• Published 28th Jul 2012
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A Handful of Crumbs - *Squee*

Rarity had learned she couldn't forget her sister but what happens when she loses her forever?

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Facing the Void

"Go home Rarity, there's nothing you can do here."

The words echoed in her mind like a shout in a deep canyon. After spending three days in the hospital, never leaving Sweetie Belle's side, the doctors had sent her home.

She didn't think it was possible. To go home. How could she face the lavender walls and not be reminded by the silence, that they no longer contained the echoes of Sweetie Belle's voice, singing, and laughing? She laughed, though the sound was sad, as she realized she would even miss the things she used to despise. Sweetie Belle making a mess of Rarity's creativity room, black smoke flooding the house as she burned some meal she attempted to prepare on her own, her constant need for attention or entertainment, the loud noise always accompanying the visits of the Crusaders.

Her slow gait through the house was shadowed by a sad and numb feeling. As if a dark cloud remained above her head, following her. She passed the small pedestal surrounded by mirrors, where clients usually tried on their new ensemble, catching a glimpse of her reflection. All though her coat was notably white, she was phantom-like and pale. Her eyes were red and puffy, and her normally glistening sapphire irises seemed as dull and lifeless. Her make-up was faded, what little left still on her face was old and smeared. Her indigo-violet mane, usually perfectly styled, was a mess desperately needing attention.

Looking away from the mirror, she headed towards the stairs to the next floor. Maybe if I clean up a little, I'll feel better. Yes, I'm sure I will. she thought quietly to herself. But the second she though them she heard the lie thick in her words. She knew she wouldn't feel better until Sweetie Belle was back home, safe and happy.

Upstairs, on her way to the bathroom, she noticed the door to her creation room was open. Normally, this wouldn't have piqued her interest what-so-ever as she often left the door ajar. She used to think a room of creativity couldn't be closed up.

It what she noticed, out of the corner of her eye.

On the floor lay a miniscule, slightly crumpled heap of sky blue ribbon.

Rarity felt her legs go limp, still miraculously holding her up. Tears stung her eyes and were quickly beginning to roll down her face. As she blinked them away, she could do was stare at this small piece of ribbon.
It brought back every detail of that day playing in her head. Looking for the ribbon, finding Sweetie Belle, her smile, the impact.....
Why didn't I tell her to get out of the street? Rarity said closing her eyes tightly, her legs finally gave way under her and she dropped to her knees, her tears splashing into the puddle of blue silk.

The second I saw her, I should have told her to get out of the street!

I should have shouted louder.....

Ran faster.....

Rarity thought of everything she could have possibly done to prevent it. Anything, I could have prevented this!

A dreadful chill ran through her as she sat thinking of the smile that was on Sweetie Belle's face. She didn't even realize what was about to happen. All she wanted was to impress her big sister.

Rarity stood, using her magic to move the small ribbon, placing it on the mannequin posed with a white lace summer-dress. She tied the ribbon in place, and took a step back, releasing a few more tears before she found it to painful to be in her creation room.

Much later, she bathed and cleaned up. Other than the small hitches in her breath, and her red puffy eyes that she was sure three trips to the spa couldn't even get rid of, she looked like the normal Rarity. But she couldn't bear to look at herself in the mirror. She couldn't go in her room, feeling no inspiration nor the motivation to work there and memories seemed to linger there the most. She set about to cleaning the house.

She cleaned the kitchen, littered with dishes completely covered with unknown black substances that had been Sweetie Belle's attempt at cooking them breakfast. One bowl of onyx goo still bubbled menacingly. Rarity felt the giggle in her mind, but couldn't make the sound audible. She was wary of the bubbling substance as she threw the entire bowl away, doubting it could be salvaged.

Tidying the living room, she found papers and crayons scattered with the Crusaders' doodles. As she gathered them the hitches in her breath became small hiccups as she examined each piece.
One was the Crusaders flying like super-heros. Another was Sweetie Belle creating a beautiful dress as Rarity sat back and smiled.
She even found the one Sweetie Belle made the day of the Sisterhooves Social. A drawing of her and her big sister, surrounded by a heart of sapphires, Rarity's favorite gem.

Rarity thought she would cry again, but she found her eyes dry. The only proof of tears were the hitches in her breath. Other than that she couldn't even muster a single tear. Finding herself completely drained of energy, Rarity put away the art supplies and doodles, and headed up to bed.

She squirmed into bed, cuddling one of the spare pillows close to her aching body. As she laid there, without thinking she began to quietly sing Sweetie's favorite lullaby.

"Hush now, quiet now
It's time to lay your sleepy head"

Her voice was hoarse and cracking as she sang slowly and quietly to herself.

"Hush now, quiet now
It's time to go to bed.

Drifting off to sleep
An exciting day behind you

Drifting off to sleep
Let the joy of dreamland find you

Hush now, quiet now
Lay your sleepy head.

Hush now, quiet now.
It's time to go.... to bed."

And with a few streaming tears, Rarity slipped into a restless sleep.

Authors Note
Hey guys! Sorry it's kind of a short chapter. And I know it took a long time, so it's sort of a bummer.
But the writers block was murder and I'm already working on the next chapter. I hope to have it up soon.
:) I'm glad everyone is enjoying the story.
See ya soon,