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Behold to all, I am the ruler of Equestria! Reality is an illusion, Celestia and Luna are holograms, and I'm the true ruler. BYE!


Arceus brought the Pokemon to Equis to live in peace and harmony after being imprisoned for over 5,000 years, along with a few select (former) humans. But unfortunately, Equis is not what it seemed to be at first glance. What Arceus did not know was that the history this brand new world of his was in fact, not what his first thoughts aimed to think it was. The history will reveal itself with four main signs.

A fallen turtle king descends from the sky in a chariot of fire, a giant radioactive lizard rampages across Equestria because of the death of his own daughter, Discord is actually a member of a powerful reality-warping race of beings from way beyond the dimensional scale known as the Q Continuum, and the Tree of Harmony will reveal its true colors to the world.

How will it play out? Find out in this story...

Behold! My ultimate challenge is coming up. "Composite" is an attempted combination of several of my old stories, like "Return of the Continuum", "It All Started With a Big Bang", "Daughter of Godzilla/Godzilla's Lost Child", and would also feature Naturus himself.

Well, let's see how I throw everything around.

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No shit, Captain

Good story, like how it unites all your stories.

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