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Queen Celestia decides its time for her prized student, the princess of magic and friendship, Crown Princess Twilight Soleil, to have her own student. But, Twilight's choice in the student is not exactly the queen's cup of tea. How will Twilight handle her first ever student?

Chapters (7)
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I can't remember who made it, but, I'm pretty sure I googled "Twilight mlp sad" or something like that.

Thanks, I was trying to find that one actually, but, for some reason it wouldn't go to Fimfiction, my laptop has been having little breakdowns for a while now.

Luna will be here later. I'm just trying to figure out where to add her, any suggestions for later chapters?

Yeah, not my best work ever, mostly because of an error which deleted the original copy. I'll try to edit it.

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