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Everypony has something they wish that they could take back. A harsh word, a mistaken phrase, things of that nature.

For somepony as ancient as Celestia, there is one such event she can never take back. Nor does she wish to. Even though it meant being limited to what she could do to continue to safeguard her little ponies.

The cost was just too great.

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Short but interesting.

Maybe a bit lacking in the "sealing her powers" part since we dont know if its permamnet (would be stupid) or just as long as Luna keep it up (dangerous for Equestria considering everything) and so shortly after a justified use of her powers was needed. Maybe Luna should have been more reasonable and given Celestia some time to rethink it.

Excellent. I've read a number of stories examining why Celestia has not been shown as the immensely powerful sun goddess that had been implied at the beginning of the series.

I like this idea of her realizing the danger to her own soul and deliberately limiting herself. Faust knows we've been shown often enough how unchecked power can have tragic consequences, and I respect her all the more for her decision. And in practical terms, the main character of the show is Twilight, of course, and she needed room to stretch out and grow without a Deus ex Ponica able to clear all obstacles out of the way.

I really appreciate that this story shows both sides to Celestia’s actions, leaving the reader to wonder if she was really in the right both on the vaporizing and on the magic sealing. It gave me vibes of how, even today, something like the nuclear bomb is still widely disputed, depending on whose side you’re on (not to get into the further politics of it, but rather to make a point). And then I got this whole image of Celestia being a nuke in and of herself, and I actually really like that idea. Choosing to disarm yourself for your country and all.

This story really made me think. Good work.

An odd sacrifice. I imagined Celestia, in all her advanced wisdom, would know what it means to have self-control, to keep her power in check, unlike Luna. In this universe there are almost certainly creatures far more tenacious than these Cerithin. Who's to say they won't just return with a larger force?

Regardless, a good story. Some good imagery with just the right amount of detail.

Was this just republished? I could've sworn I saw this posted a day or two ago with the exact same picture and description.

No. I think there may be a similar one floating around somewhere though. Cover art gets recycled a lot.

8971993 As for the A-bomb use in WWII, study the actual history of it. There was no other choice but open invasion, or allow the Soviets to invade Japan (either option would have resulted in catastrophic slaughter). The ultimate evidence is that even after the SECOND bomb was dropped, the vote for surrender was STILL TIED and the Japanese Emperor himself had to cast the vote breaking the tie for unconditional surrender. Keep in mind, as far as the Japanese knew, we had many more such bombs. Only we knew it was the last one currently available. With that in mind, they still came to a razor-edge margin against continuing the war.

As for this story, all I can say is that the ponies clearly lack any sort of strategic military planning.

With magic AND flight at their disposal against a much smaller, completely land-bound force... Celestia was forced to essentially use a nuke? Their air-power alone should have decimated the enemy. All the unicorns had to do was cast a shield to stop the advance for a bit while the pegasi rained down metal spikes from a thousand feet up with absolute impunity.

The ponies clearly require my ruthless cunning. :trixieshiftright:

The actual moment Celestia loses control doesn't have as much impact as it should on an emotional level; we don't feel the same rage Celestia does, and she doesn't cross the kind of line that would make the readers feel the kind of shame this story wants to invoke. A better version is the conclusion of the War of Jokes and Riddles in the most recent Batman story.

It's still a comptantly written story and I like the idea, maybe use a much younger Celestia, lean on her as an idealist that couldn't handle the real world and contrast it with a balanced, plan-y one now?

Ponies aren't good at fighting.


Both extremely powerful sorceresses...neither could land a blow.

8972806 Well, yeah. That kinda is what I said. The ponies suck as fighting when they should be wiping their enemies out so horribly it ends up making them feel bad, like rolling over kindergarteners with a tank.

Well... I hear that makes some people feel bad. I mostly giggle. :pinkiecrazy:

Mf gave you a dislike. I almost couldn't care less, but what you said about six months ago wasn't offensively stupid or something.
Moreover, I'm fond of that little bit of history you shared -- it's a testament to both how powerful and how wise we have been and still (hopefully) are. Uh, we as in the United States.

Say what you will about the state of the country, we're still a contender for the top for a reason. And if we're not a "good country," who is?

Sorry. Point is, you're cool. I'll even that like-dislike ratio for you.

9412787 Oh I'm not cool.

I'm just plain, simple Garak. :pinkiecrazy:


I hate to admit it, Really, really, really hate to admit it. But... you're right. In this at least. On this subject. Enjoy the compliment. It's probably the only one you will ever get from me.

9470545 All that was required was one small concession...

Lawnmower Alondro is in your head now, there is no escape.


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