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Fixation on death aside, this is lovely —Soge, accidentally describing my entire life


Wallflower Blush has a hard time dealing with her suicidal thoughts.

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Good job, I think this is the first Wallflower Suicide fic I have seen on this site. Which is crazy because I thought she was perfect for these kind of stories. Still I liked this and hopefully this inspires more.

Let's be fair, you kinda have to take this subject very delicately... Which few writers seem to at times.

I think it was somewhere in 2nd grade when I realized that I went to school, and hated it.

It kinda sounds like it took her a year to realise she was going to school.

the medicine cabinet up top with who knows what kinds of prescription drugs my parents had collected over the years

Laxatives. That wouldn't be the best way to go.

I got really envious of cancer patients and car accident victims. They just got to die for free without all the anguish.

Cancer patients would politely disagree, especially those who live with it for years and there seems to be no end of their suffering.

And yet… I couldn’t go through with it.

Well, now that you had money, freedom, and stuff, that's kinda understandable. In fact, if she pretty much erased everything that made her suicidal, did she even have to erase her suicidality specifically?

I know but there are like a 100 of these stories featuring Sunset so I'm just surprised no one has made an attempt until now.

Yeah, and that's the problem. Almost none of them are done very tastefully, and with respect to people who know someone who's commited suicide.

Regardless of whether or not it's actually good I still appreciate when the effort is made.

This was both fascinating and also a little underwhelming, but mostly the former. I would have liked it more were it longer, I think. What's there, I really liked, but I think the length meant it didn't have time to leave really lasting impression on me.

But it's an interesting setup for Forgotten Friendship, and knowing something of what's next in Wallflower's life gives the events described here far more weight.

I really like this. Thanks for writing it :twilightsmile:

It was so hard walking through my kitchen in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, only to see all the many different ways I could die everywhere: the toaster could electrocute me, there was a mountain of chemicals underneath the sink with that little yuck face poison sticker on them, not to mention my parents well-sharpened knives, or the medicine cabinet up top with who knows what kinds of prescription drugs my parents had collected over the years.

Robust self-destruction is surprisingly hard. The most probable result of implementing one of these options may range from yelping and swearing to barfing pieces of digestive system out in excruciating pain and surviving.

But perhaps, there was a small, infinitesimal chance that I could “cure” myself just by erasing my own memories.


The doctors encouraged me to attend my old school, even though no one remembered me.

Have they traced her family back?
She definitely should have communicated some things to her future self better.

agreed, if you think about it, is really weird that there is someone going "under the radar" in a school where everyone is friend with everyone. I mean just think about it, in the chapter/movie it seemed that don't even Pinkie pie knew who wallflower was, and that is (by the especification of the characters and story) a singularity worth to be worried about.

Excellent short, chin, things like this are the ones that keep reminding me that I should read the rest of your stories.

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