• Published 28th Jul 2012
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When Harmony Dies..... - TheApexSovereign

What happens when Twilight Sparkle embraces the darkness?

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Looks Can be Deceiving

Twilight Sparkle quickly skimmed through the contents of her saddlebags, double checking on a list to make sure she isn't forgetting anything. There was much empty space, due to the unicorn packing lightly to begin with. Inside the right bag were some blank sheets of parchment and a quill. The left bag held a couple of novels Twilight read during her down time. She sealed the bags shut after making a last checkup and levitated them onto her back.

These saddlebags, the ones embedded with a gold star and a stylized 'U', were the same ones Shining Armor gave her when she got her cutie mark, as a form of apology for not being there. She tried suppressing the memory, for it only brought pain of what was once in her life, and what may never be again.

She levitated, onto Spike's basket, a short, simple, letter saying:

Dear Spike,

Due to my presence no longer required here, I've decided to return to Ponyville. Tell everyone else that I'm okay, and write back to me on how the wedding was. I'm still really sorry about how everything turned out, but we'll talk more about that when you get home.

Your best friend,
Twilight Sparkle

Twilight felt a knife of guilt drive into her heart as she took one last look at the master bedroom in the Ivory Tower, with it's lofted bookshelves holding volumes upon volumes of information on the second floor. A sky-blue writing station was tucked away underneath one shelf suspended from the ceiling, which required a ladder to access. The massive window encircling that floor, making up the wall, gave a jaw-dropping view of the entire city. The railing-less staircase winding down from the upper floor led to the lower level; a decked out living quarters with a circular bed blanketed by a red comforter was set across from the purple tinted stone doors, followed by aqua colored walls lined with assortments of potted plants and milky white pillars resembling urns. The centerpiece of the room consisted of a rectangular glass coffee table stood on a dark blue star patterned rug with scarlet and golden laced pillows propped around it.

Would you believe that the princess actually let Twilight stay in her old room? Surely anypony who stayed in this tower was an honored guest, and this was no exception to Celestia's prized pupil. But this was all a briefly lived piece of nostalgia that didn't bring forth any positive emotions like it did only a mere two days ago.

She was knocked out of her trance when she heard a rhythmic pounding on the door. The mare turned and magicked the door open, excepting it to be Shining Armor.

Lo and behold, it was her older brother. Twilight just looked up at him with pained eyes. She looked down at the ground, refusing too make eye contact as she mumbled, "I'm so sorry, Shiny."

The colt took a step into the room, breathing heavily through his nose. "You've got a lot to answer for, Twi." He said in between gritted teeth.

Twilight looked up at her brother with reddened violet eyes. "I-I don't know what to do!" She cried out in despair, turning around and walking towards the coffee table. "I mean, I screwed up big time, and I don't know what to do!" She felt like she was about to burst into tears right then and there, "I just don't know...." Her voice trailed off.

Still standing at the doorway, Shining Armor said in an eerily calm voice, "Cadence is just devastated at how you treated her. She had a complete breakdown from all the stress, forcing Princess Celestia to console her. Even your 'friends,'" He put sarcastic emphasis on 'friends,' "helped calm her down while you were up here wallowing in your own self-pity."

Twilight finally broke down into convicted tears and sprinted towards her brother, burying her face in his red dress shirt. Shining placed a hoof on her shoulder and shoved the young mare away, causing her to stumble back a few feet before regaining her balance.

Knowing she was in no position to say something, Twilight just hung her head low, pawing at the ground a bit and sniffled.

The elder continued his harsh rant, "Your friends think you should be punished." He stated.

Not even shifting her eyes, Twilight dryly said, "I know..." as she fell to her haunches.

Shining Armor scowled at the lavender pony. He brought a hoof up and sent it careening with all his might towards the pony's face.

SMACK! The impact pulsating through her left cheek forced her to the ground, leaving behind a bright pink hoofprint that stood out against her pristine purple coat. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" The enraged colt snapped.

Twilight shed new tears as she sat back up, gently rubbing her cheek. Silence. For a solid five seconds, silence. The only audible noise in the still air was Twilight's shuddered inhales. "Shiny, that hurt...." She whispered.

"Yeah? Well, tough love little sis. You're lucky I don't throw you off the tower!" The lavender pony buried her face in her forehooves and wept louder.

The possessed colt relished in his sibling's cries until he noticed the saddlebags now lying behind her, tucked underneath the table. He obviously knew where she was going, but he decided to inflict more pain on the heartbroken pony. "Hey, where're you goin'?" He asked with fake curiosity.

Twilight wiped her nose, sniffling, and said in a steady tone, "I'm going back to Ponyville....since you don't want me here..." She looked up at her brother to find his cold, judging eyes have not changed. She hoped there was some shred of remorse left in her brother so he'd say she didn't have to go, or something along those lines.

But instead, as if a final knife was thrust into her heart, Shining Armor gave a haughty laugh. "Well, wouldn't wanna keep you waiting!" He said with a cruel smirk.

Twilight couldn't believe what she just heard. Staring into space for a moment, she just let out a stuttered, "Wh-What?"

The masculine unicorn shot a hoof out the door, "Get out!" He roared.

Not knowing what else to do, the pony sprinted out the room with her bags, making a dash down the staircase into the recently cast nightfall shrouding Canterlot. Shining Armor watched her with a satisfied crack as she ran down the whole length of the stairs before teleporting in a small pink flash.

On the rooftop, oblivious to anypony else, sat a bright pink alicorn with her wings spread out like a falcon. "Phase One of Three: Breaking the pony." She muttered to herself with a dastardly smile.

Twilight Sparkle tearfully sprinted down the streets of Canterlot, her saddlebags rustling in a thrashing rhythm. Her teleporting spell brought the unicorn just outside of the castle front gates. The streets of this gleaming metropolis of Equestria was dead silent at night, most of the ritzy ponies retiring to bed at this hour.

As she swerved through alleys and streets, trying to reach the late night train to Ponyville before it departs, Twilight crashed into another figure when making a sharp right into the market plaza. Her unfortunate victim's groceries, just some linens and spools of thread were scattered over the dull gray path.

"Oh," Twilight started, attempting to mask her depression. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." She rubbed her head that slammed against the pavement.

Upon opening her eyes, she came to realize she crashed into none other than Princess Cadence. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Cadence!" She said urgently, "I didn't see you there!"

'Cadence,' maintaining her sour demeanor but trying to appear concerned said, "Twilight? What're you doing out at this hour?"

The small unicorn was hesitant to answer, formulating a lie. "I'm....I'm going to find....to find..." The horrible encounter with Shining Armor came rushing back like a bad taste in her mouth. When he, her older brother, struck the younger sibling in a fit of rage, that broke Twilight. And not in a literal sense, but in an emotional sense. Shining was believed to be the pony Twilight would turn to if she was ever feeling down, the one who would stand by her when no one else would. With this same mare standing against her, who could Twilight possibly turn to? And with this blood chilling thought burrowing into her brain, Twilight broke down into hysterical tears.

While Twilight made futile attempts to wipe her eyes, a distinct hum roused inches away. She opened her bloodshot eyes and saw the bleary silhouette of a golden-laced handkerchief encased in a soft green aura. Beside it was Cadence, offering a comforting grin. "Thanks," the somber pony muttered, taking the handkerchief in her own magenta glow. "and I'm really sorry about earlier."

Cadence shook her head, "Don't worry about it, Twi. In a way, you were right. I shouldn't have been so short with your friends. But, you know, it's a big big day coming up!" She ended it with a light chuckle.

Twilight dabbed her eyes and gave her foal sitter the handkerchief. Cadence levitated it into her saddlebag, as well as the items sprawled out around her. While scanning the area to make sure she didn't lose anything, Cadence asked, "So why are you out here?"

The said unicorn pawed at the ground, her eyes feeling as if they were made of lead. In a quick, quavering tone she said, "Leaving."

The princess shot her head up. "What? Why are you-....Oh, I get it. Twilight, sweetie, you can't leave!"

The filly's fragile gaze met the alicorn's. "He doesn't love me anymore...." She said, taking the risk of breaking down at any given moment. "We had this terrible fight....and I shouldn't come to the wedding." Her vision became blurred as she blinked away tears.

Cadence's eyebrows rose in shock. "He said what!?" Twilight looked up with confusion as the princess let out an angry huff. "Your brother is such a drama queen. Don't worry Twi, I'll talk some sense into him." She reared her head, cursing under her breath, "I can take care of myself." She muttered just loud enough for the violet pony to eavesdrop.

She turned back to Twilight. "I'm sorry you guys had that fight." She said sympathetically, "But your brother needs to learn that just because I'm a princess doesn't mean I need eight shoulders to cry on after a little breakdown."

Twilight lightly snickered, seemingly forgetting her past troubles.

"Even your friends came in. I mean, really? Sure, they're a kind bunch of ponies, but that doesn't mean they had to say all of those horrible things to make me feel better."

The lavender pony's breath hitched itself in her throat. "Wh-What did they say?"

Cadence rolled her eyes, "Oh, they were just trying to make me feel better, I'm sure. They just said some pretty nasty stuff about....oh, wait." She stopped, noticing the tears welling up in Twilight's eyes as she turned away, staring at the glistening gem of Canterlot Castle with contempt.

The pale pink alicorn approached the shuddering unicorn and placed a comforting hoof on her back. "Hey hey, Twilight, it'll be okay." She said in a reassuring tone. Twilight's eyes met the foal sitter's gentle gaze, "I'm positive they didn't mean anything. They were just trying to make me feel better, that's it." She placed a gold slippered hoof under Twilight's chin and lifted it a little.

"I just don't know anymore...." She muttered somberly.

Offering the warmest of smiles, Cadence continued, "Twilight, Auntie Tia has shown me all of your friendship letters and I must say, you guys are the closest friends I've ever seen. I'm certain a petty feud like this won't hinder it in any way."

The depressed filly smiled weakly, "I guess so."

Cadence dropped her hoof and replied with a light chuckle, "Good good. Now let's walk back to the castle and sort things out. Everything'll be different in the morning. I promise."

Shining Armor mindlessly droned through the corridor with a bloody tissue engulfed in an icy glow pressed against his nose. Before entering the castle, Shining bashed his own face against the wall to make it look like he was in a fight, then purposely made his way down the guest wing, hoping he'd bump into Twilight's friends.

Around the corner, excited chatter echoed down the spacious hall. Upon making that turn the alabaster colt discovered it was, in fact, Twilight's friends.

"Hey Mr. Armor!" Pinkie Pie enthusiastically waved a hoof.

"Hey...." He said nasally.

Applejack gave an impressed whistle, "Woo-ee partner! Y'all look like you've been wrestlin' a manticore!" She mused, eyeing the bloody tissue.

Shining gave a humble laugh, "Yeah, well, who knew my sister could be as strong as one, too?"

"Darling, you can't be serious." Rarity gaped. "Twilight, the nicest pony in Equestria, did this to you?"

"Hard to believe, right?" The colt gave a fake wince of pain as he gripped his nose tighter. "I just went up to her room and she went berserk! Screamin' and swearin' up a storm, I'm surprised she didn't wake up half of Canterlot! She said some pretty, uh, unflattering things about you guys and the princess, then bucked me in the face and ran off."

As he checked to see if the bleeding has ceased, the five friends exchanged appalled glances. "She's out of control!" Rainbow exclaimed, flinging her hooves up into the air. "What were some of the things she said?" The colt ignored her question, focusing on the pain pulsating through his nose.

"Come on, y'all." Applejack took a step towards the direction Shining came from, who in turn briskly trotted by the group. "Let's find that filly and give her a piece o' our minds."

"Oh my, I sure hope she's not in too much trouble." Fluttershy mumbled aloud. Spike, who rode on the bashful pegasus' back, remained silent the whole time, feeling his heart drop to the pits of his stomach.