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Rarity invites Capper as her plus one for that year's Grand Galloping Gala. How will it play out for the rough feline?

The pic I used was drawn and owned by Reptilian-Angel on Deviantart. Note: These are also the outfits they're supposed to be wearing in the one shot.

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THANK YOU :pinkiehappy: We desperately need more Rarity x Capper!!! Loved it!!:heart:

Thank you very much! And your welcome!

Sweet and short, but I want more! xD.

Omigosh, I just found this story by pure chance and, I have to say, I am so honored that you chose MY picture for your story!

I mean, AAH~!!! It's means so much to me, I cannot even, Ah! ( Yes, I realize that makes sound like Lily Lace, but that's how much this means to me.)

Well thank you. I did send you a note through Deviantart telling you about it.

Oh, well, I didn't see it yet, my mistake!

I really liked this one, buuuut...I feel like this story would work better if it was a bit longer. Honestly, you could probably make a five chapter story out of this premise. With Capper's reaction to being invited, Canterlot's reaction to him being there, and maybe a longer resolution as to what happened after the scene with Blueblood.

Thank you and yes I can see that.

I ship them so hard whenever someone makes a fanfic about them. They're so made for each other.

This is so beautiful! I loved it!

When we get a chance check out my Capperity prompts! They could use some love please!

Oh? I might. Thank you

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