• Published 30th May 2018
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Well, This is Awkward V: Vile Vicious Vision - Samey90

Nurse Redheart has to deal with sticks in the mud, horny teenagers, invasion of the body snatchers, and an extraordinary cat. In other words, a typical day in Ponyville General Hospital.

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Heh, nice Bonus there. The Heart cabal is not pleased.

And who wouldn't want to taser Rainbow Dash?

And the series continues! Are we gonna get a VI?

8957234 Is that like an IV where you drain fluids out of a patient?

Tase the Rainbow! :rainbowlaugh:

So much for Maud being normal lol


Oh god

You know how serious things are when it's you saying that :pinkiehappy:


The Heart cabal

In the end it'll turn out they're all a family. Somehow.

Might happen sooner or later, as you can see.

If you do get killed with laughter, watch out for Nursery. She's a strange filly.


Is that like an IV where you drain fluids out of a patient?

Side effects include dry sense of humour.

It'd be pretty ironic if Lightning got shocked too...

She's normal for Ponyville. That's probably still normal.

Your avatar is the face AJ made when Rainbow got tased :rainbowlaugh:

I really enjoy these stories. They make my day.

“After all, she’s an expert. Not to mention that Dr. Nuts and Dr. Conkers also stated that the princess’ stress levels are off the fucking charts.”

Hee hee.

Another great one keep going strong

I typically avoid [M] rated stories, but this came recommended to me by a friend. I have family in the medical industry (PAs, RNs...) so this series was quite enjoyable. All the bits about bodily fluids and removing foreign bodies from bums brings back dinner time memories when all my older brothers and their wives came by for the holidays. Perhaps in the sequel, Redheart gets to perform maggot parasprite debridement therapy?

I try to get out, but you just keep pulling me back in! How do you keep topping yourself with this insanity?!

I wonder if using parasprites is even legal in Equestria... Not that'd stop her.

It's a mad world, after all :pinkiecrazy:

“We can’t even get her out,” Kind Heart says. “Faint Heart said that being a Princess of Friendship doesn’t mean you can just get out of her ward.”

You have no idea how much I legit love this. I'm not sure I can put it into words. But yeah. No princess is above the law!

Anyway, great story overall.

Guess they have to do that, or else they'd have to let out the guy who thinks he's Sombra (all three of them).

Syphilis is Magic

Now I question Twilight as to who truly is Patient Zero.

I have several members who are or were in the medical field so I remember some of those "fun" dinner-table discussions. I'm going to have to share this with them if for nothing else than to see their reaction to all the Doctor slang (I looked some of it up and it looks like samey did his/her research).

"You gotta see this,” he says.

“We’re having a disciplinary committee meeting here, doctor,” Purple Heart replies, frowning.

Me cago en la leche de tu comité disciplinario,” Dr. Semicolon says, smiling. “I have a patient whose girlfriend shoved a rock up his ass! Who wouldn’t want to see this?”

Oh god I NEED to see this.

Yeah, she probably caught 'em all. That'd explain her last episode.

Syphilitic Insanity will do that to you.

Maud strikes back! :rainbowlaugh:

will there be more this is hilarious:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::derpyderp1:

“ Me cago en la leche de tu comité disciplinario, ” Dr. Semicolon says, smiling. “I have a patient whose girlfriend shoved a rock up his ass! Who wouldn’t want to see this?”

Damn Maud getting that revenge huh?

Maybe that's her fetish, who knows.

I still don't know how I did.

Guess Maud has that problem too. XD

Yeah...just like the Kirin.

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