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... I had no idea how long I was out, but a quick glance at the huge lock on the nightstand to my left told me I had been for a little over half an hour ...

Is it supposed to say "clock"?

Wow, I totally missed that one, thank you!

Nice story

if only this was a normal story but of course i had to be wrong, again, with the " David and the Cyclopes" fetish ehh, well whatever clicks your gears i guess

yeah it could be a gorefest...

As much as I enjoyed this story, it didn't really have that reread value that your other stories had. Maybe it's because I see Twilight and Spike more as siblings than lovers, but I can respect you for taking a somewhat new angle on this type of story.

A story with no gore huge dicked mares and still a girnatess story with fluffy romance and sex....... WHY THE HELL ARE THESE SO HARD TO GET A HOLD OF? I swear they are like a needle in a haystack The one thing I love a shit tone. But serisoly man make more the only thing in less then this is a steamy romance fic between a really an amazon and a normal guy shtick that dose not go down the rape and pegging route

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