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After the events of Molt Down, Spike's friends have thrown a big surprise party in honour of his new wings, and everypony is so pleased for him! There is one guest there who isn't so happy, though. Time for a little heart-to-heart...

Contains spoilers for the latest episode, obviously.

Featured from 27-28 May 2018

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It's "Molt" buddy.

Thanks, I've changed it. It's just that here in Britain, we spell it 'moult'. Hope that explains the confusion. :twistnerd:

So, Scoots is overdosing on salt from Spike getting to fly? While she can not.

Not by the end, if you've read the story. And it was more a case of everyone else getting the chance to, when she could not. :fluttercry:

Wow, that was quick.

I just wish the show would take the chance a outright state why Scootaloo cannot fly. Disability or she is a late bloomer we need to know.

Nice story and I am glad to see more characters standing up and helping Scootaloo out.

Well, I've always like to get an early start. :ajsmug:

Thank you, I agree. I hope this'll be addressed in a future episode... :eeyup:

Did you watch those leaked episodes from a while back? Because I have no idea how you’d manage to write a 3000 word story so quickly. The Molt Down episode aired for the first time on television 10 hours ago, so the only explanation I have is that you were aware that spike was gonna gain wings a while. Either that, or your just a really fast and awesomely dedicated writer.

Well basically, I started as soon as the episode was over, and published it as soon as I finished editing it. So I think those gave me plenty of time to do it in, but thanks for the compliment anyway. :twilightblush:

Yeah, I hope the episode where Scoots finally is able to fly begins with Scoots being jealous of Spike and ends with them flying together.
(And yes, until explicitly told otherwise, I will continue to believe she'll fly)

How about both? And thanks for reading! :raritystarry:

I'm not surprised the concept for this fic became so popular, but yours was the one I wanted to read first. You did a great job with it, especially on the little pep talk Spike gave to Scootaloo. It's just the sort of thing she needed to hear. :moustache:

Thank you! I thought so too, hence it's inclusion. :twistnerd:

Yeah, you definitely took a more serious direction with this episode's premise than I did. Not bad!

Thanks! I hope more stories about 'Spike with wings' come along soon, so many interesting possibilities now! :eeyup:

This is a problem for Scootaloo especially since the show is probably never going to let her fly or address the issue any more than in Flight to the Finish.


I have a feeling they will address this at some point. Though it seems weird they gave Spike wings before getting Scoot to fly since I was not expecting them to ever do the former. This episode proves to me they're probably going to address all of the unanswered questions in the fandom, like Scoot's flight ability, her parents, Spike's origin etc...

Pretty decent. You might want to work on your dialogue, specifically the character voices since they sound a bit off at times. Spike is a bit too eloquent in this - he's precocious but usually expresses himself in fairly simple terms.


Oh, I dunno. The CMC's cutie marks, Diamond Tiara turning good and Spike growing wings were all things I honestly didn't expect we'd actually get to see in canon. So, I wouldn't completely rule out an episode were Scootaloo finally gets to fly.

Now, THAT would be an episode not to be missed! :rainbowderp:

Maybe, maybe not. They've surprised us before... :rainbowhuh:

Scootaloo deserves more solo episodes, rather than just being lumped in with the rest of the Crusaders, as good as they are. So yea, I agree. :moustache:

Thanks for the tip, I'll try to bear that in mind for the future. As for Spike, I thought seeing as how he was trying to comfort Scoots, he'd put a bit more effort into being articulate for a change, seeing as how he's already demonstrated he has the vocabulary. :raritywink:


As for Spike, I thought seeing as how he was trying to comfort Scoots, he'd put a bit more effort into being articulate for a change, seeing as how he's already demonstrated he has the vocabulary. :raritywink:

See, I would actually have done the opposite: Have him fumble with the words a bit even though he knows what to say, because comforting a troubled girl is outside of his normal comfort zone. Like I said, he's precocious and can sometimes be surprisingly insightful, but at the same time he usually comes across as slightly awkward.

Well, he did have a few moments to assess the situation before he began talking to Scoots properly, and he was retelling a story from his life that he must've been proud of, which I think would've given him a bit more confidence than normal. :ajsmug:

In terms of his awkwardness, I think this is aptly demonstrated in the rest of the fic with his moments of clumsiness and his somewhat hesitant interactions with the other ponies. But like I said, I always appreciate advice from other authors, and I'll look over what I write now and in the future to see if it can be improved in any way, especially pertaining to your suggestions. Thank you. :scootangel:

At least Spike can be thankful he's tough. He can probably afford to land like that. Don't think the people who maintain roads could though.

Well, at least he keeps them gainfully employed... :moustache:

Great story deadpansnarker! I really enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

8950004 Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! And, nice to talk to you again. :twistnerd:

Yeah, I seriously hope the show expands more on Scootaloo's flying along with how Spike got his wings. I mean, the writers HAD to have planned it. It's too coincidental.

Great story by the way :scootangel:

I finally started on a new story called The Hearth's Warming Surprise and i'm happy how it's turning out. I'd love for you guys to come look. Thank you :twilightsmile:

This story is a nice little epilogue to the episode, in a way. Other than a couple grammar issues (mixing up ‘he’ and ‘she’ and a few switched around wordings, this was a really good story.

Dem Wings.

Nice little heart to heart with Spike and Scootaloo there:twilightsmile:. I feel bad for Dash too...I know she got carried away with the pearl Ora king, as well as the cookies, but come on! They made her think she had turned them into Zombies:twilightangry2:! I’m amazed that Rainbow didn’t get permenantly traumatized from that or get PTSD:twilightoops:!

Now that I've actually gotten around to reading it, this was definitely a sweet story.

I was worried for a second that it would turn out that Scoots would never be able to fly in this fic, but I'm relieved that it was just her fears that that was the case, not definite reality.

Cute story.

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