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How come you keep reusing the cover art?

I am actually not. If you compare them, along the side one says "Book 1: Training", and the other "Book 2: The Mission". Anthologies has "Anthology" along the top. Plus, it is keeping with the same theme. I never saw a need to distinguish between them more than the titles. It still is all one story, "Shaping Shadow."

Is it a disadvantage to keep such similar cover art?

Thank you. It is good hearing readers are enjoying it. It lets me know I am on my mark.

Things are just getting interesting in Baltimare. I love this segment, BOOK: 2 PART 3: BALTIMARE. And things are just getting good all around. Okay, it is all good.

No, but people will find it unusual. Also, if this story only updates on Tuesdays, why'd it update on Wednesday?

Yesterday I was sick, and crashed for 17 hours, right before I could release the chapter. I work to release on Tuesdays, and I try and release in the evening, so its incredibly easy for me to forget to flip "publish" on the next chapter. I am paying attention better.

Well, I updated the cover! Book 1 is a total overhaul, same with the Anthology. Book 2 is changed, but the differences are not as obvious. The eyes not reflect either the clouds, home, or the wasteland. There were several other big changes that were look minor. But the background image was chosen first to reflect this part of the story most, so it stayed. Book 3 and 4 will be a completely different background as well.

At the start of the chapter I was wondering if the captain could be Soarin. Imagine my surprise when he was

He he. Well, I certainly didn't start writing this part with that in mind, It just, happened. It logically fit. A mix of old, being new. Who he was before, has much less bearing on who he is now.

The next chapter is a fun one too. I love Mwokozi.

2 chapters in one day. It really is Christmas (eve but same difference)

Always great. Thank you for your stories.

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My favorite chapter. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Happy you enjoyed both. I didn't want to split them up. The two are so closely linked. And my favorite chapter is 63.

Aaah, you move a grown man to tears.

Good! Then I did my job.

Great up date! Really enjoying the story.

Well, that was fast! Thank you. Have you checked out the Anthology?

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