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Omnifaria – the Nation of Love. Synonymous with progress in bio-engineering, environment-friendly technologies, and industrialized love-production.

Omnifaria represents the promise that no changeling must ever go hungry, that every nymph will be allowed to reach their full potential. It is a utopia – and the most powerful nation on the planet.

All built on the ruins of the magical land of Equestria.

A Chrysalis-timeline story, 200 years later.

...You know, ponies have actually been romanticized as of late.”

A slice of life story making light of a darker setting. Effectively a continuation of FanOfMostEverything's "A Crazed Gleam", though reading it is not strictly required.

Dark tag for the juxtaposition of telling a story about friendly changelings in a setting predicated on the end of pony civilization and occasional "dark" world building elements, yet aiming for a "happy end".

Story is also available as a text-to-speech generated audio book. Cover art (c) myself.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 89 )

looks like a buffee to me

my oc's speacies eats changleings so a nation of them is like saying McDonalds has half off on big macs

I'm very excited to see this finally up and running. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Don't hesitate to ask for further prereading; I'll be happy to provide. :twilightsmile:

Don't mind if I do! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you again for helping out, and providing the inspiration for this in the first place. :twilightsmile:

Omnifaria doesn't usually do much with the wildlife, but Kindness comes in many shades. Or flavors, as the locals might put it.

That title doesn't fill me with confidence in this little story's accuracy :p

Cadence giggled. She was among family. She was happy.

She was practically radiating love.

Cadence never noticed the wavering outlines of two changelings standing off to the side.

Gentle Caring smiled sadly. “Thank you for showing me, my Queen.”

I wonder if Chrysalis showed her how the ponies lived before the war. If she showed them what actually happened to them - I don't buy the "they left" thing. Or is it explained in A Crazed Gleam? Either way, no being worthy of wielding the elements would ever be OK with exterminating an entire species, imprisoning their immortal rulers and the survivors to act like food dispensers.
There is no kindness there. No laughter, generosity or friendship either. Nor honesty in how it was done.
The only virtue is Loyalty to one's species. But then again, Gentle Caring doesn't seem to mind much, or if she does, well... could she wield Kindness against Nightmare Cadence if she knew she was no villain?

It is so STRANGE to see the changeling reincarnations of the Mane 6 interacting exactly like their pony counterparts.

and an impromptu game of shapeshift-hide-and-seek later, in which Boundless Cheer somehow managed to replace the table while it was still being cleaned,



I don't buy the "they left" thing

That is indeed a euphemism - she was still a nymph at the time, so her caretaker very decidedly didn't mention the "less than noble" details of how Omnifaria was founded. :twilightoops:

Either way, no being worthy of wielding the elements would ever be OK with exterminating an entire species, imprisoning their immortal rulers and the survivors to act like food dispensers.

Yes. Except that had happened 200 years before she was even born.

And of course that upsets her.

Would [n]ever be OK with [...] [treating] the survivors to act like food dispensers

This one will become more clear in an upcoming chapter.

I wonder if Chrysalis showed her how the ponies lived before the war.

She showed her that Cadence was happy now.

Is it right to live a false dream of happiness? Probably not. But she had become a Nightmare - rampaging and spreading fear. As sad as it is... It's still better than being turned to stone or banished to the moon, at least. :ajsleepy:

That doesn't mean it's the last we saw of her, though. :raritywink:

I'm liking the Bug Six that we're seeing here.

Interesting and I look forward to more.

Oh, that changelings names!

Yes I am sure they "build" "love factories"

So was the first part actually a nightmare or something that really happened?

I think the "Bug Six" may discover some, side effects from using the elements. Ones that might change everything.

Interesting. You made me wonder how would they react to knowing the Queen they thank for their love would be just as much of a target for their "Equestrian Artifacts" as the nightmarish pony princess was.

And now I'm oh so waiting for the new chapters, you tease! :rainbowwild:

This universe is f***** up. I LOVE IT! and hate it.. But mostly love it. yay! :D

7 different stories in 3 chapters

"What would it be like if Fluttershy was a changeling and a bio-engineer?"

This is a question I never realized I needed answering until now. :rainbowlaugh:

This is an interesting story. It pitches the changelings as the heroes, but even in this slice-of-life chapter, there's this sort of bittersweet feel underlying it all, suggesting that it's not all sunshine and daisies as it seems...probably because it's not. There's a shoe hanging around here somewhere, just waiting to drop...I can feel it... :rainbowdetermined2:

I am intrigued to see how this pans out. This becomes a study on something like “the ends justify the means.” If a utopia results from the obliteration of another species, it still took the obliteration of that species to accomplish...

Also, I was wondering if it was going to be a deformed Starlight Glimmer that was wreaking havoc. But this works too.

I remember reading a particularly interesting piece of science fiction where all technology had essentially become biological in nature. This is off to a nice start exploring the concept. As long as they don’t need to share their knowledge with Korrock...

Oh, and “Tripple-X Love” is all the lulz these days. :rainbowlaugh:

This has so much potential :rainbowkiss: ,continue please.:scootangel:
Still I can feel where this going to go :applecry:

This is really quite fascinating to read, especially after reading the story it was based on. Eagerly awaiting more :twilightsmile:

Funny story, but while I was reading through the summary, lines from a certain History of the Soviet Union popped into my head:

~The rule of the game
Is we all are the same:
A collective regime of peace and love~

*Alondro eyenarrows* Cherngelerngs... ermahgerd...*he, once again, prepares to summon Sigourney Weaver to take care of a bunch of disgusting monstrous parasitic giant bug monsters and their grotesque queen*


No. Changelings would NEVER be able to wield the Elements. That's just absurd.


Oh gosh! It's the Rainbow Factory all over again!

I'm going with the genetic code thing, even if they killed them all and chased away everything else!

That story was enraging with all of its lies, but then again, isn't that what OUR textbooks reflect? Whatever, I'm still mad!


Came from FOME's blog! Awesome!

Yeah, thought it was Glimmer as well.

Wonder where Discord is...

And if there's a rebellion of some kind, somewhere we haven't seen.


Thinking that this might happen again, given that it happened once already...

8982275 It's also fiction... which means you could manage to write a story where Hitler winning and exterminating the Jews is a good thing that brings world peace and Hitler becomes God Emperor and is beloved by the cosmos, if you felt like it.

You can shove anything into a story. It doesn't mean it makes any sense, though.


No, what happened in the first part was the reality. The second part is Cadance stuck right back in her happy little pod dream world.


Not-Fluttershy is AMAZING. Also, all this organic tech is so cool! A little creepy, but cool! And I guess this means instead of Spike, Thoughtful Curiosity's got a walking PDA? That's...yeah, basically what Spike was anyway.

I wonder if the Bug Six are the actual Mane 6 but 'rebirthed?' Wouldn't surprise me.

This story is FUN. Yes, there's the undercurrent of genocide and exploitation, but FUN.

i pray to every god (including the great big bug in the sky) that this is finished, it is great and i don't want it to be left unfinished

One of the things I'm most giddy about is waiting for the "happy ending" promised. Because right now, this story is distinctly utopian with a Soylent Green undertone. I cannot help but eagerly await what happens when the veil of lies is lifted and the changelings of this lovely utopian city learn the real source of their precious love, and what is being done to it to keep their city utopian.

Seriously. The only way this can end is genocide. either the ponies break free and extinct the changelings, or the changelings accept the processing of sentient life to fuel their parasitic nature.

Congratulations, you got featured and I am happy for you and want to read more.

This is ambitious and unique. I like it! Another! Please?

I feel like at this point, there's no way the Elements of Harmony could harm Chrysalis. They're sources of Harmony, which is not a pony-specific thing, so since killing/imprisoning Chrysalis would cause incredible disharmony at this point-- 200 years later-- the Elements can't do that. After all, imagine how disharmonious the Hivemind would be if their closest equivalent to a god died.

Yet at the same time, this entire society is a source of disharmony for the ponies.


Bug Six

Hah! Somehow, in all this time, that name did not occur to me. It's a perfect fit. :scootangel:


Oh, that changelings names!

The naming conventions are derived from FanOfMostEverything's "A Crazed Gleam".

Laevigata, by contrast, hails from a different corner of the land, hence the accent. :ajsmug:

I imagine "Kevin" is probably still a legible name in some regions also. :derpytongue2:


This universe is f***** up. I LOVE IT! and hate it.. But mostly love it. yay! :D

If there is a net-positive of love, then I have done my job well. :raritywink:

Especially if you consider that the setting originated from a horror story. :derpytongue2:

Thanking you. :raritywink:


Utility bugs! Yay! :twilightsmile:

Yay indeed. Yay, indeed. :ajsmug:

There's even some in the cover art, too. :raritywink:

8981869 8982121 8982275 8982443 8982970 8983220 8983313

Ah, I see......

The truth may be ... well, still horrifying, though perhaps in a different way than you might think. :rainbowderp:


Yes I am sure they "build" "love factories"

It's called "bio-engineering" for a reason; alternatively, you could say they "grow" the factories.


Oh gosh! It's the Rainbow Factory all over again!

Not... quite. :twilightsheepish:

Don't worry. It'll make more sense as time goes on. :twilightsmile:

Not exactly a good ending though, just one in which one side suffers. Then again.... 8983569 suggest that 'happy' might not include everyone.

What even is this story? Is this like, The Matrix if the machines started getting sympathetic towards the humans enslavement? That would be pretty cool actually. Someone should write that.

If this story holds as true to A Crazed Gleam (the story with the line that inspired it) as I think, then the ponies literally don't have free will, complex thought, or any other function besides loving, loving, and loving. The Nightmare that the Elements were used on last chapter killed a "factory", which is a building that houses genetically modified ponies that essentially are just blobs which feel love.

Said Nightmare still seemed to be fully functional though, if driven insane by the state of her people.

Congratulations on making the feature box, by the way. :)

I think that's more because she was born before Chrysalis took over. The only reason other ponies aren't like the Nightmare (and probably also Celestia except that Celestia didn't break out) is that normal ponies would have died of old age by now, 200 years have passed, after all.

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