• Published 8th Jun 2018
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Tutoring and Temptation - Vorelord_Ember

Deciding that Equestria is too lofty a goal, Adagio sets her sights on a much more pleasurable goal: expanding her lusty "tutoring" club.

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Comments ( 2 )

I can't believe you updated this without telling us! This chapter would have a Sequel instead, because everyone only added this in their favorite list & not in their tracking list!

Still a hot chapter, but unless you're making a sequel, please change this story from complete to incomplete. That way, we know there's more on the way.

truly magnificent, erotic greatness! i dont even really find trixie attractive and this still floored me with how hot it was. very, very, VERY worth the wait! i look forward to the next part so very much!

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