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absolute total madness


Princess Celestia decides to teach young Twilight a lesson by reading to her a bedtime story from a banned book. To this day she wonders whether it's had an adverse effect on her protege turned Amazon.

Takes place between seasons two and three.

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... Yeah, I have no idea what the hay I just read. Or what just happened. All I got was that they were reading Twilight a story that sounded like something straight off this site.

And that's it.

Ri2 #2 · Jun 6th, 2018 · · ·

Yeah, I'm confused too. I don't understand what just happened. Did they read from Inspiration Manifestation's book? What happened?

Alicorns are made by creepypastas?

I like this. It's so hard to make any sense of it, but it somehow sound as though it does. I'm going to guess that was the point.

Someone call Pinke Pie. Cause I have no idea what just happened.

Sounds logical...

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