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They say opposites attract, and you can hardly get more opposite than a rich, classical musician and a poor, rock musician. Especially when one is from another world of magical talking horses. But what is Sunset Shimmer, reformed Equestrian and guitarist extraordinaire to do when she falls for someone so much different than herself?

Treading into a bit of Crackship territory with a Sunset x Octavia fic, but an idea came to me when I was in a dilerious, sleep deprived state, and I guess I needed to get out of the writing slump I was in~

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Personally I love crackship stories. If nothing else they tend to have unique perspectives on interactions between the characters.

awww, I feel bad for her now, but her fears are understandable.

Really interested what your crazy mind has thought off for this, can't wait for more :derpytongue2:

Maybe you need to be delirious and sleep deprived more often!
Crackships are best ships...!

Hopefully this has some fun interactions then~! ^^

Thankee, Mad~ ^^

Hopefully this can be a fun little read!


“She’s not gonna overblow the situation. People and Ponies fall in love, it’s totally natural and a part of life!”

Eh, but this IS Twilight... Wouldn't be surprised if she did. xP

Her hand seemed to shake it’s head at her.
...Did her hand just laugh at her?

Alright, now Human-Pone is delirious. Great.

Sunset paused, unsure of how to progress. At least her hand was listening to her now?

I don't think that that's something you should have to ask yourself XD

Alright, crack ships baby. Nice, nice, always nice. I'm just waiting for the hardcore OctaScratch fans to come for your ass XD

Not a ship I even considered but yo I’m totally down for this, can’t wait to see more!

Sunset was pretty tired at that point xD

And yeah, gotta worry about some of the hardcores~ ^^;

Neither did I until sleep deprivation occurred~ ^^;

But now I got some fun ideas for a goofy story to work on~ ^^

Not a ship I thought I would ever see but damn do I approve of it

Hehe xD
Glad to hear it! ^^

Because it isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, a brief moment of silence for Mr Fortepiano, he may not look dead but he is already in hell.

Excited to see a full fic of this ship!!

Seems like it could be a cute ship and can't wait for the rest of it!

Thankee~! ^^

Hopefully my goofy ideas work for this! ^^

My biggest concern is trying to make Sunset feel different enough from Vinyl, as both are the fire to Octavia's Ice, the chaos to her order, but trying to show how Sunset can be different is going to be the hardest part~ ^^;;;

We Shall see!!

Oh I don't know if you've seen it but there is one other of this ship on the site I know of.

though it takes a different approach.

I did not know that! Though it's rare that I go searching for too many stories... >.>;;;

Not as cracky as the Octavia crackship I've been planning.

Also, I'm about to give this a read.

I'm learning that Crackships can be fun to write xD

And I hope you like this! ^^

skin on skip

I think that should be

skin on skin


Thanks for catching that! ^^;

Sunset’s reign of the time

I think that should be

Sunset’s reign at the time

Anyway, I liked it. Seems like it has potential, but it is still pretty early and there isn't much to say yet.

Crackships are my crack, and I can already tell this'll be one hell of a dose. I was smiling for pretty much the entire chapter, what with the hand-reactions and such. I could actually visualize a delirious Sunset from the show fighting with her own hand where most fanfics make me visualize nothing at all or have nothing worth visualizing to begin with.

Fixed ^^;

It's only 1000 words and I still make mistakes >.>

I'm glad you like the visualizations~! ^^

This story is meant to feel more "Cartoony" compared to my other works, and the hand scenes are meant to show that~

Plus be funny xD

I just want to say, in the idea I have, Octavia will actually be a teacher, not a student.

It will be her first real experience with teaching though. With the aim being that the story begins just as her first year as a teacher is about to start.

Oooh, that sounds like it could be really cool! ^^

Thanks, but you might not be of that opinion anymore if I tell you the ship I have in mind.

I'm not one to really judge anyone on things they like~ xD

In my humble opinion, the term 'crackship' just doesn't seem to apply to Sunset really, I mean, considering how... bizarre, shall we say, the whole character of Sunset and how many roles and personalities she can have on different works. Anyway, I like this one.

Did not expect another chapter this soon, but since its you moony it makes sense :rainbowlaugh:

Saw a lot of fics with moms to hate, but none made it so easy to hate her that fast xD
I feel bad for both, Tavi and her dad that they have to endure such a dragon

...no offence.

Non taken :moustache:

I'm glad you're liking this idea so far~ ^^

And I suck at explaining things, so Crackship was the closest term I could think of xP

“I will not have my family’s name tarnished by such an occurrence!” the woman whipped around on her husband in the blink of an eye, her body radiating hatred even as far away as Sunset was.

Eh, my hatred for her burns brighter, I can guarantee...

Her mother on the other hand…

Is a massive bitch!

...She should try and talk to Octavia at lunch.

Yes she should! It begins... >:D It begins!

Well, I mean xD
Usually I do 4k word chapters back to back~ xD

And yeah, generally in fics with Tavi as a main character, at least one, if not both, of her parents are real cases >.>

Will hopefully show more of her though~ >;'3

She is indeed a *biiiig* dog~ >;'P

Hehehe xD

>1,001 words

Everything is ruined.

[EDIT]: Okay, so not everything. The story is still chugging along nicely despite the combo-break.

friendly, antagonistic tones

This is the only bad part that really stuck out to me. It's like saying somebody has a tall, short build. Remove this, add two words somewhere else, and all will be balanced and right in the world.

seriously Sunset, how could you not get a cupcake? They are necessary for a good diet :pinkiecrazy:

“That banshee is something else.”

“While I am not one to deny her species, I would prefer if we dismissed the subject for the time being.”

love that part XD
It might be an insult for every Banshee that ever existed, but without an idea what else to call her lets stick with it :rainbowlaugh:

awww, some sweet bonding time :raritystarry:
and Guy is back as well :rainbowlaugh:

Fixed the 1001 words thing xD

And changed Antagonistic to teasing. That's what I mean originally when I was writing it last night, I was just too sleep deprived to remember the right word xP

Hehehe xD

Glad you're liking this so far, mad~! ^^

Lots of bonding~

And there is going to be a lot of references to my other works~ >;'3

“Heh, it ain’t no bother, shugahcube.”

Ngh, no. I can take the "I as Ah" thing, but this is way too far. We know she's got the accent, you don't have change words to get it across. If nothing else, the "ain't no" serves to remind us well enough on its own, as does just the word "sugarcube", given how associated it is with her and her accent.

Plus, this one doesn't really make sense - the "Su" in Sugearcube is already pronounced "Shu", so her pronunciation wouldn't be different from normal, and adding the "Ah" there makes it seem like she's emphasizing that syllable, which doesn't fit with her accent (or any that I can think of, for that matter). If anything, I'd think the syllable would deemphasized, closer to "Sugrrcube", but again, that sort of thing really isn't necessary.

I apologize if I'm coming across too hard, it's just that really stuck out to me. Otherwise, this is an promising start and I'm interested to see where it's going.

Hehe, no worries~ xD

I've lived most of my live around rednecks, farmers, and people with VERY heavy accents, so I tend to overstate the accent that AJ has, cause that's what I know them as~ ^^;

Part of why I put the Shu in sugarcube is partly due to how I Ashleigh Ball say the word, as well as how as a kid I always spelled it with an H (I mean, say that word, it sounds like it is an SH xD)

Hope this explains the Madness to my Madness~ ^^


Fair enough, I suppose - I personally think it'd be better written plainly, but I shan't press the matter. It's not as if it ruins the story or anything, just bugged me a bit.

It probably would be better if everything was written in regular English, I just like the accent xD
It's so adorable xD

Octavia groaned as her face met a dainty palm.

She's falling for Sunset already! XD

“Nothin…” the unicorn responded in a blunt manner.

Fan-ta-sies. Fan-ta-sies. Fan-ta-sies. Fan-ta-sies. xP

Nicu Chappu! I like that Sunset hasn't entered into the fully infatuated school girl role... yet!

“You named your guitar?” Sunset nodded in response to the grey skinned girl, who suddenly started to giggle. “That is the most adorable thing I have ever heard!”

It is! It's soooooo cute!

Sunset felt her cheeks start to warm up as she watched Octavia continue to giggle with a song-like tone.

Hehe, well, now's around the time that Sunset becomes an infatuated school girl and fawns over Octavia's laugh! XP

“I’ll say. You always looked more matured than the rest of us.”

... :trollestia: I have a feeling I know what comes neeeeeeeeext~ (Bedtime Fantasies xP)

Once again, Moony makes Sunset completely adorable because of course he does. Can't wait to see what else you're going to cook up with this random ass fluff story! XP


this story is very interesting im enjoying it up date soon i like unique sunset parrings

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