• Published 14th Jun 2018
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Lies - ShadowedKnight68

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Jacob scrambled through town afraid to look back in case Applejack was there behind him, he didn't understand why she was so mad, what did he do?

He squeezed his eyes shut 'dammit! Why can't I catch a break? I didn't mean to chase a mess in town, I just wanted to see it but no I had to fuck it up, I was on good terms with Applejack too but I fucked that up! No she's furious at me because she thinks I wrecked her farm but I didn't!....I-I just want this nightmare to end!’ his thoughts stormed in his head, he couldn't understand why everything was turning bad for him.

Tears filled his eyes from his frustration and anger, he opened his and realized to late he should have been watching where he was going as he slammed straight into Rarity who was levitating a bunch of fabrics in the air. Both dairy and Jacob fell to the ground, the fabrics going all over no longer in nice folded stacks.

Rarity shook her head and levitated one if her head new silk fabrics off her head momentarily angry at the pony who had crashed into her before she spotted the long themself, Applejack laid on the ground with tears in her eyes, the mare looked a mess with her mane and tail uncombed and her hat lying in the dirt beside her. Looking the mare over Rarity's eyes landed in the future mark, a pair of green apples and with that rarity realized this was the Applejack clone named Jacob.

Jacob looked at rarity and once again squeezed his eyes closed 'DAMMIT!! I ran into Rarity! Of course I did!! Having one of the main six angry at me wasn't enough, oh no! I had to have two of them angry with me!!’ he sniffled bringing his legs up to cover his face, he didn't want anyone see him cry.

Rarity frowned looking at the poor mare, she looked so sad and was trying to hide herself away, she walked over to her and crouched down “darling...perhaps you'd like to come inside my boutique and wash up?...your coats covered in dirt, and maybe you could use some tea?”

Jacob mare sniffled and nodded from under his legs, he then stood up hanging his head as Rarity lead him to her boutique while levitating the fabrics behind them.

Jacob laid in a cushioned couch with a table sitting in front of him and a tea cup on it, he sniffled her tears now done but she still felt like crap, looking across the room he saw Rarity having some trouble cleaning the fabrics, he frowned harder and pushed his face into one of the pillows on the couch, he really hated himself right now for making so much trouble.

Rarity huffed having difficulty removing a certain smudge on one of her white fabrics, she'd need to ask Zecora later for some potion to get rid of it, looking back at her guest and frowned, the poor mare was pressing her muzzle into a pillow, Rarity knew the signs of a depressed mare since had acted the same when she couldn't figure out a design or a critic would mock her work, trotting over to the mare leaned her head down to her “darling please tell me what is bothering you…I know holding it in will not help you in the slightest, quite the opposite actually, my friends helped me figure that out many times...so please”.

Sniffling Jacob lifted his newly tear stained muzzle up frowning at Rarity sadly “I….I keep screwing things up….I ruined your fabrics….I should just vanish like the other clo-” he was cut off by Rarity suddenly hugging him tightly around the neck.

“Never say something like that….you are nothing like those clones and you do not deserve what happened to them to happen to you…” Rarity pulled away from the hug and looked at the sad mare who had read marks down her muzzle “and please don't worry about my fabrics, accidents happen and a simple stain isn't something you should be beating yourself up for it”

Jacob looked at her and then the pillow he had purchased his face into and saw wet marks on it “but...I keep messing up….”

“We all make mistakes darling, now how about we get you cleaned up and then you and I can talk some more?” Rarity asked with a smile.

“Yeah...ok” he nodded.

She smiled and walked out of the room for a bit before returning with a wet rag, but she hadn't seen a empty fabric roll on the floor causing her to trip and fall on it “oof!”

Jacob had seen the whole display and suddenly snickered, he quickly covered his mount looking shocked “o-oh I'm sorry! I didn't mean to laugh!”

“No no it's quite alright, I should have been watching where I was going” she brushed her main out of her face and walked over to Jacob “I imagine it probably was quite amusing to watch” she chuckled slightly.

Jacob could tell that her chuckle was forced and frowned.

Rarity quickly cleaned Jacobs face with the rag and levitated a comb over brushing her mane and tail, Jacob now looked nice and clean, she smiled “there, now let's talk, you were in such a rush earlier why is that?” She asked sitting in a chair by the couch.

“Well….I...Applejack woke me up this morning and she was really mad….” He sighed.

“What? Why was she mad?” Rarity asked curiously.

Jacob hung his head frowning, he knew Rarity was gonna be mad at him too once he told her why, although she did seem pretty caring and understanding so far, maybe it wouldn't be so bad? Taking a deep breath he spoke “she was mad because I….because she didn't want somepony who looked like she staying on the farm anymore, she was tired of helping me and kicked me out….”

“What??” Rarity was shocked, how could Applejack do that? She wanted to believe it wasn't true but Jacob had been crying when she ran into her, she was so upset that it couldn't be a lie, and that fact made Rarity furious, how could her formed do something like that to this poor mare. She huffed standing up “please stay here, I am going to give Applejack a piece of my mind and get this straightened out” she marched out.

Jacob watched her leave but had a shocked expression, he didn't mean to say what he told her, the words just spilled out of his mouth “that's exactly what I meant to say...wait what?? N-no it's not!I didn't mean to say that either!” He was scared now, his words kept getting reversed.

Rarity trotted down the dirt road Sweet Apple Acres up ahead, what Jacob said kept playing through her mind, she might have overreacted when she told her, she planned to get the sorry straight by flaming with Applejack, she was sure it was probably a misunderstanding, she entered the farm and spotted Applejack bucking trees making the apples fall into buckets.

Walking up to her Rarity smiled “hello Applejack, I ran into Jacob earlier he she had s-”

“Ah don't wanna talk about her!” Applejack growled as she bucked another tree.

Rarity was surprised by the immediate hostility “but she was very upset and I just wanted to know wh-”.

“Look Rarity I'm really busy with this big order from Filthy Rich, so unless you wanted to help, please let me work” Applejack huffed walking to neither tree.

Rarity glared at her “well fine then, I see I mistaken in trusting my friend…” she marched off, she should have just beloved poor Jacob, the mare should have stayed with a kinder pony rather then Applejack.

Jacob was pacing “I-I've always been a pony….I always tell the truth….I don't need help…” he clenched her teeth, he couldn't get the truth out no matter how hard he tried, it kept twisting around and coming out as a lie, he needed help, maybe he could still write the truth? Yes that had to work, he rushed off looking for paper and something to write with.

“lying to a pony who tried to help you how cruel, but of course you did, it's in your nature to lie” a voice all to familiar to Jacob said from behind.

Jacob turned around quickly before freezing at what he saw dropping the pencil he had found, floating in front of him was a ghost like version of the Twilight clone “what? How?? Your dead! I saw the Tree of Harmony turn you back to wood!”

“Your mind is so simple it pains me” the twilight clone groaned “the Tree of Harmony didn't turn me to wood, it took my magical spirit out of the wood returning it back to its original state” she explained with a glare “meanwhile i was left without a body, I couldn't return to the wood for the tree had already drained the magic from it, luckily there was one remaining body that was just welcoming souls in” she smirked.

Jacobs eyes went wide “m-me?”

“Bravo you figured it out” she floated closer “you see the body you inhabit is missing it's magical soul, yours took its place but it left it open allowing me to easily move in, though I can't take ownership of the idea since I wasn't the only one to have it” she looked behind him smiling darkly.

Jacob slowly turned around and his blood turned ice cold, behind him was the rest of the mean five clones “no...your all in me??”

“Yes, but don't worry we'll be kicking you out soon” the Twilight clone smirked.

“What will happen to me then??” He asked panically.

“you’ll vanish, your soul will have no body to hold it and it will slowly crumble apart until your gone” she laughed maniacally and was followed by the other girls.

Jacob ran for the door but his legs suddenly stopped moving, he looked down at them panically trying to move them.

“aw can't move?” The Fluttershy clone said sarcastically as she floated over, she then bent her legs in making Jacobs do the same and it sent him face first into the floor.

“Nngh...I hate you most out of all them” he growled through his teeth.

The Fluttershy clone laughed evilly.

Jacob tried to move his legs but they wouldn't respond “dammit what's going on?!”

The Twilight clone floated over “Oh you see now that we've gained more power from residing in your body we've started to gain more control of it...hehe soon you'll be nothing but a passenger to us” she chuckled circling him.

“Wait...soon? That means I still have time to fix this!” he smirked.

“Hehe you really think you can free yourself from us? Do you have a grand plan? Oh don't tell me you're gonna beat us with the power of friendship?” The twilight done chuckled and the others did as well.

“No I'm gonna magic you the fuck out of my body” he growled and used his back legs to buck him forward, the mean five all looked shocked as he flew through the air and into the window shattering it, he crashed to the ground but rolled into his hooves, he needed to get to twilight she could get them out, she began racing down the street.

Blading behind him he didn't see the clones ghosts following and smirked “hehe got away, bet they weren't exp-” his legs started locking up and he slowed done to a stop, he felt his muscles tightening, his green eyes suddenly turning redish purple and a smirk came across her face.

“Well well not very clever now are you” Clone twilight's voice came out of Jacobs mouth and she walked over to a building looking at her reflecting in the window and sneered “ugh...I wish you had been put into the Rarity clones body, I would at least then have a horn, instead I'm stuck with this pathetic earth ponies body…”

Her head jerked and her eyes turned dark blue “if you don't wanna be an earth pony then fine!” Pinkie clones voice came out of the body now.

Her head jerked again eyes turning blue “both of you shut up! I need to find that other wimpy Fluttershy, hehe can't wait to see her scared” the Fluttershy clones voice spoke.

Her head jerked once more and her eyes turning violet, she huffed looking bored “I need to find a cloud….” Clone Dash spoke.

Her head jerked and her eyes turned purple, she looked around frantic before grabbing a rock “this is mine!” Clone Rarity yelled.

Her head jerked and her eyes turned back to the radish purple “all of you be quiet...if we all want to remain alive then we'll need to destroy that pathetic main six, and now with all of us in a single body the Tree of Harmony will have to obey us, since Jacob wasn't forced out of his body when we first tried that means it didn't view him as a threat, and now that we're with him neither will we!” the twilight clone laughed maniacally and her voice shifted between the others, she then ran off towards the tree smiling.

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