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Wings of Black Glass

The worst fanfic ever written is still better than the greatest story never told.


He just poured everything he had into the story, and now it's out in the world for everypony to see it. He couldn't be happier. But as the days turn into weeks, he finds out how empty his accomplishment feels when barely anyone bothered to read it. He didn't think he was asking for much, just an opinion.

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I think this is a pretty damn good story overall and an excellent commentary on things. Yes, it's true that all writers/authors want their stories to do well and achieve world wide recognition and fame but not everybody can be Steven King or J.K. Rowling.

Yes, that recognition is wonderful when/if it comes, but sometimes, it really is just knowing that your work has been / is being read that means the most to an author.

Great job.


I would say that you have no idea how it feels to hear someone liked it, but I think you do.
So I'll just say...
Thank you.

You are most welcome.

You spend the entire time you're writing it trying to keep the whole thing a secret. And then you can't wait to talk to people about it when you're done. Such a strange thing.

That story Auctor was writing sounds like your The Mask of Despair and the Face of Hope.

I can't relate to this, I am most definitely not one of the countless overlooked writers who just wants a senpai's coveted notice! A point of criticism, however, is that giving the setting of the story's medium, I can't separate the author's voice from the story. That can be used to good benefit, but it can also pull a reader out of a story.

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