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"I haven't seen a bigger waste of talent since Dan Marino." -Roselucky Seven


This story is a sequel to Putin Hacks Equestria

It's the meeting of the century as President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un discuss serious diplomatic issues in Singapore; the first meeting of the respective heads of state in history.

But, there's another, unexpected attendee at the summit! After all, you can't have a diplomatic summit without having a representative from your interdimensional neighbors, right?

A story from the same universe as Putin Hacks Equestria, Trump Bans Ponies From Entering the US, and Kim Jong-Un 'Conquers' Equestria.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 16 )

Well i hope when things go south Jong Un didn't nuke Singapore or else....

This was the best thing

Thank Faust that Staples supplied the buttons. Any chance of getting that done for realzies?

This is exactly, 100% how it would go.

Seriously!?😂😂 You had to come up with a story to match the trend!🤣🤣 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


This had to be your best political story since the Donald Trump one!!! 5/5 horseshoes!

lulu y?! what did us canucks ever do to you?! y would one of my pony waifus do such a thing?!

Hilarious... even if I am late.

Late indeed- you owe Celestia an apology hug!

I'll give her fifty apology hugs! I'll even give apology snuggles if I must! I'll even give apology snuggles to her sister... though, tbh, I'd give Luna snuggles for the heck of it... I've always wondered what it would be like to snuggle her after doing so in a dream... which also made me want a Christmas-themed Luna plushie.

the perfect blend of actual humour and political humour. i approve

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