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A budding writer who's always happy to support others, give advice, and help new writers out. Author of "A student of her own" and "A daughter of her own"


Queen Celestia decides its time for her prized student, the princess of magic and friendship, Crown Princess Twilight Soleil, to have her own student. But, Twilight's choice in the student is not exactly the queen's cup of tea. How will Twilight handle her first ever student?

Artwork by the brilliant Whitestar1802 on Deviant art.

Sequel to "Mercy for the dark king"

Chapters (13)
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I can't remember who made it, but, I'm pretty sure I googled "Twilight mlp sad" or something like that.

Thanks, I was trying to find that one actually, but, for some reason it wouldn't go to Fimfiction, my laptop has been having little breakdowns for a while now.

Luna will be here later. I'm just trying to figure out where to add her, any suggestions for later chapters?

Comment posted by fanreader999999 deleted July 24th
Comment posted by Bram Wynter deleted July 24th

OKay, so if you've read some of my earlier fanfic, there will be errors and the timeline will be a bit fuzzy. So, here's a little something to hopefully clean some things up;

Twilight does become an alicorn in season three, a year after that - when season four takes place, the villains that do show up during this season will still show up, but this is when "The great Crystal war" starts. The war goes on during seasons 4-7. This takes place long after the war ends.

Also, when this story does end, I may end up making a sequel for it.

Okay, so the sequel will probably be very late, at least a month after I publish the last chapter. and do one last re-read of all of the chapters to pick up any small mistakes. Also, I have started two other projects that I am very keen to finish and publish soon, so, they might be delayed as well. Thanks for being patient, everypony!


Bram Wynter

I've tried to edit it but I'll probably have to go back in and do it again.:derpytongue2:

Oh really? I'll go fix that up, thanks for letting me know!

Wow! Nearly to my first 20 upvotes on a story! :rainbowderp: Honestly, thank you guys so much! Let's see if we can get to that magical 100 upvotes?

Nearly to my first 20 upvotes! Thanks again, loyal readers!:rainbowkiss:

Once again, I must thank my forever faithful and kind proofreader and mentor Bronynyx. Together, we have so far revised the first few chapters of 'A student of her own' and started to brainstorm ideas for the sequel to the loved original. If you have not had the time yet to read or hear of it (Sorry again, for some reason I can post any blogs at the moment, as soon as this is fixed I will officially welcome the sequel into the world) It is called "A daughter of her own", it continues on one month after the events of the final chapter.

Happy readings, Bram Wynter

We did it! We got to my first 20 upvotes! 20's kinda a lucky number to me, so thanks everypony! Don't forget to read the sequel "A daughter of her own", which is now out!

Update: A huge thank you has to go to Bronynyx for they're continuous support on both "A student of her own" and "A daughter of her own".

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