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Friends don’t have to be the same, they just have to be there for one another.

Scootaloo makes a friend with somepony she had never considered before.

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So I take it this is a world where Scootaloo never interacted with Fluttershy before?

While Scootaloo has always been close to the Mane 6, she gravitates almost exclusively towards Rainbow Dash whom she idolises. Of course she has interacted with all of the Mane 6, especially the CMCs older sisters, but other than for foalsitting in S1 E17 'Stare Master' she hasn't really been sufficiently close to Fluttershy for them to find out about each other.
What I was hoping to draw out in this short story is that sometimes the values that make good friends can remain hidden by not taking time getting to know each other, and in this case they each made a friend. Happy ending 😊

Very few slices of life bring Fluttershy and Scootaloo together, and do a good job of it.

I'm adding this fic to my special list.
Very good one-shot.

Thank you for your kind words and for adding it to your favorites!
I really enjoyed writing this short story and am so pleased you like it too.


What episode is the cover art from?

It's not an episode but a collage of separate images.

All these fics where Scootaloo can't fly and she ends up seeking help from Rainbow and/or Twilight...I'm glad to see a fic where she went to RIGHT person for once. If anyone can understand flight problems, it's Flutters. She was a terrible flyer and understands what it's like to get made fun of for flying.

Thanks - I'm glad you like the twist.
Rainbow's a great flier, but she can be just a little bit too pushy. Like you say, Fluttershy's a much more empathetic teacher because she's had to overcome adversity herself.

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