• Published 2nd Jun 2018
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The Book Of The Lore - Jaycren

Blessed Be The Last Testament of The Unlidded Eye, Servants Of Charon, Eyes of Our Mother, The Lady Of Fate. Long May Her Blessings Be Upon Princess Luna And Princess Celestia. Long May Their Wisdom Guide This Land.

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The Red Laments

Author's Note:

Everything needed to read this in its entirety is hidden within. This is the hidden knowledge of the Unlidded Eye, being the last testament of their existence. They have passed from all knowledge, and for that all of Equestria is grateful. These words must never be spoken, but must also never be forgotten. Lest all come to end. Blessed be, or else.

What happens when The Elements die?
When Loyalty falls to Betrayal?
When Laughter falls to Despair?
When Honesty falls to Deception?
When Generosity falls to Greed?
When Kindness falls to Cruelty?
When Forgiveness falls to Vengeance?
When Magic falls to Isolation?

What arises then?
What arises out of The Broken once all things fail?

What can be done when Loyalty Betraying births Obsession
When Honesty Deceiving births Criticism?
When Laughter Despairing births Insanity?
When Generosity Avaricious births Sacrifice?
When Kindness Sadistic births Brutality?
When Magic Forsaking births Conformity?
When Compassion Intolerant births Judgment?

What Hope is there?
What Hope is Deserved?

How is The Horror stopped when even The Gods have turned

With Sunlight Darkened?
With Moonlight Corrupted?
With Chaos Static?

Who do Those Who Strive Under The Oppressors turn to when even

Love is Possession
Lust is Addiction
Rage is Unchecked

When even the Darkness is no comfort for the toil of the Day
When Day and Night are hateful
When all Wonders cease
And Food becomes ash
While Water refuses to quench
Who do We call that will answer when all things end?
When Children die and the Old linger?

Call to the Monsters
Call to the Horrors
Call to Those Which The Gods Held Back

The Cthon

Call to Those Long Dead

The Titans

Call to Those Who Have Been Bound

The Old Ones

Call to Those Who Should Never Have Been

The Elder Beings

Call to Those Who Have Been Forsaken

The Children Of The Heroes Fallen


Call to The Hated

The Spawn Of The Gods


Call To The Hidden
Call To The Possessed
Call To The Addicted
Call To The Unchecked

Call and They will answer
Call and They will rise
Call and They will burn this world
Call and They will consume all

And What They will build will last until all things End
And the last to die will be Death
And Silence will fill the world
Such will come to pass
For all Things turn to their Season
One to the Next
Untill Winter shall last forever as all things must die

Such are the Red Laments, Let All who read these never share that which is learned here. For those that do must be careful not to misinterpret. For the telling of the verses and the placement of the words indicate that these where meant to be sung. A Viral Heartsong, that can contaminate all with its message. That one day the Heroes of this world will fall to corruption and then the only hope will be to call such monsters, that to save that which is good and pure we must destroy that which is good and pure. Blessing upon your understanding of My words, lest thee mishandle the dark that which resides inside. The Unlidded Eye always sees.

tHE rED lamMENTS DO MORE then jUST iNFEct With THEie mEsSAGE THE pROpAgATION IS tO EnsURE that THE MESSAGE is nEVEr FORgotteN. fOR TO foRgEt tHat wHICH is IN tHIS Book, is to allow the events to happen, harken to my words for my time be short. Take caution about spreading the message in the red laments, but this secret must never be forgotten, lest the neverborn take hold in Equestria and the above become certainy. All of that which is contained within can be changed, lest we forget. The Unlidded Eye always sees, for we are the Left Eye of God, as others act as our Left Hands. May the words above never come to pass, but to be sure of such, the words must be known by those that can best counter them. May the Unlidded Eye never need to act. May The Elements always be enough.



Three, Three, Three.
All Numbers are Three

Gsivv, Gsivv, Gsivv

Zoo Mfnyvih Ziv Gsivv

$8#55,// $8#55,// $8#55///
%VV// C!X25#$// 1#5// $8#55///

One of Blood Sired

Lmv lu FnyIfn Yolww

LC5// L6// 41#IC5&&// 5C$LXB54///

One of Magic Born

Lmv lu Drmwrtl Olhg

LC5// L6// -51<LC// 5L#7L$$5C///

One of Nature Bred

Lmv lu Hrkvm Ylfmw

LC5//L6// -LV*5C// 2#54///

The First From The Mirrored World
Self Exiled From His Fellows

Gsv UrIhg Uiln Rxv'h Dzhgvh

Szgvd Yb Svk Yivgsivm

$85// 69#&$// 6#LX// 89&$L#=// 6L#7L$$LC///
31VV54// $L// #545X<$9LC///

The Second Stands Out Of Time
The First To Be Free of Thought

Gsv Hvxlmw Xzoovw Yb Drmw

Dzinvw Yb Xolei'h Uriv

31VV54// 2=// 3L-1#4// 25779C7///
&L// <#L$534// 89#// 39&=///

The Third, Foundling Of The Forest Free.
Seeking A Past Unfounded

Gsv Gsriw Fmqfhgob Sfmgvw

Hvvprmt Dzgvi'h Hzuv

$85// $89#4// VL*%'&// 31<$9+5///
7!1#49C7// 89&// 61X9V+// 6L!C4///

These Are The Three.

Gsvhv Ziv Gsv Gsivv

$85&5// 1#5// $8#55///

To Friendship's Home Shall They Gather.

Gl Olev'h Xrgb Tzgsviw

9C// <V1$C9!X'&// 39$=// 1#9#5///

They that have Been Forgotten
Shall be Remembered
They That Have Been Sealed
Shall Be Freed
Those That Make Even The Gods Tremble
Fates Favored Chidren
They Are The Ren
None Shall Stand Before Them
Blessed And Cursed They Shall Decide The Balance
They Shall Gather And All Shall Be Finished



Blessed be The understanding of the Supplicant in their comprehension of these words. May such spare thee the oncoming tribulation. May these words help guide the prevention of what has been seen. The Visions of The Lady Who is Three and The Lady Who Is One guide us and may Luna and Celestia always walk in her sight. Curse these visions, Low let the Red Laments be brought to a close, for the Unlidded Eye must pass from all knowledge, forever more blinded, vanishing from all things. We who are cursed and blessed to see, understand the madness of old. For seeing and understanding are two different things. Thus even those that see may be led astray and thus cause the very thing that they try to prevent. Let none that have not the blessing of our Lady That is One read these words, for they have not the understanding. Let these secrets never be told, let them never be forgotten. Blessed be.