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For the third year in a row, the Grand Galloping Gala ends in chaos.

Twilight really should have expected as much.

A finalist in Everfree Northwest's Iron Author Challenge! Written in just two hours, with the prompt-words fire, palpable, & brooch.

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I call bull. Celly only does it for the kicks :trollestia:

This makes a terrifying amount of sense. I'm not sure I buy it, but it holds up.

Well, other than Twilight not knowing how long eyebrows take grow back. You just know she's blown hers off once or twice.

I'd say this makes suspicious amount of sense. :trollestia:

But yeah, a fun little story! It reads like you had a lot of fun writing it, too.



Just... no. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of the Gala being trashed. And the bit with Blueblood? Screw you, Rainbow Dash. Screw. You. Screw you, Celestia. How dare there be one night for a formal gathering.

Sounds like genuine Equestrian crazy logic. I approve. Also, I'm right there with you on a mostly successful evacuation of Canterlot.

That she'd know how long it took was exactly my thought too. I'd almost expect her to have mean and standard deviation from her personal sample size.

Fun little story about ascertaining absolute alert protocol by problematically but purposefully committing arson. I look forward to reading more of your works in the future!

The Canterlot fire chief is a paranoid named Red Alert... Does he always complain to a partner named Inferno?

The first rule of Equestrian royalty... Celestia lies. Just ask Sunset Shimmer, she'll tell you. :trollestia:


The only difference between her and Discord, is that he is ahead of the curve.:pinkiecrazy:

Crystal Empire should have a GGG too.

Nice work writing exposition, especially at the beginning. It paints a picture without feeling like a clunky infodump (though for the record, I don't mind clunky infodumps as much as some people seem to).

Celestia smiled a rueful smile, then brushed her flowing mane back over her ear.

Wait, what? :rainbowhuh: I'm trying to visualize how that would work, and utterly failing. I know we tend to cut pony limbs some slack on flexibility, but this is pushing it.

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Love the logic here.

“This is adrill?”

More like a Fire Drill

This makes an unsettling amount of sense, but I'm sure that Celestia still does this in major part for her amusement.


Just because it has to be done, doesn't mean it can't be fun.

Author Interviewer

Or that that Pinkie Pie would bring her Deep-Fry-O-Matic?

I, uh...


A fun one-shot. I feel like Celestia is played a bit too straight in this for my liking but aside from that personal preference it's a good fic. If she's telling the whole truth, that is. But even then her plan definitely makes sense.

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