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This i liked. Reallyyyyyy good start here.

Thanks. I don't really know how we got there, but it seems my co-author is really good at this, too.

Forced feminization, sluttification

Fantastic; I can't wait to see how mind broken he becomes.

Out of character for Dash, but then again in character for her would be punching the bully in the balls and kicking their asses. Not very conducive for clop. However with the limitations you had, I think you portrayed him very well.

Ironically enough, it wasn't MY portrayal, but a very good portrayal of femboy Dash nonetheless. And besides, its only clop, dude.

will there ever be a sequel?

Already going halfway the second chapter.

In the show, Dash is a black belt in at least one martial art. Do you REALLY think an arrogant and proud made (or stallion in this case) wouldn't fight back? Hell, in the tantabus episode, Dash's routine dream was fighting bad guys.

My thoughts are also shared with this. This gonna see a chapter 2?

I'm sickened... But... Extremely curious

Curiosity killed the cat, after all. See you next chapter.
*Insert evil fading laugh

This is awesome! I hope that the story progresses into more blackmailing, higher stakes and riskier games before he manages to delete the video and the evidence that the bully will make in the future, setting him free, but he then realises that he was quite happy as a girl and decides to go back to a femboy lifestyle eventually.

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