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What a beautiful Sunset.

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It's good to see you writing again.

Wow this has been so far a good read, a good romance story. Can't wait for more in the long wrong.

Keep it up.

First! Liking this so far.

This isn't the first story that I've read where Sunset is trying to make up up to a past victim and ends up romantically involved with him but it's so far the best one. I like the slower approach and the inner turmoil of the protagonist. Keep it up!

I don't think Sunset knows what he plans on doing, but I hope she finds out. The main character doesn't hate her for what she did, but I do. It hasn't really sunk in for her how much she screwed his life. Plus it feels slimy of Sunset to just try and be his friend. His only friend. She ruined his chances with everyone else so of course he'll cling to anyone, even her. We don't know if she's tried to set the record straight at school or anything. I'm still looking forward to see what happens, I'm just hoping for more tears from both parties I guess.

What did Sunset do specifically? What did she do to drive the protagonist into such a spiral of despair and poverty?

I really hope that part is addressed.

You're making the MC care WAY too fast, I feel like your love for Sunset is tainting your character's point of view.

I do, of course, love her to the moon and back, but that's not why I'm writing the protagonist the way he is. When you're depressed any hint of positivity is something to hold onto and it can often lead to getting hurt and acting irrationally when all you're doing is chasing a feeling. There's a high to it like in this chapter, but obviously the story isn't over yet and there's more to happen besides just more of that. Things have already been planned out in advance and the conflict isn't resolved, despite the flood of positive feelings from a single good night.

I'm not usually interested in Sunset centric stories because they usually follow the same pattern. She tries to redem herself, at all costs, until she can find a balance between her guilt and her confidence. Though this story seems to follow a similar trend so far, it's not often that you see it from another perspective (other then Twilight at least). For that reason I think I'll stick around for a while.

Great to see you're back at it once again! Love the story so far, and honestly I think the featured spot is well deserved!

It is a really sweet and warm image of the dance with Sunset; and her appearing to have that quality of person to seek out recompense with others instead of trying to forget those she's hurt and just move on is something to be admired. I can certainly feel the protagonist's low-level fear and thought-circles that are constantly undermining Sunset getting a chance.


If your a teenager this isn't so surprising honestly. Emotional turnabout is rather common and so is hormones in playing to this effect. Like the author stated above, he is willing to reach at any positive emotion despite the possibilities of later negative effects. Just my 2 cents from past relationship experiences.

Looking forward to seeing more of this. Keep going strong, Holy!

I really like this story.

When things are at its lowest, no one will care, I am useless; part of me wants it to be true, that I am right about at least this one thing in my life, but another part of me wants me to be proven wrong. A silent part, the one in the background that keeps me going despite it all. That one day someone will come and truly care about me, and oh boy will they have their work cut out for them. I am so convinced about how bad I am that they cannot possibly be genuine, their words are just words, they don't mean anything when it comes down to it, and yet they stick around. Despite how difficult I may be, how hard I try and protect that last part of me that I might be right about, they still come back, and prove their words true. Yeah sure, in a uncaring and meaningless universe, you don't matter, but then if the universe don't care about you, why should you care about the universe? Especially when you have someone right there that care about you, your happiness is their happiness, your sorrow their sorrow.

The story is not over, and I don't know if any of what I mentioned was intended in the story, but even so, it got me thinking about pleasant things.

Gneiss yoisterly grobing hobgob

I actually disagree. It is really odd that she's at the exact right place at the exact right time... unless he already did commit suicide and she is using the Time Twirler (repaired and possibly upgraded for a longer period) to try to undo what she did in the past.

Awesome story, can't wait to see more :twilightsmile:

"A pang of nervousness grips your system as a new question pops into your mind. Is this... love?"


Glad you're back, Holy. We need ya! :pinkiehappy:



Oh baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me
No more
What is love?

I need to ask this. Is this fic cathartic or something for you?

The story was posted for a patreon request.

I see. I'll not bother you more about it.

I'm not gonna lie, this story is just plain beautiful.

Damn I can relate to this fic.

You travel alone to the beach for winter break with a hope to finally put an end to all this hopelessness and maybe watch just one last sunset.

You’re missing the suicide tag.

This story is AMAZING!! Continue this please!!

This story hits really, and I mean REALLY close to home. You did a good job of depicting how hopeless everything can seem. Looking forward to updates.

I am really enjoying this! I am hopeful they can help each other out. The hints... the small things here and there... I know that there is something in the background that has yet to have light shined upon it. I am really interested in where it goes from here. The roller coaster ride the MC is going through feels so real. That statement in the first chapter of "...this time you know it was going to work. It has to." Most likely there have been several attempts prior, and I wonder if Sunset found out about it. She could just be there to make a friend as well. I wonder about the timeline here as well. Maybe I will dive deeper later. Thanks for the story!

Wait... Is this a prequel to Little Stars? Because the anon there mentions that he was one of the last people who still believed Sunset was a bully, and that she did something particularly bad to him. But she spent a week trying to be the best friend to him possible and they fell in love as a result of that.

Actually i think its an alternate story to "some mistakes are forever" this Anon i do believe is Soloman

I think thats the case to because its clear this Anon is Soloman from the story "some mistakes are forever" at least it seems like it

I like how its going so far, hoping for more soon

it's been a very nice read and ride of emotions, keep it up :twilightsmile:

Man, those last few scenes made me feel like someone was ripping duct tape off of my heart!

Great chapter!

Hurry and wake up Sunset before it’s to late! Or for The Protagonist, give life another chance, trust in Sunset!

I Like that you put a slip of the tongue confession of what he plans to do and neither of them noticed. good job over all. Can't wait to read more

How much longer before we get to the mature stuff?

"I don't know yet, but you have my word things are going to turn out alright. Just give me a chance, okay? I promise this can have a happy ending," she says, rustling the sheets again as she inches closer to you.

This is usually the part where Hawkeye would say, "Don't do that. Don't give me hope."

This story hits hard for me for so many reasons, especially having had similar struggles to this day. I love what you're doing with this and I love the accurate way you give of building hope despite not wanting any. It's made me smile and tear up, and I just wanted to say thank you for writing something this emotionally deep that I can connect with. Especially since I still struggle with this, and it adds to the reasons to stick around, for my friends, and for amazing things like this.

There’s always one person

I really enjoy this story. It’s cute, but also a little... tense, for lack of a better word.

That’s all. Good job writing. Carry on.

I like how uncertain Sunset seemed at the confession. Having her do all this out of love would've been an easy cop-out. She probably expected these acts of kindness would be a temporary thing and Anon would eventually get better and they would both move on with their lives separately. But the confession means if she wants to make him happy she would have to devote herself to him and she's not sure if she's okay with giving up her own options and happiness to make it up to Anon. It's quite a predicament. It really makes her decide "how much am I willing to give to make this up to him?" Just the fact that she was hesitating was enough for Anon to know it wouldn't work and that one or both of them would just be miserable. She seems to be doing this less so out of altruism, but rather to make herself feel better by fixing a mistake. This just reinforces how I dislike this Sunset, though I do understand her actions. Even I wouldn't stay with someone romantically out of pity or guilt at the expense of my happiness. But Sunset put herself in this position for her past actions, and either has to suck it up and accept the "punishment" of staying with Anon, or accept that what has been broken can't be fixed, at least not completely.

Not gana lie, I fucken hate cliffhangers.

Absolutely love that she didn’t immediately confess and declare her feelings back like Rust said. Regardless of whether I want them together (I totally do), this felt so much more real not a complete contrivance for the story.

Absolutely love this so far!

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