• Published 5th Jun 2018
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Prison Talks - M_H_S

A prisoner is given a chance to reform, but not in Equestria. Sunset felt reforming villians weren't one of her strengths...especially when they won't even talk!

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Chapter 2: Warden

Canterlot High School, full of colorful and unique students from all corners of life. The school bustled with students roaming around, staff doing their duties, and the occasional event of the month. After school, however, and after all extracurricular activities ended, it was quiet. With the exception of seven students stood in front of the broken statue. Sunset Shimmers looked at the portal with uneasy as they waited for Twilight to come through.

“So, let me get this straight, we’re supposed to babysit a criminal from Equestria?” Rainbow Dash asked with her arms crossed. “Don’t you guys have pony prisons or something like that?”

“Rainbow, I told you. Yes, but Princess Twilight wants us to try and reform her.” Sunset said, frustrated that she had to repeat herself. “I don’t like the idea of a Siren incident happening, but if Princess Twilight thinks we can then let’s just give it our best shot.”

“Ain’t complaining here,” Applejack reassured Sunset, “and if we need to put her in line, you can go all magicy and blast her.”

“I can’t ‘pony up’ whenever I feel like it, so don’t keep your hopes up.” Sunset said with a smile as the portal sounded, signaling someone was entering.

Princess Twilight smiled as she came into view and was body slammed by Pinkie who gave a crushing hug. “Ah! It’s so good to see you Twilight! I mean Princess Twilight, not our Twilight but you’re our Twilight too but we have two now!I- “

“Alright Pinkie, I think she gets it.” Rainbow Dash said with an amused face and pulled Pinkie away from Princess Twilight. “Good to see you, Princess.”

Princess Twilight frowned at the name, “I’ve told you guys to not call me that. You’re my friends, not my subjects.”

“Why, we wouldn’t dream of it darling. After all, someone or somepony of your standing should be respected and called the appropriate title.” Rarity said before sheepishly smiling. “Of course, it did become apparent that we needed a different name to call you by since another Twilight is here. And since you’re a Princess, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to call you that.”

Twilight smiled nervously and apologized, “I’m sorry. If you want, we can just call me ‘Sparkle’?” Her hands were fumbling with each other as she tried to keep a smile. She still hadn’t lost her nervousness since entering and didn’t want to somehow anger her other self if possible.

Princess Twilight smiled to reassure her counterpart, “No, No.It’s fine, I mean it’s not like you’re teasing me or anything unlike SOMEPONY else.”

“Not to be rude, but ya mind telling us what’s gonna happen here?” Applejack pointed to the portal. “All we know is we’re on babysitting duty?”

Princess Twilight nodded and spoke to all of them, “I’m sure you all read what I wrote to Sunset, but I’ll explain again.” She frowned. “We will be sending a recently captured prisoner into this world. It’s the same situation as the Sirens, but a little…different. The plan is for all of you to teach her about friendship, like with Sunset.”

“How are we going to deal with her if it turns into a Siren situation? She has magic too, doesn’t she?”

Princess Twilight perked up slightly and replied, “Oh she does. But we’re going to take it away and keep it within MY world. As for any trouble, I learned a spell to keep her in check.” She cleared her throat. “It creates magic shackles on the prisoner’s wrists and ankle. The person who controls the shackles, controls the person. So to speak anyways.”

“Oooh like a leash?” Pinkie panted like a dog and imitated paws.

Princess Twilight giggled, “In a way…”

“Leash? I reckon our new ‘friend’ will like that…” Applejack mumbled, frowning at the spell.

“Applejack, I know it may not be pleasant. But this is for the safety of everyone here, can’t just leave her running around free like the sirens were.” Princess Twilight stated, attempting to calm her friend.

“I get it. So, who’s gonna be the hogtier?”

Princess Twilight smiled sheepishly and looked at Sunset, “Sunset.”

Sunset’s eyes widen at the mention of her name and pointed to herself, “Wait wait…Me?! I-I can’t do that!”

“Sunset, listen- “

“No, No.” Sunset waved her hands at Princess Twilight, a stomachache growing already. “I’ve barely been reformed too! I’m sure- “

“Sunset!” Princess Twilight grabbed Sunset’s shoulders and jerked her forward slightly. She gazed into Sunset’s eyes and reassured her, “I trust you. You’ve been working so hard to prove yourself…and I believe that you will do an amazing job.”

Sunset looked at each of her friends, all of them smiled back and nodded. It was heartwarming to see them reassuring their trust, but this was completely different! Not only was the pony…person…whatever they were! Not only were they a CRIMINAL, they’re an ACTIVE criminal! At least Sunset was on the path to reforming when they gave her a chance! How was she going to do this…?

“Please, Sunset,” Princess Twilight looked into Sunset’s eyes, “I can’t help her. She’s cautious around us, she doesn’t trust or believe anything we say. If this keeps up, she’ll be either placed in the void or executed.”

Sunset turned away. She couldn’t say no if Princess Twilight pleaded like that…but the princess had a point. Usually enemies were imprisoned or punished by the Elements of Harmony, but never executed. For the most part, the Princesses were supportive of second chances or even third chances. They hadn’t executed someone in…she didn’t even know how long!

“…Fine. But I’m going to keep you up to date!” Sunset relented.

Princess Twilight gave a wide smile and hugged Sunset. Sunset was surprised, but hugged back regardless with a soft smile.

“Thank you, I know it’s a lot, but it’ll be alright in the end.”

Sunset doubted it…They usually always had problems.

“So…um, what’s your name?” Sunset asked with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes.

The girl in question was sitting on one of the steps in the Band Room. She wore a loose grey jacket, jet black sweats, black and grey shoes, and navy blue gloves. Her black hair was short, barely passing her neck, and her steel color eyes glared at them. To be fair, they didn’t meet at the best moment…

After Sunset had agreed to Princess Twilight’s plan, Princess Twilight had brought the prisoner through the portal. The introduction had gone…poorly. Princess Twilight had warned them that the spell would need the prisoner to be in both Equestria and human world. While they didn't know what happened on the other side, the prisoner had been surrounded by purple magic once she came through. The prisoner was still in chains, but still tried to escape and attack them. It would have been more frightening if the screams weren’t so full of…pain. She hadn’t even stepped into the human world for more than 5 seconds and she was already on her knees screaming. The sudden transformation hadn’t helped since she couldn’t even stand up or use her hands, even if her arms were chained up.

The spell had taken away every bit of magic and stored it inside a small silver orb. For convenience sake, Rarity had placed it on a necklace and Princess Twilight took it back to Equestria.

After everyone had calmed down and the prisoner was no longer in pain, they explained the situation to the prisoner. Despite her not talking, Sunset figured the prisoner knew more-or-less what was going on. But that didn’t make things easier…

“Oh come on, you can’t even tell us your name?” Rainbow Dash whined from her own spot on the seats.

Sunset flinched slightly, but couldn’t deny the exasperation they were all feeling. So far, their new guest had only walked, growled, and sat down.

“Um…I know you probably don’t like this right now,” Fluttershy spoke softly nearby. “But it would be nice…if, um…we knew your name? If that’s ok…”

Sunset groaned internally. If they couldn’t get a peep out of the prisoner, then what hope did Fluttersh-

“Silent Dusk.”

Much like her name, silence fell in the room. For about two seconds.

“You answered her, but not us?!”

Rainbow Dash reacted first as Sunset looked back and forth between Silent Dusk and Fluttershy. Maybe Silent Dusk thought Fluttershy was less annoying?

“Oh be quiet, your voice is unbearable.” Silent Dust countered, her arms crossed and looked away.


“Now, Rainbow Dash,” Rarity cut between them. “You have to understand her position. She’s in an unknown world with strangers and we’ve taken away her magic!” She covered her heart with her hand and sat close to Silent Dusk. “Why, it’s no wonder you don’t want to speak to us. You must feel absolutely horrible around us!”

“…Uhhh Rarity?”

“To be torn apart from everything and everyone you’ve ever known! You must be-“

“Rarity!!” The rest of the girls yelled at last.

Rarity blinked and turned to look at them. Applejack pointed a thumb at Silent Dusk, she had long since tuned Rarity out and was reading a book she found.

“Maybe we should just calm down a bit and start over.” Sunset continued as she walked in front of Silent Dusk. “You’ll be staying with me while you’re here. Not only that, but apparently you’ll be attending class too.”

Silence met Sunset. Silent Dusk turned a page, never looking up.

“You won’t need to study or anything, but you could learn whatever we are.”

Again, silence. Sunset's left eye twitched slightly.

Twilight spoke next, “I could bring more books too? If you have any favorite subjects, I’ll do what I can.”

This time, Silent Dusk nodded, but didn’t bother looking at Twilight.

Sunset smiled a bit while the other girls shuffled their feet. Even Pinkie was feeling deflated by Silent Dusk…Sunset puffed out her chest regardless, they would make this work. It’ll be fine. Give it a couple days and she’ll be talking in no time!

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