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Twilight's met her match, a tome so dense and arcane that even her considerable intellect couldn't penetrate it. Just before she gave up in a tizzy, Starlight suggested a pony that could help; a good friend, Sunburst.

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Chapter 1, "Take a Look"

Chapter 2, "It's in a book!'
Chapter 3,"It's Reading Rainbow!"

Bonus points if Dashie shows up and has some pithy insight that suddenly makes it all make sense!

You're making it less fun and more obvious. Maybe I'll do it different!

Well, this should prove interesting. I do enjoy a good research story.


Hey, I'm not the alicorn of predicting fiction or anything like that.

Be as different as you wanna be.

I prefer it when writers surprise me. Even the good, entertaining ones don't always.

The SparkBurst shipping is trig with this one....

So, shall I begin the countdown clock for the love triangle to blast off?


8929483 Agreed. Great story, needs romance tag.

Unlike most, I prefer the Twiburst ship to Starburst. I realize that most fans feel a need to ship the two childhood friends, but I see Starlight as still way too immature for a relationship. Also, he and Twilight seem to match almost perfectly. Besides, it's an almost perfect setup for a heartrending love triangle. None of them would ever want to hurt either of the others.

"A thesis on arcane distribution along the alicorn and the effects of maturation environmental and historical contributions." She tapped at the rebelling book. "I want to know more why some unicorns have a lot of energy to spare, while others struggle to even make a dim light."

Oh hey, what's that?

Exactly what is talking about the problem Sunburst has?


8929790 I enjoy stories with both pairings, Starlight for the childhood friends angle (and because if there's one thing I've learned on this site, it's that romance stories are always better with a reformed villain) and Twilight for the fact that Sunburst is basically Maledancer.

Twilight peered at the spot that had contained her friend and student. "She really has to stop acting before we finish talking."

Spike smiled at Twilight. "Entirely unlike other unicorns, huh?"

Spike with the sass, lmao

Only one of them wear a specific cape

them (wore) a

"They key is--"

The key is



knowing them, and being able

No comma here.

I prefer TwiStar ship.

Amazing start! Really interested in seeing where this leads!

Liked, favorited and tracking.

Yay, study buddies! I liked that analysis of the cover, that was clever.

alright, need a hand

alright. Need

where I'll be staying."

Question mark

followed is with

followed it

"Where's the book hiding."

Question mark

ceased or now.

for now

excited to get started.

Ending quotation mark here

Oh my, with this many typos, how will they decode this book?!

Aaaaaaaaaaaa I need more!!!! This is so cute :D

Only now do I notice the Romance tag. What will Starlight think?

In any case, looking forward to more of the twofold nerdfest, though I'm sure how Twilight found the tome is quite the tale.

Another great chapter. Also, love the hints of TwiBurst. Not many fics written about this ship, even though they have so much in common.

Looking forward to the rest!

It was not a failure of perception. I sneakily added it in since it seemed everyone already assumed it was one and I was losing points for not noting it.

"Quite..." He bit his bottom lip. "I'm sorry, I'm not any good at this. As mares go, you have an ideal anatomical balance, free of disfigurements or imperfections. I just wish I was as good an example of the pony stallion."

Sunburst shut up, you are perfect.

I find the courting dance of the Hippo Nerdicus amusing.

her had - her head
wide spin -wide span

It's because they have so much in common. You can't ship a character with her spear counterpart. There's no there there.

Opposite gender counterpart.

It's debatable whether Sunburst qualifies for that title, though.

One is a princess of a nation.

The other is a literal shut-in nerd.

Their love of learning is their bond, but there is so much separating them.

One is literally the headmistress of a school.

She fails at this shut-in nerding.

It has a campus, faculty, and students.

I've seen less get called a school.

Well, a campus anyway. The staff doesn't actually work, and the students seem to fade in and out of existence.

It also can't grant degrees.

The guy has a TwiBurst fic in his Favorites.

I’m thinking he’s just being difficult for the sake of it. Please ignore him, your story, and this ship, are great.

Twilight is well-adjusted and confident. Sunburst is the opposite of that.

If by TwiBurst story you mean story in the TwiBurst group, there are only two: this one, and the one you mentioned. It's been three seasons since Sunburst was introduced. If the ship had any traction, there would be more.

Twilight is a neurotic house of cards kept together by the spit and prayers of others. Sunburst is at least self-sufficient, if withdrawn.

So, you’re essentially saying that the author shouldn’t be writing this story because there aren’t more like it out there?


Twilight is a high-functioning OCD. As it turns out, OCD does not really stop you from being a princess, possibly a good one. She is a princess, a successful one.

The other does not have OCD (another difference). He has self-image issues, and a physical disability, neither of which Twilight has.

They are not the same.

Well said. Your analysis of their mutual character is quite incisive.

Twilight can't handle the cheese. :twilightoops:

"Do you usually have dinner?"

Sunburst started to color rapidly. "I, well, sometimes?"

Haha, I've been there myself. Getting caught up in a book and forgetting to eat.

"We're just getting into the tempo of it.

Closing quotation marks here.

We don't need any more confusing bits in our reading.

This sort of thing is why I can't ship Sunburst and Moondancer in good conscience. Without a Spike-like figure to look after them, they'd starve to death in each others' arms. And reading recommendations. Thank goodness for dragon assistants.

If they drew lines between the various linked words and references in an associate virtual book, would the completed collection of lines for the runic structure of the spell that gives them the answer, or recreates the books authors living form? :pinkiecrazy::twilightoops:

I usually ship starburst, but damn, this is too good. Keep it up!

Spike grinned. "Enchiladas." He watched Twilight's expression fall to potential horror. "Without cheese," he added, pointing at her. Even as she sagged with relief he turned away. "Right this way. You can't keep thinking without fuel."

The canon is that Twilight is afraid of quesadillas, not enchiladas. This story is dead to me now.

Because of cheese content, hence the assurance of cheese absence.

This chapter is pure adora-nerd. I expected to be entertained by the romance, but now I'm also intrigued by the literary research they're conducting.

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