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At one point of our life, we wonder what we wish to see at the end of our lives. Be it children, lovers, or family. All Twilight wishes to see is the sky one more time.

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Time paradox..
Mindfuck inbound, abandon the defences! :pinkiecrazy:

992855 your avatar explains how i feel right now...

'Sad' and based on Twilight...

*starts to click*



*scurries away*

993091 My mind is full of muffin, and I love it.

>My mind is full of muffin, and I love it.

I wonder what would happen if I swiped that and replaced it with cupcake. What then? What with a mind full of cupcake?

Would the world explode? :pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

993345 Sweet Apple Massacre anypony? :scootangel:

Great, now Cupcakes is in my head. Time to go kick puppies, and laugh at all the countries we used to own in the Olympics :moustache:

993345 whoawhoawhoa wait. Member of anti-conversion bureau and anti-EQD? Sir, I wish to bake cupcakes with you :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

this... this made me so sad...
why do i do this to myself? i knew i'd probably feel this way. why?!

That was so sad I have pain in my chest and feel sick.

Great time paradox. I'm sorry to say this but due to me reading tons of fanfics and being obsessed with plot (STORIES NOT THE OTHER KIND) I kind of knew that it was her the whole time.

It was really touching and depressing to read but done well.

Silver out!

992855 993006 993091 993109 993419 993571 993921
It is nice to know that this fic turned out alright.

On a completely unrelated note, i came up with this idea while eating a hamburger!

994130 You didn't even care enough to make it a CHEESEburger?! :twilightangry2::flutterrage:

LOSER!! ....Unless your lactose intolerant...in that case, I apologize greatly. :twilightsheepish:

Silver out!

I knew from the second I read the part about the old mare that she would turn out to be Twilight. That being said, this was still very sad and I enjoyed it.

Was sad but predictable. The moment you see her studying time travel you know whats going to happen. Still made me sniffle though. Not a bad story.

"What caught her attention was a bright glowing, a star being born. Its bright blue light shone above the cosmos."

A new star. A "neo" star was born.

Twilight gazed upon the Neostar in her last moments, and from the heavens I saluted her. She will be missed...

Neostar moves on to another fic where Twilight is young and happy again. :twilightsheepish:

circular logic
damnit why do I understand this

this fic was very well-written, and certainly lived up to its sad tag very well. truth be told, my mind keeps coming back to this fic all day, it refuses to let me go. i don't deal with sad fiction well, i have to keep chanting "it's only a story, it isn't real. it's only a story, it isn't real" just to stay sane. otherwise i get really depressed and it screws me up for days :twilightsheepish:

reading this reminded me of when i read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells for the first time (lol 'time'). in particular, that part where the Time Traveler goes extremely far into the future, to the point where the rotation of the Earth slows and finally stops, and the world is trapped in perpetual day, rendered barren and dry by the gigantic red, cold sun. it still gives me shivers.

excellent story, you certainly succeeded in making me think.

So it's a success, after all this is my first sadfic! It is also my second written fic. Truth be told, I wrote all of this from 10 pm untill 2 am. It took me 4 hours to write it correctly, then I got my freind on steam to help edit out the kinks in it. At one part I started to write in first person from Twilight's point of view. It bled out from the other fic im writing I guess. Then after editing for 30 minutes or so, I submitted it to fimfiction. It took about 20 hours for it to actually get accepted, but it was worth it seeing the positive feedback. I actually have another idea for a sadfic already bouncing along in my head. Thanks for the reading, and it's nice to know it inspired thought.

mhmm, glad to provide feedback.
damn sadfics, them and i have a strange love-hate relationship. on one side they can be, and often are, very thought-provoking and deep. on the other, they're fucking sad and make feel sick to my stomach with depression. 'Not My Destiny' would be a prime example.
the problem is empathy. when i read a fanfic (or any form of literature, really), my mind automatically tries to imagine how it would feel like to be in that character's shoes. and of course in sadfics, this line of thinking leads to sad thoughts.
it's horrible to imagine what it would be like to be Twilight Sparkle, isolated from all she ever knew and cared for, forced to live her life in a land devoid of love and life. and to think that she succeeded in returning to her time, just as her life gave out. absolutely magnifient story. great job, if i may say so. :twilightsmile:

Decent, for a second fic. The story raises a lot of questions, though. Why is there a better time travel spell than the one from It's About Time? What sort of skeletons are they? You don't specify the species. You also don't go into any detail as to what the refuge looks like. How does Twilight learn about quantum theory? How does anyone live to 133? And what the hell happened to the planet, anyways?

Aside from all the unanswered questions, you don't seem to know about the magic of the shift key. It's located on either side of the keyboard, very convenient for either pinky finger.

You clearly tried to write something sad and emotional, but fell just short of the goal. A rewrite may be in order.

3 out of 5. Not bad.

Yeah, they both suck. Totally.

I've gotten heat about my anti-EqD stance, and goodness knows I don't dislike the flesh-and-blood human beings who operate the site (and who are fine people that should not be flamed). But their website has horrible problems from the color schemes to the use of Blogger (which always has blown chunks) to the god-awful fan music and so on.

Well written, I enjoyed every word of it, this is totally a fave. Can't wait to read what you write next! :twilightsmile:

Very very good... sad but at least Twilight got to experience an entire other realm of science and learning.... right:pinkiecrazy:

oh who am I kidding :raritycry: TWILIGHT!!!!

Aw fuck man... just.... fuck... :fluttershysad:

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