury, you and the other sorcerers went on a dimensional field trip with her across space and time." With an incredulous expression, he slowly turned his head to meet Wong's gaze. "Does that sound about right?" Furrowing his eyebrows at him, a simple nod was enough for an answer.

"And you didn't tell me this before because?"

"There was no need for you to know. You were still under training at the time. Besides...", Wong said, taking hold of his food and looking at Strange with an amused smile when he recalled a certain memory. "I just heard you managed to conjure your first portal back to Kamar-Taj before you nearly froze to death. The Ancient One's methods are quite 'motivating', don't you think?"


Strange couldn't tell if Wong was just asking or just sarcastic when he mentioned that. Both could be plausible and considering how his ass was dragged all the way to Everest just to surrender, that was by far the most inspiring experience—minus the whole 'having nearly a frostbite' affair—he ever went through per se.

After a few silent moments, Doctor Strange faced Wong again.

Wong did the same, his stone-faced expression gazing back at him.

"Do you think I'm ready?"

There it was. Those five simple words rang through Wong's ears, causing him to enter in deep thought and to look at the books before him. To be frank, he himself wasn't sure how to respond to that. If the Ancient One was still here with them, she'll be the one to decide if the great Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange was truly ready to take up such a responsibility. But with her unfortunate passing and with him being his closest friend, Wong will get the final say this time.

Remembering everything that has happened in Kamar-Taj up until this moment has reminded Wong that Strange is one of those rare people of the outside world who has the potential to be greater than who they were before. Leaving his old life to become a devoted member of the Master of Mystic Arts was something Wong was secretly proud of. The fact that he didn't become a rogue sorcerer was proof enough that Strange was indeed a doctor, living up to his title to help the lives of millions.


With a few steady breaths, Wong turned to Stephen, a determined look in his eyes and a firm decision in his mind.

"We head out tomorrow, first thing in the morning. I will let Master Minoru know of our departure later, so she and the other masters will be able to take care of the Sanctum during our absence," Wong finally said. "The Time Stone also stays in here for safekeeping to keep others in her world from knowing of its existence."

"Noted." Strange nodded strongly, approving Wong's idea about keeping the Eye safe at all costs. Better play it safe. If it falls to the wrong hands, then they have failed to keep the sacred oath to protect it. After agreeing, something in those words seemed to have made Strange put up a cynical look. "Wait, whose her?"

"An old friend," Wong simply told him. "She...", He paused, pondering for a moment before continuing. "May not be what you expect at first glance, but do keep your composure in check."

"Right." Stephen slowly nodded, his doubtful tone clearly present for Wong to hear. "And where are we going exactly?"

"From what I could remember, her world teems with magic."





"Close, but no. From what I've been told, the magic in their world is what sustains and fuels all life including their own. It's the very foundation of why their world even existed from the start." Wong recited, recalling those words. "Creatures from her world can perform feats of magic as they are capable of casting spells just like us. At least, that's what I've been told."

Creatures capable of conjuring spells? The idea fascinated Strange immediately. Maybe this world that Wong speaks of may be the ones of many in the Multiverse where they were harnessing energy from? A possible theory. Questions started to form in Strange's mind, but he will have to save them when he meets this friend of Wong's from this unknown world.

"Alright, you got my attention." Stephen admitted. "At first, I thought you have a friend that works in Disneyland. If you wanted to plan a vacation after all, I'm down for it. Anyways, what kind of creatures are we talking about here?", He asked. "Spirits? Entities? Animals?"

"You'll find out soon," Wong stated, a small smile appearing.

"That doesn't convincing at all." Stephen commented.

"Now." The tone in Wong's voice changed into a deeper one, as he grabbed the book and lifted it close to the side of his face; the book he wanted to question Strange about earlier but never got the chance. "Mind explaining to me why on Earth is a 'Dark Arts' volume in your hands?"

Night befalls on the vast sky, the moon illuminating its light through the windows, giving off a calm feeling in the air. Stephen Strange, in his sleeping attire, stared outside the glass to the stars above, reminiscing of what happened today before it was time to hit the hay and prepare for the journey the next morning. After Wong reprimanded him for borrowing a book without his approval, they proceeded to their training thereafter. Then, lunch was the agenda after a tiring session between the two. Following their hearty meal, the rest of the afternoon was spent on a daily reading session, studying different kinds of spells that Strange has yet to learn, performing them on the training grounds every now and then.

After a few hours, the sun sets on another day; no threats, no invasion, no inter-dimensional entity hovering in the atmosphere. Just a little field trip tomorrow to another dimension. Before Strange decided to finish his studies, he asked Wong the name of his mystery friend. If he was going, he needed a little bit of information at least, like a name of sorts. Honestly, Strange was still surprised that Wong actually made a friend and one that belongs outside of Earth's dimension.

Considering Wong's immovable and unflinching personality, Strange just nodded his head to the side before turning the lights off in the room and lied on the bed, needing the sleep for the journey that was about to come. Blinking a few times, he remembered the name Wong told him earlier and as the name was revealed, he did a double take to make sure he wasn't hearing things.

Sadly, his ears did not deceive him.

Tucking the blanket over him, Strange inhaled and closed his eyes before exhaling, entering his Astral Form. Every night, this habit has been proved to be very convenient when he wanted to study more of the books, much like the one book he borrowed before entering his room to call it a day. Hovering over to the table where the book laid, Strange took hold of it and pulled the book. With the transparent book in his hands, he sat in the air, crossed his legs, and flipped the cover.

The title read 'Artium Tenebris'.

"Zecora, huh?", Strange whispered, quoting the name Wong told him and flipping the next page, beginning his spiritual study. "Exotic. Sounds like a name that belongs to a shaman or something."

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