• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Her Way With Words - Citrus Recluse

There's a been a slew of new hires at Canterlot High, but something about Sunset's new French teacher seems familiar ... and unsettling. Why can't she figure out what it is? And why does Sunset so badly want a kiss from her pale blue lips?

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thank you for the content, and i wish you luck in your future endeavors. :twilightsmile:

So I guess this was your "Secret Project" huh? I approve if that's the case

Well, if you gotta stop, this is one hell of a sexy way to go out on. :D

Forty five minutes until 2020, this'll be a hell of a way to end 2019.

I don't mind all these sexyness and corruption (or should I say seduction?) but I still didn't see what happened to Applejack and Pinkie.


That's correct.

They got corrupted off screen. That's a bit of a cop out, I know, but I wrote the story as it was and made a mistake that I don't care to try and retcon or write to fix.

Nice surprise ending thanks for all the work

So you're retiring from MLP? What will be heading for next?

(Also hypothetically, you could have added other characters for a sequel, like Spike...)


Focusing on original writings on Archive of Our Own and Patreon. Maybe Amazon as well.

Are you going to have the same artist draw Twilight's and sunsets new look

Darn shame Citrus retired from MLP stories. Though perhaps someone else can try something like that since this concept is both brilliant and rare

I personally don't enjoy bad ending fics, but you somehow wrote this in a way that I kinda agree with. Most bad ending fics usually cop out and say that they failed, everything is as the villain wants it to be, blah blah blah. And usually they add one more event just to nail in that bad ending aspect.

You didn't do that. You gave and ending that on a technicality was a bad ending, but was written and shown in a not bad way. Sure, the Dazzlings technically won, but no one cares about background characters, only the main ones, and for the Main characters you gave a decent ending in which Sci-Twi voluntarily gave up her freedom because she wanted to be with Sunset. It was presented in a way that wasn't actually a bad ending, though it obviously is supposed to be. Props to you.

Easy 10/10

Yep, I'm coming back to read this again cuz it's a really good story

Same. Been thinking of re-visiting this story a few times

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