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A regular customer can be very much like a friend, and so Rarity is always willing to go the extra gallop in order to keep one of her true favorites happy. Exotic fabrics, special gems -- if she can meet the request, she will.

Now, when it comes to the newest item she's been asked to create... what exactly is it, and how is it supposed to work?

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"Now, when it comes to the newest item she's been asked to create... what exactly is it, and how is it supposed to work?"

It's a contraceptive device, and is most effective when worn with socks as well.


In horse terms, a 'sock' is when the hair/fur around the lower leg is a different color from that of the rest of their body. So for the right pony, the only cure for socks with sandals would be -- shaving their legs.

The public results might also work as a contraceptive device.

Or . . you know . . getting a dye job done . . .

Surely Rarity will be able to control her reaction when measuring and fitting the agelada. It wouldn’t go well to mutter “Yearrggh” in front of a potential customer, would it?


But then everypony can see your roots!

I do have fur dye as a cosmetic in-'verse, but unless you wait a few post-application hours before going out, anypony with a working sense of smell will know you used it.

Fashion horse needs an intervention.

"-- what are those?"

It was all a setup for this, wasn't it.

...she has faith in me.

Between this and the seasons when all her work goes unappreciated, it's no wonder Celestia thinks Rarity would make an excellent Lunar seneschal.

In any case, this was hilarious demonstration of the ergonomic challenges that come from translating fashion across species. Suitable to her name, Rugula is an occasionally nutty sweetheart with a fair number of layers to her, and I find I can't get enough of her. There may be a letter in this, depending on when it takes place. And while I do feel bad for Spike, I am proud of him for putting his foot walking claw down.

All that said, I still think it's weird that sapient ponies make use of footwear that has to be nailed on, but that's more a quibble with canon than you. After all, those horseshoes Dash and Applejack played with have to come from somewhere...

Still, thank you for it.

(Also, "bath sacks"?)

You changed Ragula's name after your first mention at the start as Ragala.
Other then that.
This was great.


(Also, "bath sacks"?)


For humans, it's basically a hooded towel with sleeves and an enclosed bottom. The pony version may be rather similar, mostly to keep foals from escaping. Our children aren't walking after two minutes...

'Tis also canon.

S1E1, Twilight mentions Rarity possibly dyeing her coat a new color. That would only be a concern if dyeing coats is a thing that happens in FiM.

As for how common a practice? Who's to say?

Comment posted by Bookeater_otaku deleted Jun 1st, 2018

I finally see what you mean... saw the title and immediately thought, "Probably Estee." Scrolled down and wasn't disappointed.

...maybe something with ribbons that wind all the way up to the shoulders?

Or, hang on, aren't there like... horseshoes that have a bit going over the front of the hoof? I'm sure I've seen art of the Princesses wearing them.
Like... overshoes or something? Or are those just armoured cuffs?

Maybe something like an shoe with an elongated front piece but with a central cuff, lined with rubber that the hoof slips into but won't easily come out? Or a strap that is then tightened across - not the hocks but the upper part of the hoof. Hooves are more like a truncated cone than a cylinder, right?

Good golly. I think they've already fixed it.
That was fast.


In-'verse, I will put characters through emotional trauma.
I will place their lives in danger.
I will turn everypony's basic concepts of the very universe inside-out.
But I am not so much of an @$$ as to make them deal with Velcro.

but learning about the tine details required an examination of the fur grain,

I mean it could be intentional, but I assume you meant "fine" here.

There have been loud metal on metal sounds heard when a pony claps or strikes a metal object.



...no, seriously. The full regalia set used by the sisters probably has some workings in place, including the ones which say 'Go on and stay on.' (And yes, they serve as a limited degree of conventional armor.) And things like hoof-hammer shoes and hoofblades are not only very precisely fitted, but often feature minor enchantments to keep them from flying off.

That ending!

Well, at least it's mainly made of cloth?

And wow, if Rugula ever learns of how much Rarity does for her, she'd be so... surprised, and worried or something?

... Wonder what her husband's name is... And their kid's name. ... Ah well.

So, not Triptych Continuum, but sharing similar things. Nice!


No, this is actually a 'verse story: I've been experimenting with not putting that tag on new stories, to see if it scares less people off. I'll add the usual blurb in a few days.

Rugula is mentioned (although not by name) as Rarity's first commission in Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity. She's also the noble who hosted the house party in One-Tenth Bit.

Well you've already exposed them to Styrofoam. Maybe the La-Ti-Da Spa gets some new hoof-scourers which cling amazingly well to fur and hair?

"Why don't I just pull it off?" Twilight asked, wrapping her field around the ebony brush.

"Wait, we already--!"


They all winced and flattened their ears, Twilight's field blinking out as the brush clung to Rarity's leg like a frightened foal.

Well then. At least this time she'll be designing for a species that has the appropriate anatomy for her design...

Much glee was had with this story. Sandals are indeed an... acquired taste.

The end of this story does raise a valid question: What do nursing mares do with their engorged teats? Do they let them swing in the breeze, or do they have some sort of accessory to "corral" them?

The apology basket of gems finally vanished from the tree's entrance after she trotted by for the third time

And if its recipient sees another pair of sandals intended for him, their bearer should set them down and stand back.

Anyone else. ANYONE! and I would have passed this off as a shitty trollfic.

If I'd put it on my RiL it would have been removed a month or 2 down the line as a trollfic.

But you sir, you!

Well done.

Enjoyed that quite a bit, and kind of hope to see more of Rugula (and her friends!) in the future.

Also hope Spike ended up feeling a bit better about it after knowing what she put herself through too. It always makes me sad when they're unhappy with each other. :-(

Honestly, those--especially the top one--seem to me more like sneakers than sandals. The bottom one does at least look like it has ventilation, if in the form of ventilated fabric rather than open space.

8959485 We have a Valley Vet where I live. Amazing place. Full of "What in the world is that?"
8959516 Horses are amazing smart and have talented lips. They can actually un-velcro those slippers if you don't tuck the straps in. And when you get one who knows how to work the latch on the gate...

It's one of Estee's talents. Taking what would from most others be a throwaway whacky troll fic, and filling all the cracks with juxtaposing seriousness to make a little literary treat.

Something kept picking at me about this. It was when I got to here

"Think about it!" Rarity insisted with the logic which could only be found after two nights of missed sleep. "As a unicorn , I could barely get these fastened! Although some of that may have been due to oddly blurry vision. But can you imagine the suffering of a pegasus attempting to twist themselves in a way which would allow their teeth to pull on the straps? An earth pony? And that is simply for the forelegs . The hind ..."

that I went "yeah, you'd probably just use a drape to conceal the hang on, that sounds familiar." (vector via)


And the chaser is excellent, and there is something to be said for what can happen to an idea when it has an extended period to percolate, but at the same time, pegasus culture to date has been enic as Hell, and the laced sandal is enough of a part of that culture that Rainbow Dash in gilded sandals looked natural enough to make no impression at all on anyone.

IDK, maybe they've got cloudsilk lacings and just flumph right off legs that can't shatter the sky?

Another good story. :)

Also some interesting history with the Diamond Dogs in the Continuum, sounds like.

Those don't have the important-looking front and back projections, though.
(And as for tying them, maybe it's supposed to be a group activity?)
(Also, "enic"? The meaning is fairly clear to me from context, but I'm not finding a definition anywhere.)

Thinking about it, the only species that COULD wear a bra would be Minotaurs. (Ever see Elsie the Cow? ) Bustiers might work, or tube tops + skirts

...I still have to read the story, and I definitively will sooner than later but I just wanted to point out the weird, faraway feeling of dread I feel whenever I find another if your stories. Because no matter the premise, no matter the synopsis, no matter my expectations, I always remember how incredibly good you are at filing thoughtful and straigh up dramatic character explorations and situations in any of your stories. And I never dealt well with drama.
I love you and your stories, but after the old goose story, I will never not be suspicious.
You are awesome and an inspiration to all writers here. But also screw you.

Rarity is getting Warholed?

Just wait till Rugula wants her to make lava resistant sheer fabric for Ember and other dragons. Cant use spun glass, Nomex, and Quartz will only handle the lower stiffer lavas. For fluid it has to be spun sapphire. Fortunately it comes in a fair rainbow of self transparent, translucent colours in its own right.

Poor Spike, having to dragonfire the Tungsten crucible to melt the gems down. Then again, all new tastes and flavours means more trade with dragons for luxury unique food stuffs?

Banks, taxes, nobles and Fim Flam brothers. Theres a whole lot of little old ladies out there. So many stories. So many tar and feather designs.

At least Rarity didnt have to make footwear for Jack. :duck:

"Enic" - what you get when you type out "hellenic" and a naughty-word-censoring program gets in the way.

Ah-ha! There IS a limit to the distress through which you’re willing to put the characters in your fiction! :trixieshiftright:

My eye literally twitched at the end.


Another fine product of the Flim-Flam brothers.

8960634 What's wrong with velcro?

Oh come on, how bad could it be?
(He said through an evil grin while trying to be subtle about stockpiling popcorn.)

Wait, what's wrong with velcro? It's super convenient.

Because if Rarity hadn't truly and sincerelycaredabout the mare, there was a good chance she would have thought about killing her.

There's probably a lot of people that applies to.

Hot-glue the sandals to ponies' hooves.

This will not result in any complications whatsoever. :raritywink:

Only now does the thought occur:

At least Rugula didn't ask Rarity to make Crocs. I don't think any amount of customer loyalty would've protected her then.

Ah, thanks. :D

:ajsmug: flip flop flip flop
:pinkiehappy: flip flop flip flop
:yay: flip flop flip flop
:twilightsheepish: flip flop flip flop
:rainbowlaugh: flip flop whoosh flip flop whoosh
:derpytongue2: flippity flippitty flippity flippity
:raritystarry: sandals ? how? what? who?
:moustache: Bubble gum, yes bubble gum Keeps the flippity flops from coming off, Pinkie gave me the idea.
:duck: Precious Sales what do you know about bras?
:moustache: From where I stand you don't need em...
:moustache: what? Oh... yeah.......

Velcro has two sides, hook and loop.

The hook side is stiff, hard, unpleasantly scratchy against the skin. It gathers lint and other detritus, that reduces its effectiveness, and it’s a pain to clear. If it brushes up against other fabrics, it can stick to them and damage them when removed.

The loop side wears out. When it does, either a new piece of loop has to be stitched in, or the item discarded as useless.

Not to mention the sound it makes as the two sides are separated.

Sure, it’s fine for that cheap canvas wallet you had as a kid, but for clothing give me buttons and zippers any day.

"-- what are those?"

You can change the delivery but you can't hide the meme. :trixieshiftright:

But for real, a good story. The ending was especially sweet. Thanks for another good look into Rarity's head.

To be fair, ribbons on shoes aren't confined to sandals; ballet shoes in particular tend to have them. And given sandals tend to have the common factor of a definite sole, and pony footwear as described by Rarity usually doesn't, it's not entirely surprising to figure that various shoe terms simply wouldn't have made it into the general Equestrian fashion industry. Dash's footwear enhancements may have been referred to as "ribbon lacing" or somesuch, or not even considered properly part of the shoe itself, but more of a legwear item.

Rarity may have been better off with a solid rubber sole, a faux-leather hoofcup, and self-supporting ribbon-strapping with fake buckles - or magic ones which came undone when tapped or rotated. Maybe make the strapping elasticized instead.

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