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Upon every variable that can come out of this world alone, this such one was that of a unique and beautiful irregularity that I fell in love with. MLP is that special to me.

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I am interested keep up the good work


das is good yes it is

Thank you for the support. This next chapter is going to be long one.

Comment posted by RenaissanceDreemurr deleted January 6th

this is one of the better stories i have found about humans with chaos embodiment/manifestation as a power, i.e. draconequus physiology. keep up the good work, for you have my faith that you will become a page in the library if infinitude.

It was ... great the continue efford , and everything , Tel me if the story is updaded . on watch just ridden

*sigh* I feel this is dead now please give us a sign that its not

9333970 Not dead. College just consumes a f-ing ton of time. I’ll get back to it soon.


Lil, couldn't help it!:scootangel: I hope the next chapter is just as good as this one, and do take your time hun, art takes work after all~

May soft sands guide your path


Brilliant brilliant chapter! i'm curious even if things in this Equestria aren't exactly like how the show portrayed. Will Eris share her future knowledge or share with anybody? Though again the differences in the show could still come play, for example Tirek might not escape Tarturus alone.

Cool. Cause now I can read it. As long as it's not dead

I like it. Saying fuck you to the natural order and coming out on top like the Goddess she is. I'm looking forward eagerly to see just how many references this next update can bring.

Minor error- She asked. A scared looking Sike huddled behind her.” Other than that good chapter.

Sorry for taking so much time to respon to the update, you caught me in a bad time. Well, you certainly were fast at getting to the sexy part of the HiE story, I wonder if this will lead to something more interesting down the road. I wonder if the Changeling will try to keep him a secret from the Chrysalis for as long as possible and keep him to themselves? I wonder if they would force him join the hive, or if they will manipulate him into it? Keep up the good work.

My liquid pride could fill a large thimble... I am a mess... *goes to bed to cry*

I can hardly wait to see what mischief she gets up to!

More please! I'm in love with your story, I love the references and honostly it's a nice level of 'mature' that I dont find often on this site in a story I like. Keep up the amazing work!

That was so sad I've been left crying

Despacito play country roads

A scared looking Sike huddled behind her.”


woo, more of this awesmazing story, yaaaay!

I wonder if Eris will travel to the past at the time of the almost annihilation of cats (for me Capper is the evidence that they are left) and will take some to their new country
yes, i think she will do that

An interesting and hopefully (sometimes) lewd story.


Such a great story! I am very much looking forward towards more of it. Please keep up the great work. :heart:

He chuckled, “So you're a fan I see. That makes things much easier.” He snapped his fingers, and we suddenly found ourselves in a void of sorts. I gasped as I saw him shifting and contorting into a familiar daconequus shape that I never thought I would see in real life.

He stretched, “Oh that is so much better. I always found that form quite constricting. Too many complicated joints and organs to think about. not to mention how easily it bruises. Speaking of.” I felt a warmth in my face where the guy punched my, "All better."

My what? You left us wondering what "my" is...

“Feeling better.” He asked as his serpentine form found its way on his couch which hung on the ceiling.

Isn't it supposed to be a question mark since he's asking Eris a question?

“In the flesh. Diddy Tune now actually. He turned to his wings and squinted at them." He looked back to his doppelgänger, "Little help. I would be quite annoying to explain to everypony why i'm an alicorn." Discord clone sighed and snapped his talon. In a flash his wings were gone. He looked back to me, “You will see me again pretty soon. Tell me if my clone is misbehaving, i'll put him in his place. I wish you luck Eris, may you find true happiness in life.”

Capital I in I'm.

“I don't kid a whole lot about it, but he told me that he wished to retire from his role as the God of Chaos. He chose me to inherit his power. Just putting it out there that I really don’t mean you any trouble.”

“What were you before darling,” Rarity said as she extended a hoof to help me up. I took it, and dusted myself off.

I am not an expert in English, but I do feel like this sentence is grammatically correct but it just sounds weird to me...

She didn't look too happy about it but turned and said, “fair enough.” And didn't press the issue.

Capital F? Also I do know that you can do this sometimes for special cases, but I'm assuming that a lot of us were told by our English teacher not to start a sentence with "And".

Twilight cleared her throat, “I mean it has the basic idea of what we did and the end result. I wont say I agree with how we were all were represented. I know I’m certainly not so stubborn and anxious as what is portrayed.”

Won't has an apostrophe.

Note: As I write this, I think that night I accidentally created new species resembling Pokémon who now reside in the Everfree. For whoever comes across a charizard and gets eaten, i'm sincerely apologies. If you stumble by an Eevee and make it your pet, your very welcome.

I find this very irritating, but a lot of people confuse your and you're. Your is for possession of an object, and you're is "You Are".

This sounds stupid but I want cute and adorable shipping material between Smoug and Eris. I love to see the powerful dragon flustered and embarrassed around her with a crush he refuses to admit

Great Story hope to see more chapters soon.....

"In any case, General Hux," His name is General Hux?! What is this the First Order?! "

Maybe call him "General HUGS"

I pondered over it for a moment before shrugging, “Just about anything. I already had a couple of cupcakes and some punch. Really nice by the way. The Carrot cupcakes were especially decedent.”


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