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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


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Damn it Flutterpriest I wanted to make that joke but you're too quick.

Not sure if I will have the time (or when) to read it, but you already get an upvote because I liked some of the stuff I had read in the description and the warning.


Haha, well I sincerely hope the story lives up to the description. :)

(Slow claps) That pun was bad, and you should feel good about it!

Good lord this is deep. And well-written. And I wanna give Berry Punch a big hug and cure Anon and just... yeah.

Really love this story!

Nice to read a clopfic that's actually a love story. 10/10 :twilightsmile:

Never really been into romance stories, but this one has started off great so far.

"That one's not so bad. At least it's better than hot butt."

Nothing is better than Hot Butt. :P

And what an ending! :D Okay, very tender and lovely. And some well-written clop. 10/10. We love you, too, Pencil. ;)

Beautiful sentiments beautifully written. You never fail to poke my feels Anonpencil. Thanks for creating and sharing. Love you too. :heart:

I'm really, really glad I read this.

Any words I can say are just too pitiful to describe the beauty of this story, Pencil. You wrote what love truly is and should be.

And what I wish I had.

Thank you ever so much for writing and sharing this wonderful story.

I love you, too.

This is my favourite series on FimFic.

Why do you keep doing this to me?

My loins heart can only take so much!

You capture the anxiety and loneliness so well that it hurts <3

i just read through the whole broken love saga up to this point in the last 4 hours. and i will outright admit this is the most emotionally synchronous i've felt with a story set and its characters in years, if not ever.

anon and berry... they're imperfectly perfect for each other. broken when alone. but together, theyre beautifully yet tragically whole.

(personally, id love a spinoff that has the both of them inexplicably healed and healthy. power of love or some shit, iunno.)

i never want this to end, but i know for a fact that time will run out someday. and it hurts... i was gonna add some or other really deep quote about time and love to the end of this but it slipped my mind just moments before i typed this. feelsbadman

How dare you make me cry,laugh,and smile at the same time!

Whew, finally got around to finishing this chapter, this was well done, Pencil, deep and nicely done.

Can't wait to see where it goes next.

Thank you so much for the story Pencil.

Hahaha, that was cute near the end, nicely done.

Wheeew, what an end to this story, wonderfully well done once again and nicely written.

Good show, good show.

I love reading this series, and yet another great entry.
The emotion and care put into the first chapter and her internal struggles is as great as when these characters were first established. The give and take in their relationship is what makes this story special.

"Only the finest things for my Shnookums."

He recoils from me. Just the reaction I intended.

"No. Never again."

"Pookie bear then? Sweetness? Hot butt?"

I love this moment. I can picture berry cocking her head to the side after he says never again.

I can picture nurse redheart talking to the doctors as they start to panic about his heart rate spiking so erratically.

"It's perfectly fine. He is having some personal time with his marefriend. If something goes wrong in there she will let us know."

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