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The Book Of The Lore - Jaycren

Blessed Be The Last Testament of The Unlidded Eye, Servants Of Charon, Eyes of Our Mother, The Lady Of Fate. Long May Her Blessings Be Upon Princess Luna And Princess Celestia. Long May Their Wisdom Guide This Land.

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Ars Familia: Lineage

AZ. A Treaty on The Lineage and Descent Of Those Beings Summoned
BY. For various benefits and services as defined by the dealings and negotiations of a Summoner.
CX. Hereafter known by the term Familiar.
DW. Commissioned By
EV. Princess Luna Lunaris m.0
FU. Under The Patronage of
GT. Princess Celestia Solaris m.0
HS. Written and Researched By Their Vassals
IR. M.0 (T) S22 Obsidian Monkshood s.31
JK. And
KP. M.0 (U) M. Sunshower Blue s. 3

LO. Descent
MN. Being The Classification Of The Relationship to the Summoner.
NM. Determined by the flow of power, subjective to the Summoner.
OL. As Was First Put Postulated By the Academics
PK. (E) Captain Knight Wolf s.1
QJ. And
RI. (P) Captain Day Hawke s.1
SH. This Notion was further Codified into the Descents we use today, As was Recorded by the
TG. M.1 (U) D1 Lady Sun Hawke m.21
UF. And
VE. M.1 (U) Lady Sun's Halo m.

WD. The First Descent would be of 4VL!XC91CI$5 , that is the Familiar is summoned so that another can be
XC. placed under its control and protection.
YB. The one so bound is completely under the whim of said Familiar until the dismissal of the Familiar.
ZA. As was demonstrated by the binding of (U) D.1Aspirant Umbria Winter m.21
1A. Who has been lost to the Darkness, may she once more find her way back to the light,
2B. for the sake of those who love her.
3C. The Second Descent is categorized as the 3(3)L(5)X(V)<51(&)C($)9(9)L(1)C,
4D. those familiars summoned to be friends and equals to the one they are bound to.
5E. Such as (E) S.1 Warden Mouse Grey s.22
6F. long may he guide those that seek the way
7G. The Third Descent is that of &4U9!<<&V9331C$L#4, Those Familiars that are called to serve, to follow orders.
8H. This they do until their services are ended or they are dismissed.
9I. As with the case of
(P) D.1 Captain Knight Hawke m.23 The Mother of All Thestrals,
0J. May she in death have found the rest that so denied her in life.

IK. Bless These words as they were saved from Discord
VL. by the M.22 (P) Scholar Heaven's Gate m.

XM. The Six Lineages
CN. Separate Familiars By Purpose
LO. As Was Set Forth By The
<P. Seven Summoners Of Old
>Q. The Seven Masters Of The Unlidded Eye

#R. First Is The Mentorium
Represented by $-RORTS$
&S. Summoned For Knowledge That They
$T. Teach And Advise Their Charges
!U. First Called By
*V. (U) D.1Moonrise Glimmer m.22

-W. Second Is The Trickster
Represented by KRMPRNVMZ
+X. Summoned For The Purpose
=Y. Of Mischief And Fun
%Z. First Called By
AZ. (E) D.1Eyegleam Glimmer m.23

BY. The Third Are The Servant
Represented by 1KKOVQ1XP
CX. Summoned For The Work Of The Field and Home
DW. First called By (E) D.1Dewdrop Glimmer m.24

EV. The Fourth Are The Sentorium
Represented by I1RM2LD
FU. Summoned To
GT. Protect And Guard That Which
HS. Is Most Precious
IR. First Called By
JQ. M.32 (P) Raindrop Sparkle s.

KP. The Fifth Are The Artesian
Represented by I1I9GB
LO. Summoned To Bring Beauty Into The World
MN. First Called By M.33 (U). Humble Pie s.

NM. The Sixth Are The Angelus
Represented by 6VFGG5IH8B
OL. Called To Provide
PK. Healing And Comfort To All Living Things
QJ. First Called By M.34 (P) Golden Delicious Apple s.

RI. The Seventh Are The Cereboi
Represented by HFCH5G
SH. Summoned To Be The Constant
TG. Companion For Those
UF. Destined To Walk Their Paths Alone
VE. First Called By
WD. (T) S.22Obsidian Nightshade s.31
XC. The First Slender Pony

YB. May All Who Read This
ZA. Bless These Words
A1. Lest The Slenders Rise Again
B2. 3 Under Obsidian There Were
C3. (E) D.22 Ankh NightShade s.32
D4. Keeper Of The Forlorn Gate
E5. (U) S.22 Arsenic Nightshade s.33
F6. Walker Of The Poisonous Wood
G7. (P) D.22Brilliant Night Shade m.34
H8. The Forever Dreaming

I9. Of The Fourth Nightshade
J0. None Speak, For He
KI. Was The One Most
LV. Faithful To His Princess
MX. A.(T) D22 Darkest Nightshade m.35
NC. He That Fled Down The Darkest Path
OL. To escape his fate
P<. And to Continue To Serve His Princess
Q>. So That His Descendants Could Be Called Home.

Pray For The Nightmare's Captive
M.31 Princess Luna Solaris m.
And May (U) D.31 Bellatrix Nightshade m.4
Forever Be Her Little Moon.
Blessed Be The Name Of
(U) S.22Prince Blueblood I s.3
Founder Of The House Of Blue
Slain In Battle With The Slender So That
M.3 Princess Celestia Solaris m.
Could Face What Had Claimed Her Sister

All Hail Princess Celestia Solaris m.0
Whose Patronage Allowed This Treatise Completion
Signed M.0 (U) Kibitz Shimmer s.
Dedicated To (U) D.0 Sunset Shimmer m.
May She Someday Find Her Way Home.