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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Ooooo! Damn that was neat! Tracking this!

Yes good sir/mam? :trollestia:

Now I wanna write about Queen Cadance jamming out to this >:c

1: Why do I like this?

2nd: that's all I had

Glad you enjoyed it!

There's just so much room for other stories with this! "Alter-Ego" adventures, passionate romance with her husband, lighthearted shenanigans, there's just so many possibilities!

I shall to wait to see the outcomes.

Is there’s going to be a sequel?

I'm almost certainly going to write more to come with this so, by all means, stay tuned!

What is Cronenbergian?

It's a reference to David Cronenberg, a master of the "body horror" genre. Think of the 1986 release of The Fly!

Cronenbergian Horror Clop


Oh this was a great read, now if only Shining would somehow become an Umbrum like Sombra and they would become the perfect cute monstrousness couple.

So, where does her royal Jelly come from? I feel naughty for asking, but I'm worried about what'll happen when it comes time for Flurry Heart's next feeding.:twilightoops:

Ahh, you beat me to it. I came here literally just to post that song. I guess I'll drop a like so I'm not wasting parking space.

Nah, little Flurry will be just fine. Royal Jelly isn't something a changeling queen produces for their offspring. ^^

Another great story by the amazing leech.

Well, on the upside Shining and Cadance get to have that BIG family they always wanted...

i smell a sequel based off that last sentence it screamed "sequel baiting" and i look forward to it

I sense a sequel in the works.

Looking forward to the sequel.


You're all, indeed, correct! This story is basically laying the foundation for some future stuff I've got rattling around in the 'ol coconut. I hope y'all enjoyed it because there's gonna be more with her in the future! :raritywink:

I look forward to the sequel.

Just... keep them faithful to each other please?

Oh this is an excellent prelude to some interesting secret heroism and political intregue stories. I do hope you intend to deliver on these implications!

Damn right! Really opens up a TON of options!!!

Wow this was good. Like really good. Not to say that your other work is bad! Basically, as a straight-forward story, this was pure genius! I adore Cronenberg's work and it's nice to see someone pull it off so effectively. Five stars!

Thank you!!!
It's such a nifty concept, I couldn't help myself! :twilightsmile:

Well I'm glad you did! Keep up the good work! 👍

And in the sequel(s) Cadance need to build a hive to lay eggs in and finds out not only is she a powerful changeling queen but the most powerful currently in existence and so far of all time as well as there were more powerful queens than Chrysalis.

It it vigiliantism if done by the ruler?

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